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Spaceborne Interferometry II
Editor(s): Robert D. Reasenberg

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Volume Number: 2477
Date Published: 26 June 1995

Table of Contents
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Scientific support for space interferometry
Author(s): Deane M. Peterson
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Six-axis vibration isolation technology applied to spaceborne interferometers
Author(s): John D. O'Brien; Gregory W. Neat; James William Melody; Robert J. Calvet; Andreas H. von Flotow
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Stability and environmental tolerances for single-frequency diode-pumped Nd:YAG lasers
Author(s): Thomas J. Kane; David C. Gerstenberger; Joseph J. Alonis; Mike Tubb
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High-precision temperature controller
Author(s): Jinqiang Yang; Hanyi Zhang; Zhongqi Pan; Jiahua Chen; Zhaoming Zhu; BingKun Zhou
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15-m laser-stabilized imaging interferometer
Author(s): Robin T. Stebbins; Peter L. Bender; Che Jen Chen; Norman A. Page; David L. Meier; A. K. Dupree
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Problem of fringe acquisition in high-precision space-based interferometers
Author(s): Carlos E. Padilla; Valeri I. Karlov; Jun Li; Hon M. Chun; John N. Tsitsiklis; Robert D. Reasenberg
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Study of fringe tracking for high-precision space-based interferometers
Author(s): Carlos E. Padilla; Valeri I. Karlov; Jun Li; Hon M. Chun; John N. Tsitsiklis; Robert D. Reasenberg
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Comparison of space- and ground-based optical interferometry
Author(s): Alain H. Greenaway
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Global astrometric interferometer for astrophysics (GAIA)
Author(s): Lennart Lindegren; Michael A.C. Perryman; Sacha Loiseau
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Microprecision interferometer test bed: first stabilized stellar fringes
Author(s): Gregory W. Neat; John D. O'Brien; Noble M. Nerheim; Robert J. Calvet; Harjit Singh; Stuart B. Shaklan
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DARWIN infrared interferometer and the search for extra-solar life
Author(s): Jean-Marie Mariotti; Alain M. Leger; Jean Loup Puget; Daniel Rouan; Jean Louis Schneider; Harley A. Thronson Jr.
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Beamsplitters for astronomical optical interferometry
Author(s): James D. Phillips; Carolyn F. Hickey
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Spectrometer for astrometric interferometry
Author(s): James D. Phillips
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POINTS: the instrument and its mission
Author(s): Robert D. Reasenberg; Robert W. Babcock; Marc A. Murison; Martin Charles Noecker; James D. Phillips; Bonny L. Schumaker
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Systematic errors in high-precision optical interferometric astrometry
Author(s): Martin Charles Noecker
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Newcomb: a small astrometric interferometer
Author(s): James D. Phillips; Robert W. Babcock; Marc A. Murison; Robert D. Reasenberg; Allen J. Bronowicki; Milton H. Gran; Charles F. Lillie; William McKinley; Robert J. Zielinski
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Orbiting stellar interferometer
Author(s): Michael Shao; Donna M. Wolff
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Metrology for spatial interferometry II
Author(s): Yekta Gursel
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Global astrometry with OSI
Author(s): Sacha Loiseau; Fabien Malbet; Jeffrey W. Yu
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System-wide design issues for the stellar interferometer technology experiment (SITE)
Author(s): David W. Miller; Samuel L. Crawford; T. Tupper Hyde; Brett P. Masters; Edward F. Crawley; Gary H. Blackwood; M. Mark Colavita; Jeffrey W. Yu; Michael Shao; Robert A. Laskin
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Pupil configuration optimality criterion in synthetic aperture optics
Author(s): Laurent M. Mugnier; Gerard Rousset
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