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Adaptive Optical Systems and Applications

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Volume Number: 2534
Date Published: 25 August 1995

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FASTTRAC II near-IR adaptive optics system for the Multiple Mirror Telescope: description and preliminary results
Author(s): Peter M. Gray; Michael Lloyd-Hart; James Roger P. Angel; Donald W. McCarthy Jr.; David G. Sandler; Ty Martinez; Laird Miller Close; Guido Brusa-Zappellini; Donald G. Bruns; Brian A. McLeod; Patrick T. Ryan; Todd D. Groesbeck; David M. Wittman; Bruce P. Jacobsen; John M. Hughes; Mark R. Hunten; Matthew Cheselka
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Design analysis and simulations for the Multiple Mirror Telescope's infrared adaptive optics system
Author(s): Todd D. Groesbeck; Steven M. Stahl; David G. Sandler
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Performance of laser guide star adaptive optics at Lick Observatory
Author(s): Scot S. Olivier; Jong R. An; Kenneth Avicola; Horst D. Bissinger; James M. Brase; Herbert W. Friedman; Donald T. Gavel; Claire E. Max; J. Thaddeus Salmon; Kenneth E. Waltjen
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Laser beacon system for the UnISIS adaptive optics system at the Mount Wilson 2.5-m telescope
Author(s): Laird A. Thompson; Yaoheng Xiong
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United Kingdom adaptive optics program
Author(s): Richard M. Myers; Andrew J. Longmore; Ronald A. Humphreys; Gerard F. Gilmore; A. Bruce Gentles; Martyn Wells; Richard W. Wilson
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Visible-wavelength diffraction-limited imaging using low-order adaptive optics
Author(s): David F. Buscher; Andrew Peter Doel; Christopher A. Haniff; Richard W. Wilson
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Natural guide star AO system for the William Herschel Telescope
Author(s): A. Bruce Gentles; Martyn Wells; Andrew J. Longmore; Richard M. Myers; Ronald A. Humphreys
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Multisegment coherent beam combining
Author(s): Daniel R. Neal; Steve D. Tucker; R. Morgan; Tony G. Smith; Mial E. Warren; James K. Gruetzner; R. R. Rosenthal; A. E. Bentley
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Optical and control modeling for adaptive beam-combining experiments
Author(s): James K. Gruetzner; Steve D. Tucker; Daniel R. Neal; A. E. Bentley; Kelly Simmons-Potter
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Adaptive beam-combining mirror for the MMT
Author(s): Laird Miller Close; Guido Brusa-Zappellini; Donald G. Bruns; Michael Lloyd-Hart; Donald W. McCarthy Jr.
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Technology, characterization, and applications of adaptive mirrors fabricated with IC-compatible micromachining
Author(s): Gleb V. Vdovin; Simon Middelhoek; Marian Bartek; Pasqualina M. Sarro; Dimitri Solomatine
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Design and prototype tests of an adaptive secondary mirror for the new 6.5-m single-mirror MMT
Author(s): Donald G. Bruns; David G. Sandler; Hubert M. Martin; Guido Brusa-Zappellini
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Techniques for optical fabrication of a 2-mm-thick adaptive secondary mirror
Author(s): Hubert M. Martin; David S. Anderson
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Optical measurements of a prototype adaptive-optic secondary mirror
Author(s): David L. Modisett; Hubert M. Martin
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Sodium beacon laser system for the Lick Observatory
Author(s): Herbert W. Friedman; Gaylen V. Erbert; Thomas C. Kuklo; J. Thaddeus Salmon; David A. Smauley; Gary R. Thompson; Jody G. Malik; Jen Nan Wong; Vernon Keith Kanz; Kurt P. Neeb
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Experiments to assess the effectiveness of multiple laser guide stars for adaptively corrected telescopes
Author(s): Christopher R. Neyman; Laird A. Thompson
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Analysis and calibration of natural guide star adaptive optics data
Author(s): Eric M. Tessier
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Investigation of wavefront estimators using the Wavefront Control Experiment at Yerkes Observatory
Author(s): Walter J. Wild; Edward J. Kibblewhite; Rodolphe Vuilleumier; Vijuna Scor; Fang Shi; Nestor Farmiga
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Real-time reconstructor for adaptive secondary control of the 6.5-m single-mirror MMT
Author(s): Steven M. Stahl; Todd K. Barrett; David G. Sandler
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Method for optimizing closed-loop adaptive optics wavefront reconstruction algorithms on the basis of experimentally measured performance data
Author(s): Troy A. Rhoadarmer; Brent L. Ellerbroek
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Blind deconvolution post-processing of images corrected by adaptive optics
Author(s): Julian C. Christou
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Frame selection performance limits for statistical image reconstruction of adaptive optics compensated images
Author(s): Stephen D. Ford; Michael C. Roggemann; Byron M. Welsh
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Profiles of nighttime turbulence above Mauna Kea and isoplanatism extension in adaptive optics
Author(s): Rene Racine; Brent L. Ellerbroek
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Infrared wavefronts on Mauna Kea
Author(s): Martyn Wells; Thomas W. Nicholls; Nicholas J. Wooder; Ian H. Munro; Christopher Dainty
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Comparison of Shack-Hartmann and curvature sensing for large telescopes
Author(s): Andrew Peter Doel
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Shot noise performance of Hartmann and shearing interferometer wavefront sensors
Author(s): Byron M. Welsh; Brent L. Ellerbroek; Michael C. Roggemann; Timothy L. Pennington
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Pupil-imaging wavefront gradient sensor
Author(s): William Nigel L. Pugh; Daniel R. Lobb; David D. Walker; Thomas L. Williams
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Optimum matching of wavefront sensor and wavefront corrector
Author(s): Zhaohui Hu; Wenhan Jiang
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Performance measurements of generation III wavefront sensors at the Starfire Optical Range
Author(s): Timothy L. Pennington; David W. Swindle; Michael D. Oliker; Brent L. Ellerbroek; James M. Spinhirne
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Specialized wavefront sensors for adaptive optics
Author(s): Daniel R. Neal; Justin D. Mansell; James K. Gruetzner; R. Morgan; Mial E. Warren
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Numerical model of adaptive optical system controlled by a feedforward neural network
Author(s): Gleb V. Vdovin
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Noise reduction and key atmospheric parameter estimation using artificial neural networks
Author(s): Dennis A. Montera; Byron M. Welsh; Michael C. Roggemann; Dennis W. Ruck
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6.5-m MMT infrared adaptive optics system: detailed design and progress report
Author(s): David G. Sandler; Michael Lloyd-Hart; Ty Martinez; Peter M. Gray; James Roger P. Angel; Todd K. Barrett; Donald G. Bruns; Steven M. Stahl
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Adaptive optics system for direct imaging of extra-solar planets from the ground
Author(s): David G. Sandler; Steven M. Stahl; James Roger P. Angel
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W.M. Keck Observatory adaptive optics program
Author(s): Anthony D. Gleckler; Peter L. Wizinowich
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Performance predictions for the Keck telescope adaptive optics system
Author(s): Donald T. Gavel; Scot S. Olivier
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Imaging in turbulence beyond diffraction limits
Author(s): Mikhail I. Charnotskii
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Near-infrared astronomy with adaptive optics and laser guide stars at the Keck Observatory
Author(s): Claire E. Max; Donald T. Gavel; Scot S. Olivier
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Binary optical correction of wavefront aberration using spatial light modulators
Author(s): Seth E. Broomfield; Mark A. A. Neil; Edward G. S. Paige; I. D. Thomas
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Atmospheric turbulence-induced phase screen generator for simulating the effects of finite outer scale, time delays, and anisoplanatism
Author(s): Michael C. Roggemann; Byron M. Welsh; Cynthia A. Hyde
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First tests of the Cassegrain adaptive optics system of the Mount Wilson 100-in telescope
Author(s): J. C. Shelton; Thomas G. Schneider; Daniel L. McKenna; Sallie L. Baliunas
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