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Photorefractive Fiber and Crystal Devices: Materials, Optical Properties, and Applications
Editor(s): Francis T. S. Yu

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Volume Number: 2529
Date Published: 18 August 1995

Table of Contents
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Photorefractivity and storage of holograhic gratings in dye- and fullerene-doped nematic liquid crystal film
Author(s): Iam-Choon Khoo; Hong Li; Y. Liang; Kon-Well Wang
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Study of resistance against photorefractive light-induced scattering in LiNbO3:Fe,Mg crystals
Author(s): Guangyin Zhang; Jingjun Xu; Simin Liu; Qian Sun; Guoquan Zhang; Qiyin Fang; Chaoli Ma
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Selecting optimal incident conditions in a cat-type self-pumped phase conjugator by erasure
Author(s): Ching-Cherng Sun; Ren-Han Tsou; Ming-Wen Chang; Ken Yuh Hsu
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Temperature dependence of light-induced scattering in a Ce:Fe:LiNbO3 photorefractive crystal
Author(s): Feng Zhao; Hanying Zhou; Zhongkong Wu; Francis T. S. Yu; Deanna K. McMillen
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Infrared visualization with two-wave mixing in photorefractive BaTiO3 crystal
Author(s): Bo Su Chen; H. John Caulfield; Nickolai V. Kukhtarev; Michael J. Curley; Mikhail A. Noginov; Putcha Venkateswarlu
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Diffraction and coupling kinetics of photorefractive hologram
Author(s): Jianzhong Zhang; Francis T. S. Yu; Deanna K. McMillen
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Dynamic optical elements for memories and neural networks
Author(s): Andrei L. Mikaelian; Viktor K. Salakhutdinov; Georgy A. Matevosov
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Improvements in the data fidelity of photorefractive memories
Author(s): Mark Allen Neifeld
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ODINN in LiN: optical dynamic interconnections for neural networks in lithium niobate
Author(s): Kazuyoshi Itoh; Osamu Matoba; Yoshiki Ichioka
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Integrated PLZT-based optical phased array structures for three-dimensional optical memory addressing
Author(s): Pierre Joseph Talbot
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Four-channel parallel associative memory (FCPAM)
Author(s): Yimo Zhang; Wei Liu; He-Qiao Li
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Compact 3D optical data storage and retrieval system
Author(s): Xiangyang Yang; Shaomin Zhou
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Nonresonant real-time polarization holographic storage in azo-dye-doped polymer film
Author(s): Xinxian Bao; Shutian Liu; Jiandong Xu; Chunfei Li
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Shift and rotation invariant photorefractive crystal-based associative memory
Author(s): Chii-Maw Uang; Wei-Feng Lin; Ming-Huei Lu; Guowen Lu; Mingzhe Lu
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Optimum conditions for high-fidelity holographic storage in photorefractive crystals
Author(s): Shiuan-Huei Lin; Pochi Yeh; Mei-Li Hsieh; Ken Yuh Hsu; Tai Chiung Hsieh
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Space-time processing with photorefractive volume holography
Author(s): Pang Chen Sun; Yeshaiahu Fainman; Yuri T. Mazurenko; David J. Brady
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Adaptive spatial mode conversion in photorefractive waveguides, fibers, and bulk materials
Author(s): Arthur E. T. Chiou
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One-way delivery of high-quality laser beams through multimode fibers
Author(s): H. John Caulfield; Bo Su Chen; Nickolai V. Kukhtarev; Putcha Venkateswarlu
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Complementary encoding holographic truth table looking-up using a photorefractive crystal
Author(s): ShiFu Yuan; Guofan Jin; Minxian Wu; Yingbai Yan
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Narrowband filter using multiple photorefractive gratings
Author(s): Shizhuo Yin; Brett D. Guenther; Francis T. S. Yu
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Fabrication and optical property of photorefractive Fe:LiNbO3 waveguides
Author(s): Hongxi Zhang; Chongquan Xu
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Fiber specklegram sensing with phase-conjugation
Author(s): Mingzhe Lu; Shizhuo Yin; Francis T. S. Yu
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Electron-trapping materials used for data recording media purposes
Author(s): Vasyliy G. Kravets; Vladislav I. Zimenko; Viacheslav V. Petrov; Vasily V. Motuz
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Measurement of optical activity and Faraday effect in pure and doped sillenite crystals
Author(s): Vladimir L. Tassev; Georgi L. Diankov; Marin Gospodinov
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Nonlinear self-organization of light in photorefractive potassium niobate into hexagonal arrays and applications in optical processing
Author(s): Partha P. Banerjee; Hsueh-Lin Yu; Don A. Gregory; Nickolai V. Kukhtarev
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Photorefractive implementations of coherent spatial/temporal signal detection
Author(s): Jehad Khoury; Mark Cronin-Golomb; Charles L. Woods
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Photorefractive birefringent holography
Author(s): Nickolai V. Kukhtarev; H. John Caulfield; Tatiana V. Kukhtareva; Bo Su Chen
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One-way aberration-free image communication through a phase-disturbing medium using photorefractive four-wave mixing
Author(s): Jingjun Xu; Guangyin Zhang; Simin Liu; Qian Sun; Guoquan Zhang; Qiyin Fang; Chaoli Ma
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Shearing interferometer by using kitty self-pumped phase-conjugate mirror
Author(s): Ching-Cherng Sun; Ren-Han Tsou; Hsin-hua Chang; Ming-Wen Chang
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Analysis on holographic endoscopes
Author(s): Suganda Jutamulia; Shizhuo Yin; Francis T. S. Yu; Joseph Y. Cheung; Hardi Darmawan
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Rotation invariant bipolar filter design for object classification
Author(s): Tracy Dean Hudson; Deanna K. McMillen; Amy S. Kransteuber; Shizhuo Yin; Mingzhe Lu; Francis T. S. Yu
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Real-time wavelet-matched filtering using photorefractive four-wave mixing
Author(s): Joewono Widjaja; Yasuo Tomita
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Acousto-optic channelizers: enhancement of acousto-optic spectrum analyzers' parameters
Author(s): Victor V. Kludzin; Sergei V. Kulakov; Victor V. Molotok; B. P. Razhivin
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Photorefractive volume holographic memory systems: approaches, limitations, and requirements
Author(s): Scott Patrick Campbell; Shiuan-Huei Lin; Xianmin Yi; Pochi Yeh
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