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Photonics for Space Environments III
Editor(s): Edward W. Taylor

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Volume Number: 2482
Date Published: 30 May 1995

Table of Contents
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Overview of radiation effects research in photonics
Author(s): Robert C. Webb; Lewis M. Cohn; Edward W. Taylor; Roger A. Greenwell
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Radiation-induced bandwidth responses in acousto-optic Bragg cells
Author(s): Edward W. Taylor; S. P. Chapman; Michael A. Kelly; Anthony D. Sanchez; Jonathan Stohs; E. Kinsley; Douglas M. Craig
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Frequency response of a TeO2 slow shear wave acousto-optic cell exposed to radiation
Author(s): Ireena A. Erteza; David C. Craft; K. Terry Stalker; Edward W. Taylor; Michael A. Kelly; Anthony D. Sanchez; S. P. Chapman; Douglas M. Craig; E. Kinsley
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CO2 laser simulation of radiation-induced effects in an acousto-optic deflector
Author(s): Edward W. Taylor; Michael A. Kelly
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Radiation effects in photonic modulator structures
Author(s): Charles E. Barnes; Roger A. Greenwell
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Radiation-induced crosstalk in a proton-exchanged LiNbO3 directional coupler
Author(s): Edward W. Taylor; S. P. Chapman; Anthony D. Sanchez; Michael A. Kelly; Jonathan Stohs; Douglas M. Craig
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Effects of combined neutron and gamma radiation on a LiNbO3 directional polarization-maintaining coupler (passive) and a large-core multimode 1 x 2 coupler
Author(s): David W. Pentrack; Joel M. Hatch; Roger A. Greenwell; Mel Pama; Doyle G. Lahti; K. Krishnan
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Proton-induced degradation in interferometric fiber optic gyroscopes
Author(s): Richard H. Boucher; Warren F. Woodward; Terrence S. Lomheim; Ralph M. Shima; David J. Asman; Kevin Mark Killian; Jason LeGrand; Gregory J. Goellner
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Designing optical processors for space
Author(s): Keith R. Frampton; Michele W. Rubin
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All-optical GaAs switching and modulation for space applications
Author(s): Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Tomasz P. Jannson; Vladimir Katsman; Marek Osinski; Ray T. Chen
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Multimode optical interconnects with low modal noise for spaceborne databusses and commercial computers
Author(s): Julian P. G. Bristow; Yue Liu; John A. Lehman; Klein Johnson
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Distribution of precision UHF and timing signals with fiber optic transmission lines
Author(s): Joseph J. Suter; Richard A. Dragonette
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Polymer holograms for neural network application: an experimental study
Author(s): Rupak Changkakoti; L. Roger B. Patterson; Cecile Dreze; Asoke Kumar Ghosh
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Boeing's STAR-FODB test results
Author(s): Martin E. Fritz; Michael de la Chapelle; Arthur W. Van Ausdal
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Reliability of low-power laser diodes
Author(s): Richard H. Maurer; C. Brent Bargeron; Elbert Nhan; Terry E. Phillips
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Power-over-fiber sensor network
Author(s): Duncan Tsuen-Hsi Liu; Shannon P. Jackson; Harold Kirkham; Alan R. Johnston; Larry A. Bergman; Julian P. G. Bristow; Jeffrey N. Schoess
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Optical beam forming and steering for phased array antenna
Author(s): Dilip K. Paul; Rajender Razdan; Brian G. Markey
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Fiber optic modules for ISO 8802-4 token bus spacecraft data management systems
Author(s): Roger Hendelberg; Arne G. Alping; Bo Wising
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Programmable tuning external cavity laser diode
Author(s): Zhongqi Pan; Hanyi Zhang; Jinqiang Yang; Jiahua Chen; Zhaoming Zhu; BingKun Zhou
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Total ionizing dose and single particle effects in a 200-Mbps star-coupled fiber optic data bus
Author(s): Paul W. Marshall; Cheryl J. Dale; Martin E. Fritz; Michael de la Chapelle; Martin A. Carts; Kenneth A. LaBel
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Fiber optic data bus space experiment on board the microlectronics and photonics test bed (MPTB)
Author(s): Cheryl J. Dale; Paul W. Marshall; Michael de la Chapelle; Martin E. Fritz; Kenneth A. LaBel
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Trade study of optical fibers and components for space applications
Author(s): Judith D.O. McFadden; Lisa J. McMurray
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