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Smart Focal Plane Arrays and Focal Plane Array Testing
Editor(s): Marc Wigdor; Mark A. Massie

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Volume Number: 2474
Date Published: 30 May 1995

Table of Contents
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Nonuniformity correction of infrared imaging arrays by analog techniques
Author(s): Keith K. Moon; David F. Barbe; Dean A. Scribner; Francis J. Kub
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Digital characterization of a neuromorphic IRFPA
Author(s): John T. Caulfield; John Fisher; Jerome A. Zadnik; Ernest S. Mak; Dean A. Scribner
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Continuous-time calibration of VLSI sensors for gain and offset variations
Author(s): John G. Harris
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Adaptive filtering image preprocessing for smart FPA technology
Author(s): Geoffrey W. Brooks
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Recent developments in the wave process
Author(s): Thomas J. Bartolac
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Continuing developments in biologically inspired smart focal plane concepts
Author(s): Paul L. McCarley; Martin F. Wehling; Mark A. Massie
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Focal plane analog-to-digital conversion development
Author(s): William J. Mandl
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On-chip analog-to-digital conversion suitable for uncooled focal plane detector arrays employed in smart IR sensors
Author(s): Christer Jansson; Ulf Ringh; Kevin Charles Liddiard
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CMOS analog-to-digital conversion for uncooled bolometer infrared detector arrays
Author(s): Ulf Ringh; Christer Jansson; Kevin Charles Liddiard
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Uncooled pyroelectric arrays for contactless temperature measurements
Author(s): Guenter Hofmann; Volkmar Norkus; Helmut Budzier; Norbert Neumann; J. Vollheim; Norbert Hess; Uwe Hoffmann; Thomas Reichardt; Volker K. Krause
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Estimating temperature and emissivity for infrared measurements using a PtSi Schottky-barrier infrared CCD image sensor
Author(s): Hiromi Azuma; Tsutomu Endoh; Kazuo Konuma; Yoshitaka Asano; Takanori Tanaka; Nobukazu Teranishi
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Wideband infrared scene projector (WISP)
Author(s): Anne M. Carstens; Robert G. Stockbridge; James E. Dillon
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Direct-write scene generation test facility system noise study
Author(s): D. Michael Tripp; Heard S. Lowry III; Parker David Elrod
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Signal processing hardware and software applied to the development of a real-time infrared mission simulation test capability
Author(s): R. H. Fugerer; Heard S. Lowry III; D. J. Hervig; Lanny L. Holt
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Integrated approach to focal plane array testing at the Arnold Engineering Development Center
Author(s): Randy A. Nicholson; Kimberly D. Mead
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Test and evaluation facility for THAAD IR seekers
Author(s): Arthur R. Leary; Walter Watson; D. Florie; J. Colosimo; John A. Hoschette; G. Murphy
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Space testing at the Arnold Engineering Development Center
Author(s): Robert Wayne Smith
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Focal plane characterization capabilities at NCCOSC RDT&E Div.
Author(s): Stephen A. Frisbie
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Stability evaluation of staring InSb imagers
Author(s): Jeff L. Metschuleit; John H. Graff
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Characterization of post-correction uniformity on infrared focal plane arrays
Author(s): John J. O'Neill III; Christopher R. Costanzo; David R. Kaplan
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Systematic and accurate characterization of infrared detectors for strategic surveillance applications
Author(s): Raymond K. Purvis; James R. Duffey
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Radiometric calibration of infrared detectors and thermal imaging systems
Author(s): Nigel P. Fox; Tim R. Prior; Evangelos Theocharous
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Low-cost replicating timing generator for visible and infrared focal plane operation
Author(s): Ralph M. Shima; Terrence S. Lomheim
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Modular approach to focal plane array testing
Author(s): Walter V. Wilinsky
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Accurate, high-throughput, low-cost testing of infrared focal plane arrays for defense-related systems
Author(s): Geoffrey Orias
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Equipment and process improvements in a second-generation technology test facility
Author(s): Duane A. Estrada; Mary J. Hewitt; Bruce Krashefski
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Test methodologies for linear longwave infrared detector array production
Author(s): Samuel C. H. Wang; Gregg K. Dudoff; John Roussis; John M. Swab; Michael L. Winn; Steven R. Jost
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Development of a focal plane array data system for component-level characterization and real-time mission simulation testing
Author(s): R. H. Fugerer; D. J. Hervig; Lanny L. Holt; Calvin R. Banks; D. I. Jennings; T. J. Worley
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Low-level gamma dosimetry using low-leakage diodes
Author(s): Larry D. Flesner; Robert K. Creber; Ronald Keith Bentley
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Laser-induced upset of HgCdTe IR detectors
Author(s): Vaidya Nathan
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Specialized focal plane array tests in the focal plane characterization chamber (FPCC)
Author(s): Kimberly D. Mead; Randy A. Nicholson
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Measurement of the spectral response of long-wavelength infrared focal plane arrays
Author(s): John Edward Hubbs; Douglas C. Arrington; Mark E. Gramer; Gary A. Dole
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LWIR filter and materials testing at the Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance Center RDT&E Division (NRaD)
Author(s): Russel E. Clement
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Performance evaluation of two retina-like preprocessors for imaging detector arrays
Author(s): Ronald G. Driggers; Dean A. Scribner; William R. Clayton
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3D architectures for highly capable focal plane arrays
Author(s): John C. Carson; William B. Hornback
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