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Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing IX
Editor(s): Michael K. Masten; Larry A. Stockum

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Volume Number: 2468
Date Published: 26 May 1995

Table of Contents
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Surface-to-surface missile guidance with passive homing
Author(s): Terry A. Frank; Ronald D. DeGroat
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Design and characterization of a prototype staring IRFPA-based antiship seeker
Author(s): John T. Caulfield; Robert H. Evans; Elmer F. Williams; Karl Brant
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Laser Tracker III: Sandia National Laboratories' third generation laser tracking system
Author(s): Duane L. Patrick
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Stabilized optical tracking platform for airborne applications
Author(s): Richard Malueg; Nicholas J. Colella; Dennis B. Hakala
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Dynamic integrated cost and engineering (DICE) model and its applicability to ATP systems
Author(s): Douglas V. LaMont; Brian J. Benjamin
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Effectiveness of randomized antimissile defense (RAMD) via sensing/firing performances of its constituents: analytic model
Author(s): Aleksandr N. Safronov
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Performance evaluation of single-target tracking in clutter
Author(s): Oliver E. Drummond
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Optimal tracking algorithm: a DSP approach
Author(s): Fred Salvatti; Sy Meshkat; Joseph L. Stufflebeam
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Transportable algorithm testbed (TATB): a software architecture for real-time target detection, tracking, and signature extraction
Author(s): John N. Sanders-Reed
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Fuzzy logic extended rule set for multitarget tracking
Author(s): Michael J. Horton; Richard A. Jones
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New architectures for centralized multisensor multitarget tracking
Author(s): Yifeng Li; Henry Leung; Titus K. Y. Lo; John Litva
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Tracking and data collection of smart munitions
Author(s): Joseph L. Stufflebeam; Fred Salvatti
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Signal processing for infrared scanning arrays and imagers
Author(s): Paul Alles; Robert H. Evans; Elmer F. Williams; Larry A. Stockum
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Optical range for naval gunfire training
Author(s): Lee E. Estes; Gilbert Fain
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Design, construction, and test of the aspect camera assembly for the advanced x-ray astrophysics facility-imaging
Author(s): Dan L. Michaels; Richard A. Deters
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Image motion restoration from a sequence of images
Author(s): Ofer Hadar; M. Robbins; Y. Novogrozky; D. Kaplan; Stanley R. Rotman; Norman S. Kopeika
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Multiple target tracking (MTT) implementation on TMS 320C25 DSP (JPDA algorithm)
Author(s): M. S. Prasad; Santosh Kesavan
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Evaluation of tilt for a high-altitude horizontal path
Author(s): Paul H. Merritt; Robert Russell Butts
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Digital control of the high-altitude balloon experiment auto-alignment system
Author(s): Marcus R. Schulthess; Steven Baugh
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Star calibration of the pallet inertial sensor assembly for the high-altitude balloon experiment
Author(s): Sean L. Borror
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Multiprocessor control design for precision pointing systems
Author(s): Robert L. Van Allen; W. Bruce DeShetler; Michael A. Kvasnack
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Tip-tilt tracker for image stabilization in a daylight speckle imaging system
Author(s): Steven C. Sandven; Stephen L. Browne; David Charles Dayton; Samuel C. Rogers
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Determination of 3D angular rates using two-axis measurements
Author(s): Marcelo C. Algrain
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Lightweight high-performance dual-axis gimbal for space applications
Author(s): Darryll J. Pines; Dennis B. Hakala; Richard Malueg
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OASIS: a new development for future high-accuracy optical pointing
Author(s): Jean-Louis Carel; Jean Luc Michelin; Michel Le Du; J. M. Betermier
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Optical pointing stability achievement through isolation
Author(s): Michel Le Du
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New line-of-sight stabilized prism
Author(s): Yuejin Zhao
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Track maintenance for maneuvering targets in cluttered environments using the IMM-IPDAF
Author(s): Gregory A. Watson; Ronald E. Helmick
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Revisit control of a phased array radar for maneuvering targets in the presence of false alarms using the IMM-IPDAF
Author(s): Gregory A. Watson; W. Dale Blair
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Exact maximum likelihood registration approach for data fusion
Author(s): Yifeng Zhou; Patrick C. Yip; Henry Leung; Martin Blanchette
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Analysis of probabilistic data association filters in a real multitarget radar tracking environment
Author(s): Zhijian Hu; Henry Leung; Martin Blanchette
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