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Air Toxics and Water Monitoring
Editor(s): George M. Russwurm

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Volume Number: 2503
Date Published: 21 September 1995

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Monitoring the herbicide concentration in ponds by detecting the chlorophyll fluorescence of algae with ms-laser excitation
Author(s): Bernhard Ruth
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Laserspectroscopic methods as a means of determining water pollutants
Author(s): Joerg Kubitz; Ulrieke Uebel; Angelika Anders
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Spectral features of reflectance and algorithm development for remote sensing of chlorophyll in Lake Kinneret
Author(s): Anatoly A. Gitelson; Yosef Z. Yacobi
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Optimized nephelometer and nonlinear processor for oil-in-water monitoring
Author(s): D. A. Green; Rambod Naimimohasses; David M. Barnett; Peter Richard Smith
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Remote estimation of chlorophyll concentration in polluted marine waters in Haifa Bay, Southeastern Mediterranean
Author(s): Anatoly A. Gitelson; Yosef Z. Yacobi; Arnon Karnieli; Nurit Kress
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Registration pollution of water by method of modulation intracavity laser spectroscopy
Author(s): Sergey Bojko; Vladimir F. Gamalii
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Remote sensor system for on-line detection of hazardous organic compounds
Author(s): Steffen Kaspar; Gerolf Kraus; Guenter Gauglitz
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Practical experience in the use of a newly developed fluorescence sensor for the continuous detection of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in stack gases by means of fiber optical laser-
Author(s): Andreas Krupp; Anette Beckmann; Dieter Kraus
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Toxicity measurements using fluorogenic compounds
Author(s): Jozef Grabowski; Peter Baker; Patricia J. Scully
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Effects of O3 and SO2 on leaf characteristics in soybeans grown under ambient- and enriched-carbon dioxide atmosphere
Author(s): Bernardo F.T. Rudorff; Charles L. Mulchi; Edward H. Lee; Randy A. Rowland; Craig S. T. Daughtry
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Detection of small trace molecules in human and animal's exhalation by tunable diode lasers
Author(s): Eugene V. Stepanov; Andrian I. Kouznetsov; Pavel V. Zyrianov; Vladimir A. Skrupskii; Yurii A. Shulagin; Marina E. Galagan
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Diffractive Microrefractometer
Author(s): Alexander A. Arefiev
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Airborne hyperspectral monitoring of lake, river, and estuary pollution in Great Britain and Germany
Author(s): Michaela C. Mueksch
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Laser spectrofluorometry of humic substances conformational transformation in water
Author(s): Nicolai A. Nemkovich; Anna P. Golovach; Alexander S. Kozlovsky; Ivan I. Lishtvan; Anatoly Nikolaevich Rubinov
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Atmospheric monitoring with a ground-based spectrometer system
Author(s): Jean-Marc Theriault; Jacques Gilbert; Claude Bradette
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Application of neural networks to fluorescent diagnostics of organic pollution in water
Author(s): Yuri N. Orlov; I. G. Persiantsev; S. P. Rebrik; Sergey M. Babichenko
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On-line fluorescent techniques for diagnostics of water environment
Author(s): Sergey M. Babichenko; Juri Lapimaa; Larissa Porovkina; Victor Varlamov
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Simple photometer of F103 model: a stand-alone unit for ozone checking gas mixture generators
Author(s): Vladimir A. Polischyuk; Sergey I. Krasko; Mikhail B. Levin; Vladimir P. Chelibanov
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Optical analyzer for measurement of ozone solved in water and aquaeous solutions with different mud content levels
Author(s): Vladimir P. Chelibanov; Andrey Y. Bryukhanov; Vasiliy A. Loschinin
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Atmospheric pollution determination by the differential group delay method
Author(s): Yuri S. Galkin; Victor N. Kharchenko
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