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Time-Resolved Electron and X-Ray Diffraction
Editor(s): Peter M. Rentzepis

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Volume Number: 2521
Date Published: 1 September 1995

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Picosecond, tunable, high-brightness hard x-ray inverse Compton source at Duke storage ring
Author(s): Vladimir N. Litvinenko; Ying Wu; Bentley Burnham; Genevieve A. Barnett; John M. J. Madey
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Ultrashort hard x-ray pulses for time-resolved x-ray diffraction
Author(s): Ivan V. Tomov; Peilin Chen; Peter M. Rentzepis
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Reflectron design for femtosecond electron guns
Author(s): Peter M. Weber; Scott D. Carpenter; Tamas Lucza
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Enhancement of ultrashort photoelectric emission sensitivity of metals by alkaline ions implantation
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Girardeau-Montaut; M. Afif; A. Perez; Claire Girardeau-Montaut; Corinne Tomas
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Time-resolved electron dynamics and transport imaging
Author(s): Walter E. Bron; Carlos German Suarez; Tibor Juhasz
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High-power inverse Compton y-ray source at the Duke storage ring
Author(s): Vladimir N. Litvinenko; John M. J. Madey
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High peak pulse power operation of the OK-4/Duke XUV FEL
Author(s): Vladimir N. Litvinenko; Bentley Burnham; John M. J. Madey; Ying Wu
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Time-resolved reflection high-energy electron diffraction of metal surfaces
Author(s): Hani E. Elsayed-Ali
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Time-resolved electron diffraction to study photoinduced molecular dynamics at single crystal surfaces
Author(s): Martin Aeschlimann; Edward L. Hull; C. A. Schmuttenmaer; J. Cao; Y. Gao; D. A. Mantell; Hani E. Elsayed-Ali
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Pump-probe low-energy electron diffraction
Author(s): John R. Thompson; Peter M. Weber; Peder J. Estrup
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Stroboscopic gas electron diffraction: a tool for structural kinetic studies of laser-excited molecules
Author(s): Anatoli A. Ischenko; John D. Ewbank; Vladimir A. Lobastov; Lothar Schafer
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High-repetition-rate time-resolved gas phase electron diffraction
Author(s): Joseph D. Geiser; Peter M. Weber
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Laser control of harmonics and electrons in molecules
Author(s): Andre D. Bandrauk; Tao Zuo
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Time-resolved biological and perturbation chemical crystallography: Laue and monochromatic developments
Author(s): S. Bradbrook; Andrew Deacon; J. Habash; John R. Helliwell; M. Helliwell; Y. P. Nieh; E. H. Snell; S. Trapani; Andrew W. Thompson; J. W. Campbell; Nigel M. Allinson; Kevin Moon; T. Ursby; Michael Wulff
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Single-pulse Laue images from macromolecular crystals recorded at ESRF
Author(s): Dominique Bourgeois; T. Ursby; Michael Wulff; Claude Pradervand; Vulica Srajer; A. Legrand; Wilfried Schildkamp; S. Laboure; C. Rubin; T. Teng; M. Roth; Keith Moffat
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Macromolecular crystallography on the millisecond to nanosecond time domain
Author(s): Keith Moffat
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Time-resolved x-ray studies of pressure-jump-induced topological transitions in biological membranes
Author(s): Shyamsunder Erramilli; Frederik Osterberg; Sol M. Gruner; Mark W. Tate; Manfred Kriechbaum
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Realization of fast diffraction on BL3 at the ESRF
Author(s): Michael Wulff; T. Ursby; Dominique Bourgeois; L. Goirand; Manuel Sanchez del Rio
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Time-resolved materials science opportunities using synchrotron x-ray sources
Author(s): Bennett C. Larson; J. Z. Tischler
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X-ray diffraction by crystals during shocks
Author(s): Robert R. Whitlock; Justin S. Wark
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Time-resolved x-ray diffraction from shock-compressed solids
Author(s): Justin S. Wark; N. C. Woolsey; Robert R. Whitlock
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Ultrafast x-ray absorbtion and diffraction
Author(s): Christopher P. P. Barty; Ferenc Raksi; Christoph G. Rose-Petruck; Kenneth J. Schafer; Kent R. Wilson; Vladislav V. Yakovlev; Koichi Yamakawa; Zhiming Jiang; Abdelaziz Ikhlef; Christian Y. Cote; Jean-Claude Kieffer
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Theory of ultrafast time-resolved x-ray diffraction and applications to vaporization kinetics of finite systems
Author(s): Siming H. Lin; C. H. Chao; H. Ma; Peter M. Rentzepis
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Boundary line of microcrystallines in amorphous and crystalline structures of metallic glasses
Author(s): Khaled J. Habib
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Analysis of the residual elastic lattice distortion and distribution of dislocation density in structurally inhomogeneous crystals by anomalous transmission of x rays
Author(s): Igor V. Prokopenko
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Time-resolved crystallography on p21H-ras
Author(s): Axel J. Scheidig
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10-MHz photon counting detector system for time-resolved x-ray diffraction
Author(s): Robert A. Lewis; Christopher J. Hall; William I. Helsby; A. Jones; B. T. Parker; J. Sheldon
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Development of a fast pixel array detector for use in microsecond time-resolved x-ray diffraction
Author(s): Sandor L. Barna; John A. Shepherd; Robert L. Wixted; Mark W. Tate; Brian G. Rodricks; Sol M. Gruner
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