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Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms
Editor(s): Franklin T. Luk

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Volume Number: 2563
Date Published: 7 June 1995

Table of Contents
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Statistical array signal processing of measured sonar and seismic data
Author(s): Johann F. Boehme
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Modulated cumulant sequences applied to MA-model identification
Author(s): Thomas Kaiser
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High-order statistics for sinusoid peak detection
Author(s): Karim Drouiche; Messaoud Benidir; Abdelkader Mokkadem
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Decomposition of time-frequency distributions using scaled-window spectrograms
Author(s): William J. Williams; Jeffrey C. O Neill
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New approach for interference excision in spread spectrum using time-frequency distributions
Author(s): Moeness G. Amin; Gopal Venkatesan; Steve Tyler
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Polynomial Wigner-Ville distributions
Author(s): Messaoud Benidir; Boualem Boashash
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Uncertainty principles of the short-time Fourier transform
Author(s): Leon Cohen
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Pitch-based methods for speech detection and automatic frequency recovery
Author(s): Douglas J. Nelson; Joseph Pencak
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Modeling of newborn EEG data for seizure detection
Author(s): Mark Roessgen; Abdelhak M. Zoubir; Boualem Boashash
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Time-frequency analysis of radar target backscatter
Author(s): Christopher J. McCormack; Valdis V. Liepa; William J. Williams
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Classification of digital modulation types
Author(s): Nenad M. Marinovic; Douglas J. Nelson; Leon Cohen; Srinivasan Umesh
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Identification of a class of time-invariant and time-varying nonlinear systems under non-Gaussian excitation
Author(s): Johnathon C. Ralston; Abdelhak M. Zoubir; Boualem Boashash
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Optimization and performance of broadband microphone arrays
Author(s): Flavio Lorenzelli; Arthur Wang; D. Korompis; Ralph E. Hudson; Kung Yao
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Penalty function method for sidelobe control in least squares adaptive beam forming
Author(s): David Thomas Hughes; John E. McWhirter
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Antenna pattern synthesis through convex optimization
Author(s): Herve Lebret
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Semidefinite programming for quadratically constrained quadratic programs
Author(s): Julia A. Olkin; Paul James Titterton Jr.
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Simultaneous subspace tracking and rank estimation
Author(s): Aleksandar Kavcic; Bin Yang
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Local and global passivity relations for Gauss-Newton methods in adaptive filtering
Author(s): Markus Rupp; Ali H. Sayed
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Adaptive subspace algorithm for direction finding and tracking
Author(s): Sylvie Marcos; Messaoud Benidir
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Parallel SVD updating using approximate rotations
Author(s): Juergen Goetze; Peter Rieder; J. A. Nossek
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Efficient high-performance subspace-based tracking problems
Author(s): Eric M. Dowling; Ronald D. DeGroat; Darel A. Linebarger
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Error analysis of a fast partial-pivoting method for structured matrices
Author(s): Douglas Robin Sweet; Richard P. Brent
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Cauchy matrices and iterative methods for Toeplitz matrices
Author(s): Thomas K. Huckle
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Rank-revealing decomposition of symmetric Toeplitz matrices
Author(s): Franklin T. Luk; Sanzheng Qiao
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Iterative solution of Toeplitz systems by preconditioning with the discrete sine transform
Author(s): Fabio Di Benedetto
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Continuation method for total variation denoising problems
Author(s): Tony F. Chan; H. M. Zhou; Raymond Hon-fu Chan
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Conditioning and solution of Hermitian (block) Toeplitz systems by means of preconditioned conjugate gradient methods
Author(s): Stefano Serra-Capizzano
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Iterative solution methods for ill-posed problems
Author(s): Daniela Calvetti; Lothar Reichel; Q. Zhang
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Blur detection using a neural network
Author(s): Chong Sze Tong
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Fast numerical methods for total variation minimization in image reconstruction
Author(s): Curtis R. Vogel; Mary E. Oman
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Preconditioned projection methods for recursive least-squares computations
Author(s): Michael Kwok-po Ng
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Modulation recognition via sequential probability ratio test
Author(s): Yu-Chuan Lin; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Symbolic computation in system simulation and design
Author(s): Brian L. Evans; Steve X. Gu; Asa Kalavade; Edward A. Lee
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Software system for parsing signal processing tasks over multiple heterogeneous processors
Author(s): Erwin H. Warshawsky
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Mixed-radix approach to incremental DFT refinement
Author(s): Joseph M. Winograd; S. Hamid Nawab
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RASSP signal processing architectures
Author(s): Fred Shirley; Bob Bassett; J. P. Letellier
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Parallel filter structures for RLS-type blind equalization algorithms
Author(s): Marc Moonen; Ed F. A. Deprettere
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Application of frequency-domain polyphase filtering to quadrature sampling
Author(s): Andrew Halberstadt
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Time-domain feedback analysis of adaptive gradient algorithms via the small gain theorem
Author(s): Ali H. Sayed; Markus Rupp
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Multiscale system identification and estimation
Author(s): Dzu K. Le
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