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Xerographic Photoreceptors and Photorefractive Polymers
Editor(s): Stephen Ducharme; Paul M. Borsenberger

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Volume Number: 2526
Date Published: 23 August 1995

Table of Contents
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Role of disorder in characterizing the ubiquitous temperature, concentration, and field dependencies of charge transport in molecularly doped polymers
Author(s): David H. Dunlap
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Numerical studies of hopping transport in disordered molecular solids
Author(s): Paul E. Parris
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Charge transport in photochemically modified molecularly doped polymers
Author(s): James W. Stasiak; Teresa J. Storch; Erji Mao
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Diffusion and drift of charge carriers in molecularly doped polymers
Author(s): Akiko Hirao; Hideyuki Nishizawa; M. Sugiuchi
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What's in a polaron?
Author(s): David W. Brown
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Hole photogeneration in dual layer aggregate photoreceptors
Author(s): Marie B. O'Regan; Paul M. Borsenberger; Edward H. Magin; T. Zubil
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Electron transport in molecularly doped polymers
Author(s): Paul M. Borsenberger; William T. Gruenbaum; Edward H. Magin
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Photorefractivity in new organic polymeric materials
Author(s): Constantina Poga; Donald M. Burland; Thomas Hanemann; Yan Jia; Christopher R. Moylan; John Joseph Stankus; Robert J. Twieg; William E. Moerner
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Charge trapping in photorefractive polymers
Author(s): George G. Malliaras; Victor V. Krasnikov; Henk J. Bolink; Georges Hadziioannou
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Electron paramagnetic resonance and in situ photosensitivity investigation of the photorefractive polymer BisA-NAS:DEH
Author(s): Abdalla M. Darwish; Nickolai V. Kukhtarev; Robert R. Copeland; R. Sliz; Putcha Venkateswarlu; H. John Caulfield; Stephen Ducharme; James M. Takacs; Lei Zhang
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Role of photoconductivity in molecularly doped photorefractive polymer
Author(s): Arosha W. Goonesekera; Martin Liphardt; Stephen Ducharme; James M. Takacs; Lei Zhang
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High-performance PVK-based photorefractive polymers
Author(s): Klaus Meerholz; Boris L. Volodin; - Sandalphon; Bernard Kippelen; Nasser Peyghambarian
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Novel porphyrin containing photorefractive polymers
Author(s): Zhonghua Peng; Alireza Gharavi; Luping Yu
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Photorefractive host-guest systems and fully functionalized polymers
Author(s): Henk J. Bolink; Igna van der Weide; George G. Malliaras; Victor V. Krasnikov; Georges Hadziioannou
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Applicability of the band transport (Kukhtarev) model to photorefractive polymers
Author(s): Stephen Ducharme
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Carrier generation in fullerenes
Author(s): Akiko Hirao; Hideyuki Nishizawa; H. Miyamoto; M. Sugiuchi; Masahiro Hosoya
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Aspects of dynamic disorder in charge transport in polymers
Author(s): Vasudev M. Kenkre
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