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Growth and Characterization of Materials for Infrared Detectors II
Editor(s): Randolph E. Longshore; Jan W. Baars; Avishai Kepten; John M. Trombetta

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Volume Number: 2554
Date Published: 1 September 1995

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Molecular beam epitaxial growth and optical properties of (001) HgTe/Hg1-xCdxTe superlattices
Author(s): Charles R. Becker; V. Latussek; Wolfgang Spahn; F. Goschenhofer; S. Oehling; Gottfried Landwehr
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Iso-VPE growth of Hg1-xCdxTe on hybrid substrates
Author(s): Sergio Bernardi
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Direct MBE growth of HgCdTe(112) IR detector structures on Si(112) substrates
Author(s): Terence J. de Lyon; Rajesh D. Rajavel; Owen K. Wu; Scott M. Johnson; Charles A. Cockrum; G. M. Venzor
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Epitaxy of narrow gap IV-VI materials on Si(111) and Si(100) substrates: growth, properties, and thermal mismatch strain accommodation
Author(s): Hans Zogg; Peter Mueller; Alexander Fach; Joachim John; Carmine Paglino; A. N. Tiwari
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Growth and properties of semiconductor bolometers for infrared detection
Author(s): Mark H. Unewisse; Brian I. Craig; Rodney J. Watson; Olaf Reinhold; Kevin Charles Liddiard
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Recent progress in the doping of MBE HgCdTe
Author(s): Sivalingam Sivananthan; Priyalal S. Wijewarnasuriya; Jean-Pierre Faurie
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InAs/GaSb superlattices characterized by high-resolution x-ray diffraction and infrared optical spectroscopy
Author(s): Frank Fuchs; N. Herres; J. Schmitz; K. M. Pavlov; Joachim Wagner; Peter Koidl; J. H. Roslund
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Charge spectroscopy of localized states in thin film heterostructures
Author(s): Sergey L. Vinogradov
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Evaluation of HgCdTe using laser beam induced current
Author(s): Kenji Arinaga; Kazuo Ozaki; Gen Sudo; Nobuyuki Kajihara
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Nondestructive characterization technique for most n-type semiconductors, including infrared detector materials
Author(s): Frederick W. Clarke
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InAs-GaSb-AlSb quantum confined structures for IR applications
Author(s): Craig A. Hoffman; Jerry R. Meyer; Filbert J. Bartoli; James R. Waterman; Benjamin V. Shanabrook; Brian Robert Bennett; R. J. Wagner
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CdZnTe substrate and HgCdTe epilayer effects on the performance of photovoltaic diodes
Author(s): Martin Bruder; Heinrich Figgemeier; L. Palm; Johann Ziegler; Horst Maier
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Homojunction interfacial workfunction internal photoemission (HIWIP) infrared detectors
Author(s): A. G. Unil Perera
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Processing and characterization of a 128 x 128 GaAs/GaAlAs quantum well infrared detector array
Author(s): Shmuel I. Borenstain; Uriel Arad; S. Afanasyev; I. Luybina; A. Segal
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Advances in infrared antimonide technology
Author(s): William F. Micklethwaite
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CoSi2/Si1-xGex interfaces for Schottky barrier infrared detectors with extended detection regime
Author(s): Sabine Kolodinski; Ricardo A. Donaton; Elisenda Roca; Matty Caymax; Karen Maex
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New process for the controlled formation of ultrathin PtSi films for infrared detector applications
Author(s): Alfonso Torres; Sabine Kolodinski; Ricardo A. Donaton; Karen Maex; P. Roussel; Hugo Bender
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Depolarization effects in ellipsometric measurements of thick layers
Author(s): Konstantin Forcht; Ralph Joerger; Andreas Gombert; Michael Koehl; Wolfgang Graf
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Luminescent properties of nitrogen doped gap semiconductor studied with photothermal deflection spectroscopy
Author(s): Mianyu Dong; Zuchang Ding; Limin Tong; Yihua Shao
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Characterization of candidate bonding glasses for composite IR window structures
Author(s): Jennifer M. McKinley; Kathleen A. Richardson; Fred B. Hagedorn; William F. Cashion
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Optical properties of extended-chain polymers under stress
Author(s): Rafael G. Ramirez; Richard K. Eby
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Photochromics-doped polymer systems as erasable holographic recording media
Author(s): Fatima Ghailane; Gurusamy Manivannan; Roger A. Lessard
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Photorefractivity and holographic applications of azo-dye doped PMMA recording materials
Author(s): Vinh Phuc Pham; Gurusamy Manivannan; Roger A. Lessard
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Photoluminescence properties of ZnGa2O4:Mn phosphor powders
Author(s): Tuyen K. Tran; W. G. Park; Jens Wolfgang Tomm; Brent K. Wagner; Stuart M. Jacobsen; Christopher J. Summers; P. N. Yocom; S. K. McClelland
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Nondestructive characterization of Ti-doped and V-doped CdTe by time-dependent charge measurement
Author(s): Clemens Eiche; Ralf Schwarz; Wolfgang Joerger; Michael Fiederle; Dirk G. Ebling; Klaus-Werner Benz
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Combined FD-CM numerical analysis of coplanar electrode waveguide for LiNbO3 automatic polarization controller
Author(s): Shyh-Lin Tsao; Way-Seen Wang; Jingshown Wu; Hong-Cheng Jian
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Determination of the composition of a complex semiconductor compound from its thermal emission spectrum
Author(s): Victor A. Botte
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Linear optical constants of ultrathin copperphthalocyanine films from transmittance and reflectance data: error function minimization when the film thickness is below 20 nm
Author(s): Olaf Stenzel; Ralf Petrich; Steffen Wilbrandt; Ulf Beckers; Alexander Stendal; Kersten Voigtsberger; Christian von Borczyskowski
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Optical and electrical properties of iodine-doped HgCdTe alloys and superlattices grown by metalorganic molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): Christopher J. Summers; Ashesh Parikh; Tuyen K. Tran; Jens Wolfgang Tomm; P. Schafer; Nancy C. Giles; S. D. Pearson; Rudolph G. Benz II; Brent K. Wagner; Robert N. Bicknell-Tassius
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