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X-Ray and Extreme Ultraviolet Optics
Editor(s): Richard B. Hoover; Arthur B. C. Walker Jr.

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Volume Number: 2515
Date Published: 20 June 1995

Table of Contents
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Comparative study of hard x-ray (>10 keV) focusing techniques for space astronomy
Author(s): Filippo Frontera; Giovanni Pareschi
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X-ray focusing using lobster eye optics: a comparison of theory with experiment
Author(s): Andrew G. Peele; Keith A. Nugent; Andrei V. Rode; Kai Gaebel; Martin C. Richardson; Richard R. Strack; Walter P. Siegmund
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Gratings and zone plates based on sliced multilayer structures
Author(s): Alexander V. Vinogradov
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Status of the qualification model of the x-ray optics for the JET-X telescope aboard the Spectrum X-Gamma satellite
Author(s): Oberto Citterio; Paolo Conconi; Mauro Ghigo; Francesco Mazzoleni; Ennio Poretti; Giancarlo Conti; Giancarlo Cusumano; Bruno Sacco; Heinrich W. Braeuninger; Wolfgang Burkert
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Perspectives of ion beam polishing of mandrels for x-ray replication optics
Author(s): Mauro Ghigo; Oberto Citterio; Paolo Conconi; Ralf Loi; Francesco Mazzoleni
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Conical thin foil x-ray mirror fabrication via surface replication
Author(s): Yang Soong; Lalit Jalota; Peter J. Serlemitsos
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X-ray characterization of an XMM mandrel at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
Author(s): Philippe Gondoin; Andreas K. Freund; Samuel Gougeon; Daniel de Chambure; Kees van Katwijk; Danielle R. Labergerie; Ulrich Lienert; N. Schulz
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Status of x-ray capillary optics
Author(s): Muradin A. Kumakhov
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Experimental investigation of Kumakhov lenses
Author(s): Vladimir A. Arkadiev; Aniouar A. Bzhaumikhov; Hans-Eberhard Gorny; Nariman S. Ibraimov
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Computer simulation of quasiparallel x-ray beams transforming into convergent ones by means of Kumakhov semilens
Author(s): Dmitrii I. Gruev; Vladimir A. Arkadiev
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X-ray channeling in capillary systems
Author(s): Sultan B. Dabagov; Muradin A. Kumakhov
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Normal incidence optics for solar coronal imaging
Author(s): Eberhard Adolf Spiller; Janusz S. Wilczynski; Leon Golub; George U. Nystrom; Eric M. Gullikson; Charles Tarrio
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Hard x-ray Wolter-I telescope using broadband multilayer coatings on replica substrates: problems and solutions
Author(s): Karsten Dan Joensen; Paul Gorenstein; Oberto Citterio; Peter Hoghoj; Ian S. Anderson; O. Schaerpf
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Structural analysis of multilayered x-ray mirrors by x-ray diffraction
Author(s): Dong-Eon Kim; DongHo Cha
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Optical behavior values of substrates, single films, and two film combinations in the x-ray region
Author(s): Michele Wilson McColgan; Muamer Zukic; Jong Ho Park; Douglas G. Torr; Joseph Pedulla
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Multi-Spectral Solar Telescope Array VIII: the second flight
Author(s): Arthur B. C. Walker II; Maxwell J. Allen; Craig Edward DeForest; Charles C. Kankelborg; Dennis S. Martinez-Galarce; James E. Plummer; Richard B. Hoover; Troy W. Barbee Jr.; David B. Gore
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Multilayer x-ray mirrors for the objective crystal spectrometer on the Spectrum Roentgen Gamma satellite
Author(s): Eric Louis; Eberhard Adolf Spiller; Salim Abdali; Finn Erland Christensen; Harm-Jan Voorma; Norbert B. Koster; Peter K. Frederiksen; Charles Tarrio; Eric M. Gullikson; Fred Bijkerk
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Multilayer x-ray optics with enhanced thermal and radiation stability
Author(s): Anatoli I. Fedorenko; V. V. Kondratenko; E. A. Bugaev; Yurii P. Pershin; A. G. Ponomarenko; O. V. Poltseva; I. A. Kopylets; S. A. Yulin; E. N. Zubarev
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Next generation x-ray all-sky monitor
Author(s): William C. Priedhorsky; Andrew G. Peele; Keith A. Nugent
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Imaging photon counting system for the extreme ultraviolet
Author(s): Martin K. Carter; Barry J. Kent; Peter David Read; Bernd Aschenbach; Heinrich W. Braeuninger
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Transmission grating filtering and polarization characteristics in EUV
Author(s): Michael A. Gruntman
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Comparison of rigorous methods for x-ray and XUV grating diffraction analysis
Author(s): Leonid I. Goray; Boris C. Chernov
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Scattering effects in x-ray imaging systems
Author(s): James E. Harvey
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Multi-Spectral Solar Telescope Array IX: quantitative measurements of the solar corona
Author(s): Craig Edward DeForest; Arthur B. C. Walker Jr.; Maxwell J. Allen; Richard B. Hoover; Troy W. Barbee Jr.
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Concept for an orbiting wide-field x-ray imaging spectrometer (WFXIS)
Author(s): Melville P. Ulmer
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Strategy for the patrol of the solar soft x-ray and extreme ultraviolet flux
Author(s): Sergey V. Avakyan; Alexander I. Yefremov
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Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility (AXAF): an overview
Author(s): Martin C. Weisskopf; Stephen L. O'Dell; Ronald F. Elsner; Leon P. Van Speybroeck
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AXAF-I alignment test system autocollimating flat error correction
Author(s): Timothy S. Lewis
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Fabrication and predicted performance of the Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility mirror ensemble
Author(s): Paul B. Reid
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Effects of temporal dimensional instability on the Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility (AXAF-I) high-resolution mirror assembly (HRMA)
Author(s): Lester M. Cohen
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AXAF VETA-I mirror x-ray test results cross-check with the HDOS metrology data
Author(s): Ping Zhao; Leon P. Van Speybroeck
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Numerical simulation of electron-impact x-ray sources
Author(s): Martin E. Sulkanen; Jeffery J. Kolodziejczak; George Chartas
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Centroid detector assembly for the AXAF-I alignment test system
Author(s): Paul E. Glenn
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Penning source for calibration of x-ray and EUV optics and spectrometers at wavelengths as short as 50 A
Author(s): Edwin M. Kellogg; Bradford J. Wargelin; Timothy J. Norton; Roger Eng; Jeffery J. Kolodziejczak
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X-ray source system at the Marshall Space Flight Center X-ray calibration facility
Author(s): Jeffery J. Kolodziejczak; Robert A. Austin; Ronald F. Elsner; Marshall K. Joy; Martin E. Sulkanen; Edwin M. Kellogg; Bradford J. Wargelin
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Calibration of multilayer mirrors for the Multi-Spectral Solar Telescope Array II
Author(s): Charles C. Kankelborg; James E. Plummer; Dennis S. Martinez-Galarce; Ray H. O'Neal; Craig Edward DeForest; Arthur B. C. Walker Jr.; Troy W. Barbee Jr.; J. W. Weed; Richard B. Hoover; Forbes R. Powell
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Alignment test system for AXAF-I's high-resolution mirror assembly
Author(s): Mark Waldman
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X-ray optics at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
Author(s): Andreas K. Freund
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X-ray study of a SODART flight telescope using the expanded beam x-ray optics beamline at the Daresbury synchrotron
Author(s): Finn Erland Christensen; Allan Hornstrup; Peter K. Frederiksen; Salim Abdali; P. Grundsoe; Josef Polny; Niels J. Westergaard; Hans Ulrich Noergaard-Nielsen; Herbert W. Schnopper; C. Hall; R. Lewis
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Measurements and calculations of flat and spherically bent mica crystals reflectivity and using them for different applications in the spectral range 1-19 A
Author(s): Tatiana A. Pikuz; Anatoly Ya. Faenov; Eckhart Foerster; Johannes Wolf; O. Wehrhan; Josef Heinisch; G. Hoelzer; Marcus Vollbrecht; Sergey A. Pikuz; Vera M. Romanova; Tatyana A. Shelkovenko
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Multilayer structures for high-performance hard x-ray optics
Author(s): Eleonora M. Witteles; R. D. Nelson; H. Dasarathy; Brian D. Ramsey; Jeffery J. Kolodziejczak
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Passage of synchrotron radiation through capillary macrosystems
Author(s): Sultan B. Dabagov; Muradin A. Kumakhov; Svetlana V. Nikitina; Violetta A. Murashova; Dmitri A. Fedin; Rustem V. Fedorchuk
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X-ray focusing by polycapillary arrays
Author(s): Vladimir A. Arkadiev; Aniouar A. Bzhaumikhov
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Focusing of quasiparallel beams by means of Kumakhov lenses
Author(s): Svetlana V. Nikitina; Alexander S. Scherbakov
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Optical focusing and alignment of the Multi-Spectral Solar Telescope Array II payload
Author(s): David B. Gore; James B. Hadaway; Richard B. Hoover; Arthur B. C. Walker Jr.; Charles C. Kankelborg
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Schwarzschild microscope at the wavelength of 18 nm using a laser-produced plasma source
Author(s): Zhanshan Wang; Jianlin Cao; Bo Chen; Yueying Ma; Junping Zhang; Xingdan Chen
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Hard and soft x-ray study of the correlation between substrate quality and multilayer performance for Co/C coating produced by electron beam evaporation using ion polishing
Author(s): Salim Abdali; Finn Erland Christensen; Eberhard Adolf Spiller; Eric Louis; Harm-Jan Voorma
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Concept for an all-sky low-energy gamma-ray observatory (ALLEGRO)
Author(s): Melville P. Ulmer; William R. Purcell; Steven M. Matz; John P. Finley; James M. Cordes; Robert B. Wilson
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Extreme ultraviolet optical properties of ion-beam-deposited boron carbide thin films
Author(s): Gerry M. Blumenstock; Ritva A. M. Keski-Kuha; Marshal L. Ginter
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Design and performance of thin foil XUV filters for the Multi-Spectral Solar Telescope Array II
Author(s): James E. Plummer; Craig Edward DeForest; Dennis S. Martinez-Galarce; Charles C. Kankelborg; David B. Gore; Ray H. O'Neal; Arthur B. C. Walker Jr.; Forbes R. Powell; Richard B. Hoover; Troy W. Barbee Jr.; J. W. Weed
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Bragg reflection from a three-dimensional logarithmic spiral
Author(s): Alexander M. Panin
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Fabrication of multilayer optics by sputtering: application to EUV optics with greater than 30% normal reflectance
Author(s): Palmer N. Peters; Richard B. Hoover; Richard N. Watts; Charles Tarrio; Arthur B. C. Walker Jr.
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Preadjustment of small elliptical bender mirrors for an x-ray beamline
Author(s): Steven C. Irick
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