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Laser Techniques for State-Selected and State-to-State Chemistry III
Editor(s): John W. Hepburn

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Volume Number: 2548
Date Published: 18 September 1995

Table of Contents
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Rotational state-selective photofragmentation of CD3I at 266 nm: determination of the transition dipole matrix
Author(s): L. C. Pipes; Dae Young Kim; N. R. Brandstater; Delroy Alphonso Baugh
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Quantum phase space theory for the calculation of v-j vector correlations
Author(s): Gregory E. Hall
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Dynamics of electron ejection: Fermi resonance and mode specificity in the vibrational autoionization of NO2
Author(s): Hiroshi Matsui; Edward R. Grant
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Two-dimensional ion-imaging of the angular distribution of fragments produced by photolysis of state-selected and oriented molecules
Author(s): J. W. G. Mastenbroek; B. K. Nauta; M. H.M. Janssen; Steve Stolte
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Recoil vector correlations in multiparticle fragmentation: the examination of orientation effects in dissociative vuv photoionization
Author(s): Ivan Powis; Peter Downie
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Effect of electron spin on the anisotropy of H2 photofragments
Author(s): Eloy R. Wouters; L. D. A. Siebbeles; Bart Buijsse; W. J. van der Zande
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Using PFI-ZEKE spectroscopy to study excited states of molecular ions: Implications for state selection through pulsed field ionization
Author(s): James D.D. Martin; Christian Alcaraz; A. Mank; Wei Kong; John W. Hepburn
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Photoelectron spectroscopy of molecular clusters
Author(s): Xu Zhang; Jonathan Pitts; Chaowen Zheng; Joseph L. Knee
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Mass selected pulsed field threshold ionization and coherent ion dip spectroscopy of van der Waal's complexes
Author(s): Hans-Jurgen Neusser; Hans-Joachim Krause; Thomas Ludwig Grebner; Ralf Sussmann; Ralph Neuhauser
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Chemical reactivities of spin-orbit states of Al atoms: a fluorescence imaging study of the Al+O2 reaction
Author(s): Kuo-mei Chen; Jia-lin Chang; Chun-hwa Sung; Teng-hui Chung; Kuo-huei Lee
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Dynamics of dissociative photodetachment in cluster anions: O4- and O2-H2O
Author(s): Robert E. Continetti; Christopher R. Sherwood; Mark C. Garner; Karl A. Hanold; Karen M. Strong
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Radiative lifetimes and electronic state quenching of CH2CHO(B2A")
Author(s): Katherine I. Barnhard; Min He; Brad R. Weiner
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Site-specific bimolecular chemistry: the reactivity of Cl atoms and butanes
Author(s): Kenneth A. Cowen; Yu-Fong Yen; K. Thomas Lorenz; Brent D. Koplitz
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Photodissociation studies of cyclic sulfoxides
Author(s): Fei Wu; Xirong Chen; Brad R. Weiner
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Resonant ion-dip infrared spectroscopy of hydrogen-bonded clusters
Author(s): R. Nathaniel Pribble; Rex K. Frost; Frederick Hagemeister; Timothy S. Zwier
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Infrared spectroscopy of hydrated halide ion clusters
Author(s): Mitchio Okumura; Jong-Ho Choi; Keith T. Kuwata; Yi-Bin Cao; Bernd-Michael Haas
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Reactivity of small transition-metal clusters with CO
Author(s): Mats T. Andersson; H. Gronbeck; L. Holmgren; Arne Rosen
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Photoionization and photodissociation probes of excimer formation in aromatic clusters
Author(s): Hiroyuki Saigusa; Edward C. Lim
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Unusual vibrational predissociation dynamics of aromatic clusters with internal rotation
Author(s): Charles S. Parmenter; ZhongQuan Zhao
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Ionization-detected rotational coherence spectroscopy of mass selected clusters
Author(s): A. H. Bahnmaier; Alan G. Joly; John M. Price; Douglas Ray
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Photodissociation of hypohalous acids: from fundamentals to atmospheric chemistry
Author(s): Jeremy G. Frey
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Photochemistry of atmospherically important free radicals: HO2
Author(s): Amitabha Sinha; M. Lock; Rhett James Barnes; J. Coleman
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Two-color resonant four-wave mixing: a tool for double resonance spectroscopy
Author(s): Eric A Rohlfing; Joseph D. Tobiason; J. R. Dunlop; Skip Williams
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Sub-Doppler nonlinear spectroscopy as a probe of photodissociation dynamics
Author(s): T. A.W. Wasserman; Angela A. Arias; S. Alex Kandel; D. Hsu; Patrick Henry Vaccaro
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Velocity and angular distributions of H2 (v=1, J=1) scattered from Cu (110) and Cu (111)
Author(s): M. Gostein; Greg O. Sitz
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Double resonance vibrational overtone spectroscopy of CF3H in a supersonic free jet
Author(s): Oleg V. Boyarkin; Thomas R. Rizzo
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Resonance Raman studies of simple fluorinated compounds: trifluoromethyliodide and hexafluorobutadiene
Author(s): Bruce S. Hudson; Mary S. C. Foley; John Paul Chan; M. Z. Zgierski
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State-specific chemistry of atomic and ligated transition metal ions
Author(s): Peter B. Armentrout; Christy L. Haynes; Brenda L. Tjelta; Yumin Chen
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Vibrational mode effects and energy disposal in reactions of polyatomic ions
Author(s): Scott L. Anderson
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Rotationally state-selected ion-molecule reactions studied using pulsed-field ionization techniques
Author(s): S. R. Mackenzie; Elizabeth J. Halse; F. Merkt; Timothy P. Softley
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Absolute state-selected cross sections measurements for ion-molecule reactions involving O+(4S, 2D, 2P)
Author(s): Xiaochun Li; S. Stimson; G. D. Flesch; Cheuk Yiu Ng
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Photodissociation rate of acetaldehyde to HCO + CH3
Author(s): Shiu-Huang Lee; I. C. Chen
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Frequency-modulation transient absorption spectrum of the HCCI A<--X transition
Author(s): Bor-Chen Chang; Trevor J. Sears
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Resonance Raman studies of benzene derivatives with strong conjugation
Author(s): Horst Lueck; Bruce S. Hudson; Marek Z. Zgierski
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Computer simulation of the structure, torsional potentials, excited state dynamics, and spectra of conjugated pi-electron systems
Author(s): Valentin D. Vachev; John H. Frederick
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Jet-cooled fluorescence spectra, Raman spectra, and potential energy surfaces of stilbenes
Author(s): Jaan Laane; W.-Y. Chiang; K. Haller; A. del Rosario
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Photodissociation dynamics of NO2 at 309.1 nm
Author(s): Pamela T. Knepp; Andrew C. Terentis; Scott H. Kable
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Radical channel photodissociation dynamics of aliphatic aldehydes: the nascent state distribution of the HCO photoproduct
Author(s): Andrew C. Terentis; Pamela T. Knepp; Scott H. Kable
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Photodissociation dynamics of CF2Br2
Author(s): Melanie R. Cameron; Stephen A. Johns; Scott H. Kable
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How collisions cause misalignment: alignment decay in acetylene 21
Author(s): Joshua B. Halpern; Ralf Dopheide; Helmut Zacharias
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Dynamics of ultrafast internal conversion processes studied by femtosecond time-delayed photoelectron spectroscopy
Author(s): Douglas R. Cyr; Carl C. Hayden
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