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X-Ray Microbeam Technology and Applications
Editor(s): Wenbing Yun

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Volume Number: 2516
Date Published: 25 September 1995

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Fabrication of high-resolution x-ray diffractive optics at King's College London
Author(s): Pambos S. Charalambous; Peter A. F. Anastasi; Ronald E. Burge; Katia Popova
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Microfocusing optics for hard xrays fabricated by x-ray lithography
Author(s): Azalia A. Krasnoperova; Zheng Chen; Franco Cerrina; Enzo M. Di Fabrizio; Massimo Gentili; Wenbing Yun; Barry P. Lai; Efim S. Gluskin
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Bragg-Fresnel optics at the ESRF: microdiffraction and microimaging applications
Author(s): Anatoly A. Snigirev; Victor Kohn
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New generation of multilayer Bragg-Fresnel lenses
Author(s): Alexei I. Erko; Alexander A. Firsov; Andrey E. Yakshin; Pierre Chevallier; Pierre Dhez
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Microfocusing 4-keV to 65-keV xrays with bent Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors
Author(s): Peter J. Eng; Mark L. Rivers; Bingxin X. Yang; Wilfried Schildkamp
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Parameter optimization for producing an elliptical surface from a spherical surface by differential deposition
Author(s): Zhonghou Cai; Wenbing Yun; P. Plag
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Development of a novel x-ray focusing technique using crystals with a two-dimensionally modulated surfaces
Author(s): William Z. Chang; Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Hans-Joerg Fuchs; Bernd Schnabel; Eckhart Foerster; Felix N. Chukhovskii
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Scanning transmission x-ray microscope at the NSLS: from XANES to cryo
Author(s): Jorg M. Maser; Henry N. Chapman; Chris J. Jacobsen; Alex Kalinovsky; Janos Kirz; Angelika Osanna; Steve Spector; Steve Wang; Barry L. Winn; Sue Wirick; Xiaodong Zhang
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X-ray microscopy with high-resolution zone plates: recent developments
Author(s): Gerd Schneider; Thomas Wilhein; Bastian Niemann; P. Guttman; T. Schliebe; J. Lehr; H. Aschoff; Juergen Thieme; Dietbert M. Rudolph; Guenther A. Schmahl
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Ultrahigh-resolution soft x-ray tomography
Author(s): Waleed S. Haddad; James E. Trebes; Dennis M. Goodman; Heung-Rae Lee; Ian McNulty; Erik H. Anderson; Andrei O. Zalensky
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Soft x-ray imaging and vector diffraction theory
Author(s): Ronald E. Burge; XiaoCong Yuan
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Simulations and experiments on capillary optics for x-ray microbeams
Author(s): G. Slade Cargill III; K. Hwang; J. W. Lam; P.C. Wang; E. Liniger; I. C. Noyan
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Toward a micrometer resolution x-ray tomographic microscope
Author(s): Michael D. Silver
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Chemical state mapping on material surfaces with the X1A second-generation scanning photoemission microscope (X1A SPEM-II)
Author(s): Cheng-Hao Ko; Janos Kirz; Klaus Maier; Barry L. Winn; Harald Ade; Steven L. Hulbert; Erik D. Johnson; Erik H. Anderson
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Direct observation of microscopic inhomogeneities in high-Tc superconductors using energy-dispersive diffraction of synchrotron-produced xrays
Author(s): Earl F. Skelton; Syen B. Qadri; Michael S. Osofsky; A. R. Drews; P. R. Broussard; J. Z. Hu; L. W. Finger; Terrell A. Vanderah; D. Kaiser; J. L. Peng; Steven M. Anlage; Richard L. Greene; John Giapintzakis
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Microdiffraction measurements of the effects of grain alignment on critical current in high-temperature superconductors
Author(s): Eliot D. Specht; A. Goyal
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Hard x-ray microanalytical beam line at the CAMD synchrotron
Author(s): Mark C. Petri; Leonard Leibowitz; Paul Schilling
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Soft x-ray microscopy and microanalysis: applications in organic geochemistry
Author(s): George D. Cody; Robert E. Botto; Harald Ade; Sue Wirick
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X-ray supermirrors for BESSY-II
Author(s): Alexei I. Erko; Franz Shaefers; Bernard Vidal; Andrey E. Yakshin; Pierre Chevallier
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BESSY Bragg-Fresnel multilayer beam monitors
Author(s): Karsten Holldack; Alexei I. Erko; William B. Peatman
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Tomographic scanning microscope for 1 to 4-KeV xrays
Author(s): Ian McNulty; Yipeng Feng; Waleed S. Haddad; James E. Trebes
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Elliptical wiggler beam line with minimum focal spot size at the ALS
Author(s): Vladimir V. Martynov; Wayne R. McKinney; Howard A. Padmore
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White-light spacial frequency multiplication using soft xrays
Author(s): Max Wei; Eric M. Gullikson; James H. Underwood; T. Kenneth Gustafson; David T. Attwood Jr.
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Capillary xray compressor: principle versus practice
Author(s): Dale L. Brewe; Steve M. Heald; Bill Barg; Frederick C. Brown; Kyungha H. Kim; Edward A. Stern
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