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Applications of Laser Plasma Radiation II

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Volume Number: 2523
Date Published: 18 September 1995

Table of Contents
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Prospects for granular x-ray lithography sources
Author(s): Juan R. Maldonado
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Extreme ultraviolet lithography for circuit fabrication at 0.1-um feature size
Author(s): Daniel A. Tichenor; Glenn D. Kubiak; Richard H. Stulen
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Laser plasma diagnostics of dense plasmas
Author(s): S. Gail Glendinning; Peter A. Amendt; Kimberly S. Budil; Bruce A. Hammel; D. H. Kalantar; Michael H. Key; Otto L. Landen; Bruce A. Remington; Denis E. Desenne
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Prospects for soft x-ray contact microscopy using laser plasmas as an x-ray source
Author(s): Anthony D. Stead; Anton M. Page; Thomas W. Ford
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Multilayer optics for plasma physics and synchrotron radiation
Author(s): James H. Underwood
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Generation of soft x-ray radiation by laser irradiation of a gas puff xenon target
Author(s): Henryk Fiedorowicz; Andrzej Bartnik; Miroslaw Szczurek; Piotr Parys; Peter M. Celliers; Luiz Barroca Da Silva; Stanley Mrowka; C. Brent Dane; Dennis L. Matthews; Joseph A. Abate
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Characteristics of a soft x-ray plasma source for different pumping laser configurations and spectral analysis
Author(s): Sarah Bollanti; Robin A. Cotton; Paolo Di Lazzaro; Francesco Flora; Tommaso Letardi; Nicola Lisi; Dimitri Batani; Aldo Conti; A. Mauri; Libero Palladino; Armando Reale; Anatoly Ya. Faenov; Tatiana A. Pikuz; Albert L. Osterheld
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Characterization of a laser plasma water droplet EUV source
Author(s): Feng Jin; Martin C. Richardson; Gregory M. Shimkaveg; David Scott Torres
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Debris-free soft x-ray generation using a liquid droplet laser-plasma target
Author(s): Hans M. Hertz; Lars Rymell; Magnus Berglund; Lars Malmqvist
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X-ray and XUV imaging and spectroscopy of dense plasmas using multilayer optics
Author(s): John F. Seely; Charles M. Brown; Michael P. Kowalski; Raymond G. Cruddace; Troy W. Barbee Jr.; William R. Hunter; Jack C. Rife
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Microchannel plate (MCP) focusing optics for a repetitive laser-plasma source
Author(s): I. C. Edmond Turcu; Adam N. Brunton; George W. Fraser; John Ernest Lees
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Developments of a high-power, low-contamination laser-plasma source for EUV projection lithography
Author(s): Leonid A. Shmaenok; Fred Bijkerk; C. Bruineman; R. K. F. Bastiaensen; Alexander P. Shevelko; Dmitrii M. Simanovski; A. N. Gladskikh; Sergei V. Bobashev
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High-power excimer laser-generated plasma source for x-ray microlithography
Author(s): Harry Shields; Michael F. Powers; I. C. Edmond Turcu; Ian N. Ross; Juan R. Maldonado; Philip G. Burkhalter; D. A. Newman
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Nested parabolic reflective optics for laser plasmas
Author(s): David B. O'Hara
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Two-bent-crystal schemes for monochromatic x-ray imaging
Author(s): Eckhart Foerster; William Z. Chang; M. Dirksmoeller
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KeV x-ray imaging of a fs laser plasma with a spherically curved crystal
Author(s): Kai Gaebel; Robert E. Hannon Jr.; Steve E. Grantham; Martin C. Richardson; Masataka Kado; Gregory M. Shimkaveg
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Vertical dispersion methods in x-ray spectroscopy of high-temperature plasmas
Author(s): Oldrich Renner; Thomas Missalla; Eckhart Foerster
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X-ray contact microscopy using a plasma source generated by long and short (120-ns and 10-ns) excimer laser pulses
Author(s): Robin A. Cotton; Sarah Bollanti; Paolo Di Lazzaro; Francesco Flora; Nicola Lisi; Tommaso Letardi; Libero Palladino; Armando Reale; Dimitri Batani; Aldo Conti; A. Mauri; M. Moret; Lucia Reale; Patrizia Albertano; Antonio Grilli
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Ultrastructural imaging and molecular modeling of live bacteria using soft x-ray contact microscopy with nanoseconds laser-plasma radiation
Author(s): Masataka Kado; Martin C. Richardson; Kai Gaebel; David Scott Torres; Jayshree Rajyaguru; Michael J. Muszynski
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Modifications for soft x-ray contact microscopy: quantification of carbon density discrimination and stereo imaging
Author(s): Anthony D. Stead; Anton M. Page; Robin A. Cotton; David Neely; Roland M. Bagby; Eisuke Miura; Toshihisa Tomie; S. Shimizu; Toshikazu Majima; Peter A. F. Anastasi; Thomas W. Ford
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High-resolution imaging of the ultrastructure of living algal cells using soft x-ray contact microscopy
Author(s): Thomas W. Ford; Robin A. Cotton; Anton M. Page; Toshihisa Tomie; Toshikazu Majima; Anthony D. Stead
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Development of Kirkpatrick-Baez microscope with a large visual field
Author(s): Ryosuke Kodama; Noriaki Ikeda; Yoshiaki Kato; Yoshimasa Katori; T. Iwai; Kunio K. Takeshi
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X-ray spectroscopy and imaging of a plasma collision
Author(s): Claude J. Chenais-Popovics; Ovidiu N. Rancu; P. Renaudin; Jean-Claude J. Gauthier; F. Gilleron; O. Lindenmeyer; H. Kawagoshi; M. Dirksmoeller; Ingo Uschmann; Thomas Missalla; P. C. Sondhauss; Eckhart Foerster; Oldrich Renner; E. Krousky; Henri Pepin; O. Larroche; Olivier Peyrusse; Terry D. Shepard
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X-ray emission from colliding laser plasmas
Author(s): Mark D. Wilke; Andrew W. Obst; Dan Winske; Michael E. Jones; Stuart A. Baker; Joseph Abdallah Jr.; Stephen E. Caldwell; Robert G. Watt; S. Robert Goldman; Bruno S. Bauer; Robert B. Gibson
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Femtosecond laser-produced plasma x rays from periodically modulated surface targets
Author(s): Jean-Claude J. Gauthier; S. Bastiani; Patrick Audebert; Jean-Paul Geindre; K. Neuman; Tom D. Donnelly; M. Hoffer; Roger W. Falcone; Ronnie L. Shepherd; Dwight F. Price; William E. White
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Spectroscopic investigations of hard x-ray emission from 120-ps laser-produced plasmas at intensities near 10(17) W cm(-2)
Author(s): James Dunn; Bruce KF Young; Albert L. Osterheld; Mark E. Foord; Rosemary S. Walling; Richard E. Stewart; Anatoly Ya. Faenov
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Measurements of ultrashort x-ray pulses by photon correlation
Author(s): Ferenc Raksi; Zsolt Papp
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Possible ionization ignition in laser-driven clusters
Author(s): Christoph G. Rose-Petruck; Kenneth J. Schafer; Christopher P. P. Barty
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Time-gated medical imaging with ultrafast laser-plasma x rays
Author(s): Christopher P. P. Barty; Clarence L. Gordon III; Brian E. Lemoff; Christoph G. Rose-Petruck; Ferenc Raksi; Perry M. Bell; Kent R. Wilson; Vladislav V. Yakovlev; Koichi Yamakawa; Guang-Yu Yin
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X-ray flash microprobing of structural dynamics in exploding crystals
Author(s): Gregory M. Shimkaveg; Kai Gaebel; Steve E. Grantham; Robert E. Hannon Jr.; Martin C. Richardson
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Generation of high-order harmonics radiation in laser plasma
Author(s): Rashid A. Ganeev; Vyacheslav I. Redkorechev; Timurbek Usmanov
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Investigation of glass polycapillaries for use in proximity x-ray lithography
Author(s): Ira Klotzko; Qi-Fan Xiao; David M. Gibson; Robert Gregory Downing; Walter M. Gibson; Andrei A. Karnaukhov; Chris J. Jezewski
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Ultrafast 2.5-keV x-ray absorption probing of a chemical reaction with 3-ps time resolution
Author(s): Ferenc Raksi; Kent R. Wilson; Zhiming Jiang; Abdelaziz Ikhlef; Christian Y. Cote; Jean-Claude Kieffer
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