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Photonic Device Engineering for Dual-Use Applications
Editor(s): Andrew R. Pirich

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Volume Number: 2481
Date Published: 30 June 1995

Table of Contents
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Reconfigurable high-speed optoelectronic interconnect technology for multiprocessor computers
Author(s): Julian Cheng
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Polarization-insensitive terabit optical demultiplexer for TDMA networks
Author(s): Ivan Glesk; Tian Ge Chang; Koo Il Kang; Paul R. Prucnal; Raymond K. Boncek
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Efficient coupling technique for single-mode optical D-fiber to buried polymer acrylic waveguide
Author(s): Timothy S. Barry; D. L. Rode; Robert R. Krchnavek
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Recent advances in high-power ultrafast mode-locked laser diodes
Author(s): Peter J. Delfyett; A. Yusim; Sangyoun Gee; Brian K. Mathason; Hong Shi
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Progress toward the development of a 100 Gb/s optical data link
Author(s): Carl M. Verber; Jinkee Kim; Ronson K. Tan; Yuan-Ning Weng; Zhiping James Zhou
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Fiber grating integrated with Kerr nonlinear fiber for all-optical switching
Author(s): Eric Donkor
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System integration issues for high-speed parallel fiber optic interconnects
Author(s): Booker H. Tyrone Jr.; David Dening
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Optical generation and frequency modulation of microwave subcarriers using feedback-sustained pulsation in laser diodes
Author(s): Guifang Li; Raymond K. Boncek; XiaoLu L. Wang; David H. Sackett
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Self-starting mode-locked erbium fiber laser using grating reflectors
Author(s): Kenneth J. Teegarden; Reinhard K. Erdmann
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Silica-waveguide optical time-shift network for phased arrays
Author(s): Willie W. Ng; Robert Y. Loo; V. L. Jones; Jack B. Lewis
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Optoelectronic selector switch for rf/microwave passive fiber optic networks
Author(s): Robert Y. Loo; James H. Schaffner; Gregory L. Tangonan; V. L. Jones
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Low-crosstalk electro-optic switch with relaxed switching voltage control
Author(s): Suwat Thaniyavarn; Jack Lin
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Reliability of lithium niobate Annealed Proton Exchanged integrated optical circuits
Author(s): Karl M. Kissa; Hogan Eng; David K. Lewis; Vincent D. Rodino; Paul G. Suchoski Jr.; Nancy A. Koziarz
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Multiresolution binary optical correlator using the wavelet transform
Author(s): Samuel Peter Kozaitis
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Holographic Rotman lens for phased-array antenna beam forming
Author(s): David D. Curtis
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Fast reconfigurable optical image switching system
Author(s): Eung Gi Paek; John H. Hong; Tallis Y. Chang
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Sixteen-channel acousto-fiber-optic barrel shifter
Author(s): Charles H. Chalfant; Robert F. Kalman; Joseph W. Goodman
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Adaptive beam forming with a photonic delay line
Author(s): Evelyn H. Monsay
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Active noise suppression in phased-array radars using an antijamming optical beam-forming system
Author(s): Michael E. Turbyfill; Mark A. Rudd; J. L. Mack; Ernst K. Walge; Jeffrey M. Lutsko; Harold Gregory Andrews II; Robert J. Berinato; Michael C. Zari; Mervin C. Budge; Kyle W. Williams
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Multichannel in-line interferometric time-integrating correlator and its applications
Author(s): Jeffrey M. Lutsko; Michael E. Turbyfill; Ernst K. Walge; Harold Gregory Andrews II
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Applications of microlaser arrays to tapped delay line systems
Author(s): Ernst K. Walge; Michael E. Turbyfill
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Direct digital conversion detector technology
Author(s): William J. Mandl; Richard Fedors
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Three-dimensional photorefractive signal processing for radar applications
Author(s): Robert T. Weverka; Kelvin H. Wagner; Anthony W. Sarto
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Dynamic holography in partially asymmetric quantum well Fabry Perots
Author(s): David D. Nolte; K. M. Kwolek; George A. Brost
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Growth of tailored sillenite photorefractives for optical correlation
Author(s): John J. Larkin; Meckie T. Harris; Joel J. Martin
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Progress in II-VI photorefractives
Author(s): George A. Brost; Kevin M. Magde; Sudhir B. Trivedi
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Magnetic liquid encapsulated Kyropoulos (MLEK) crystal growth of indium phosphide for photorefractive optimization
Author(s): George Greeley Bryant; David F. Bliss; David R. Gabbe; Franz X. Zach; Gerry W. Iseler
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Photonic excitations in doped bismuth silicon oxide: Bi12SiO20
Author(s): Steven P. Hotaling
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Electroabsorption and carrier dynamics in (Ga,In)As/(Al,In)As asymmetric double quantum wells
Author(s): Mark F. Krol; Michael J. Hayduk; Richard P. Leavitt; John T. Pham; Sergey Yu. Ten; Brian P. McGinnis; Galina Khitrova; Nasser Peyghambarian
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Recent progress in modeling passive and active optical microstructures via direct time integration of Maxwell's equations
Author(s): Rose M. Joseph; Susan C. Hagness; Allen Taflove
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Photonic applications of spatial soliton switches
Author(s): George I. Stegeman; Pavel V. Mamyshev; William Eugene Torruellas; Alain Villeneuve; J. Stewart Aitchison
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Amplifiers based on Cr-doped optical ceramics
Author(s): Clifford R. Pollock; Duane B. Barber
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Brief investigation of the effect of surface states in semiconductor cylinder fibers
Author(s): Philipp G. Kornreich
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All-optical integrated devices using multiquantum well disordering
Author(s): Shawn Shi; Patrick LiKamWa; Mitra B. Dutta; Jagadeesh Pamulapati; Paul W. Cooke; Alan Miller
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Chemical and electrical analysis of CdS interlayers on InP and related materials
Author(s): Helen M. Dauplaise; Kenneth Vaccaro; Andrew Davis; George O. Ramseyer; Stephen M. Spaziani; Joseph V. Beasock; Eric A. Martin; Joseph P. Lorenzo
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Optical electroabsorption modulators for wideband, linear, low-insertion-loss photonic links
Author(s): Lawrence J. Lembo; Fernando D. Alvarez; Dennis Lo; Chan A. Tu; Philip H. Wisseman; Charles Zmudzinski; John C. Brock
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