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Silicon Carbide Materials for Optics and Precision Structures
Editor(s): Mark A. Ealey

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Volume Number: 2543
Date Published: 23 October 1995

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Materials for mirror systems: an overview
Author(s): Roger A. Paquin
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Design, fabrication, and test of a meter-class reaction bonded SiC mirror blank
Author(s): Eph Tobin; Matthew B. Magida; Stanley J. Kishner; Michael H. Krim
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Application of hot-pressed silicon carbide to large high-precision optical structures
Author(s): C. James Shih; Andris Ezis
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Thermal stability of CVD-SiC lightweight optics
Author(s): Jitendra Singh Goela; Hemant D. Desai; Raymond L. Taylor; Steven E. Olson
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Overview of fabrication processes for uncooled laser optics
Author(s): Larry D. Buelow; Frank R. Hassell; Christopher Lieto
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High-power uncooled silicon mirror transmitted beam diagnostics
Author(s): David W. Callahan; Steven H. Bowersox; Paul H. Dickinson; Patrick J. Pomphrey Jr.
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Fabrication of a 20.5-inch-diameter segmented silicon annular optic prototype for the ROMA program
Author(s): Frank R. Hassell; Frank M. Groark
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Design and producibility of precision beryllium structures for spacecraft applications
Author(s): Robert E. Hardesty; Todd A. Decker
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Application of Russian beryllium materials in optics
Author(s): Eugene Vygovsky; Igor L. Strulea; Igor Milov; Larry A. Grant
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CFRP composites for optics and structures in telescope applications
Author(s): Robert C. Romeo
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Lightweight 0.5-m silicon carbide telescope for a geostationary earth observatory mission
Author(s): Michael I. Anapol; Leo R. Gardner; Theodore W. Tucker; Ronald J. Koczor
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CVD silicon carbide mirrors for EUV applications
Author(s): Ritva A. M. Keski-Kuha; John F. Osantowski; Douglas B. Leviton; Timo T. Saha; Geraldine A. Wright; Rene A. Boucarut; Charles M. Fleetwood; Timothy J. Madison
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Ultralightweight off-axis three-mirror anastigmatic SiC visible telescope
Author(s): Joseph L. Robichaud; Michael I. Anapol; Leo R. Gardner; Peter Hadfield
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Three-mirror anastigmatic telescope with a 60-cm aperture diameter and mirrors made of silicon carbide
Author(s): Paul N. Robb; Roland R. Charpentier; Sergey V. Ljubarsky; Michael N. Tolstoy; Georgy V. Evteev; Yuri P. Khimitch
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Interferometric measurements of silicon carbide mirrors at liquid helium temperature
Author(s): Paul N. Robb; Lynn W. Huff; Paul B. Forney; Gury Timofeevic Petrovsky; Sergey V. Ljubarsky; Yuri P. Khimitch
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Thermal strain characteristics of RBO silicon carbide to 4 K and resultant hysteresis
Author(s): John W. Pepi; Thomas L. Altshuler
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Cryogenic optical performance of a lightweighted 20-inch SiC mirror and indications for thermal strain homogeneity and hysterisis
Author(s): Kenneth J. Triebes; Lynn W. Huff; Charles D. Cox; John W. Pepi
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Ultralightweight silicon carbide infrared cryogenic telescope
Author(s): Michael I. Anapol; Richard Philippon; Theodore W. Tucker; Dean Kraft; Jeff Bond
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Material properties assessment for large-diameter single-crystal silicon
Author(s): William A. Goodman; Mark S. Goorsky
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Micro-Raman characterization of SiC polytype natural heterostructures
Author(s): Victor V. Artamonov; Alexei V. Pogorelov; Marion Renucci; Mikhail Ya. Valakh
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Polishing process for concave lightweight silicon-coated silicon carbide optics
Author(s): Lisa R. Rich; David Arthur Crowe
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Optical surfacing of one-meter-class reaction bonded silicon carbide
Author(s): Robert S. Breidenthal; Regina Galat-Skey; John J. Geany
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Efforts to control the EUV reflectance degradation of sputtered SiC films
Author(s): Dan Schwarcz; Ritva A. M. Keski-Kuha
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Cryogenic distortion at 4.4 K of a 50-cm-diameter spherical beryllium mirror fabricated to reduce cryogenic distortion and hysteresis
Author(s): Gordon C. Augason; Dana S. Clarke; David D. Norris; Roger A. Paquin; John M. Kincade
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