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Laser Techniques for Surface Science II
Editor(s): Janice M. Hicks; Wilson Ho; Hai-Lung Dai

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Volume Number: 2547
Date Published: 25 September 1995

Table of Contents
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Surface morphology on a nanometer scale studied by two-photon photoelectron spectroscopy
Author(s): Thomas Fauster
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Infrared-visible sum frequency generation spectroscopy applied to adsorption and reaction at solid surfaces
Author(s): Chiaki Hirose; Nobuyuki Watanabe; Junko N. Kondo; Akihide Wada; Kazunari Domen
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Two-dimensional phase transformation probed by second harmonic generation: oscillatory transformation of the K/Al(111) system
Author(s): Z. Charles Ying; E. Ward Plummer
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Surface science applied to lasers: near-field optical microscpoy
Author(s): Steve K. Buratto; Julia W. P. Hsu; Lisa Dhar; R. B. Byslma; Charles C. Bahr; Mark J. Cardillo
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Influence of surface roughness on frequency shift and third-order nonlinear susceptibility of adsorbed particles
Author(s): Frank Balzer; Horst-Guenter Rubahn
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Adsorbate-induced reflectivity changes in the visible region on a metal surface
Author(s): Joseph Dvorak; Eric Borguet; Hai-Lung Dai
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Femtosecond dynamics of hot electrons at clean Cu(110) and Cu(100) surfaces
Author(s): Susumu Ogawa; Hrvoje Petek
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Translational energy and desorption rate of NO from Pt(111) by femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Robert A. Pelak; M. F. Booth; D. G. Busch; Shiwu Gao; Wilson Ho
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Simulating surface femtochemistry: coverage dependence of laser-induced desorption of CO from copper surfaces
Author(s): Clayton Springer; Martin Head-Gordon
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MDSRS imaging: a spectroscopic tour through the diffuse part of the electric double layer
Author(s): Pamela M. Aker; Philip A. Moortgat; Jian-Xiang Zhang
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Ultrahigh vacuum studies of the surfaces of ice and sulfuric acid
Author(s): Jeffrey T. Roberts
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Circular differential second harmonic generation: the air/water interface of aqueous tryptophan and boc-trp-trp
Author(s): M. J. Crawford; S. Haslam; J. M. Probert; Y. A. Gruzdkov; Jeremy G. Frey
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Second harmonic generation studies of the ice/water interface
Author(s): Cynthia M. Bouchez; Janice M. Hicks
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Quantum state resolved studies on UV-laser-induced desorption of small molecules from single crystal oxide surfaces
Author(s): Ingrid Beauport; Katharina H.B. Al-Shamery
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Photodesorption of ammonia from GaAs(100) and Cu(111))
Author(s): Karl-Heinz Bornscheuer; Winfried Nessler; Kurt W. Kolasinski; Tobias Hertel; Martin Wolf; Eckart Hasselbrink
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Atom-resolved study of laser-induced etching processes at chlorine-adsorbed Si(111) surfaces
Author(s): Fumio Komori; Ken Hattori
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Molecular beam study of N2 scattering from Si(100)
Author(s): Jennifer L. W. Siders; Greg O. Sitz
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Photoinduced ejection of thermal and ballistic fragments from N20/Pt(111) and NH3/Pt(111)
Author(s): Denis P. Masson; Eric J. Lanzendorf; Andrew C. Kummel
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RAIRS, TPD, and TOF-QMS study of the 248-nm photolysis of CH3I thin films on Ag(111)
Author(s): S. R. Coon; K. B. Myli; Vicki H. Grassian
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Role of adsorbate structure in the dynamics of surface photodissociation
Author(s): D. Howard Fairbrother; Victor P. Holbert; Kimberly A. Briggman; Peter C. Stair; Eric Weitz
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Pulsed UV laser applications for surface science: nanostructure fabrication to diamond deposition
Author(s): Hiroyuki Hiraoka; M. Sendova; C.-H. Lee; S. Latsch; T. M. Wong; Je-Kyung Sung; C.-T. Hung; T. Smith
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Surface Raman spectroscopy as a probe of surface chemistry
Author(s): Craig M. Child; Michelle Foster; J. E. Ivanecky III; Scott S. Perry; Alan Campion
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Fluorescence imaging technique applied to high-temperature catalysis
Author(s): Frederik Gudmundson; F. Behrendt; Arne Rosen
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State-resolved dynamics of infrared photodesorption of CO from Ag(111)
Author(s): Louise G. Fleck; B. Niu; R. J. Beuhler; Michael G. White
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Ultrafast dynamics of surface-adsorbed conjugated molecules
Author(s): Sergei Yu. Kotkov; Victor N. Zadkov; Boris A. Grishanin; Valentin D. Vachev; John H. Frederick
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Extremely sensitive detection of transient species in laser flash photolysis of ultrathin organized molecular films by optical waveguide
Author(s): Toshihiko Nagamura; Daizo Kuroyanagi; Kyoichi Sasaki; Hiroshi Sakaguchi
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III-V semiconductor thin films via laser ablation/ionization of I-III-V Zintl-phase materials
Author(s): Valentin G. Panayotov; Kyle Hamar; Teresa L. T. Birdwhistell; Brent D. Koplitz
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Sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy of the solid-liquid interface
Author(s): David C. Duffy; Paul B. Davies; Colin D. Bain; Robert N. Ward; Andrew M. Creeth
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Excimer-laser-induced chemical vapor deposition of boron nitride films from borazine
Author(s): M. V. Ugarov; Vladimir G. Ageev; Vitali I. Konov
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Gaussian beam scattering from spheres using morphology-dependent resonances
Author(s): Philip A. Moortgat; Jian-Xiang Zhang; Pamela M. Aker
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Uptake of gases by aqueous solutions probed by surface nonlinear optical spectroscopy
Author(s): Robert Doolen; Douglas Ray
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Investigation of interfacial peptide-lipid interactions by optical second harmonic generation from tryptophan
Author(s): Beth L. Smiley; Viola Vogel
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Investigation of the coadsorption of hydrogen and oxygen on Pt(111) with adsorbate-specific second harmonic generation (SHG)
Author(s): Frank Eisert; Alf-Peter C. Elg; Arne Rosen
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Laser-induced desorption and photofragmentation of small molecules adsorbed on surfaces
Author(s): Qi-Zong Qin; Zhen-man Zhang; Xinju Yang; Qi-ke Zheng
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Absorption spectroscopy at liquid interfaces by resonant surface second harmonic generation
Author(s): Nancy E. Levinger; Kyle Y. Kung; Bradley M. Luther; Dale M. Willard
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Quantum and classical dynamics of HCl+/MgO(001) photodissociation
Author(s): Hua Guo; Tamar Seideman
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Probing the structure of multilayer molecular adsorbates on metal by second harmonic generation
Author(s): Theodore A. Sjodin; Chun-Mao Li; Hai-Lung Dai
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Femtosecond laser activation of surface reactions
Author(s): Richard J. Finlay; Shrenik M. Deliwala; Jay R. Goldman; Tsing-Hua Her; Walter D. Mieher; C. Wu; Eric Mazur
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Resonant sum frequency generation studies of surfactant ordering at the oil-water interface
Author(s): Marie C. Messmer; John C. Conboy; Geraldine L. Richmond
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Theory of sum-frequency generation in a gas bordering a solid
Author(s): Vladimir G. Bordo
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Quantum-mechanical investigation of bonding and vibrational properties of CO-adsorbed copper
Author(s): Steven P. Lewis; Andrew M. Rappe
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New substrates for enhanced spectroscopies
Author(s): Konstantin V. Sokolov; George D. Chumanov; Therese M. Cotton
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Atomic force microscopy and molecular modeling of protein bound to calcite surfaces
Author(s): C. Steven Sikes; Andre Wierzbicki
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Femtosecond dynamics of electron-vibrational heating and bond breaking
Author(s): Shiwu Gao; Wilson Ho
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