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Cockpit Displays II
Editor(s): Darrel G. Hopper

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Volume Number: 2462
Date Published: 5 June 1995

Table of Contents
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Explanatory tool for decision support on data-fused panoramic cockpit displays
Author(s): Stephen J. Selcon; Fiona J. Smith; A. J. Bunting; M. A. Irving; A. W. Coxell; N. Shorter
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Crewman's associate advanced technology demonstration
Author(s): Daniele Mariani
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Enhanced vision simulator for human factors evaluations
Author(s): James M. Suiter
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Examination of cursor control techniques to designate targets on a cockpit map display
Author(s): Kristen K. Liggett; Michael J. Benson; Thomas J. Solz Jr.; John M. Reising
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Subjective LCD-CRT comparison of USAF transport aircraft cockpit electronic display formats
Author(s): Mona L. Toms; Scott M. Cone
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Comparison of semiconductor technologies used in display fabrication
Author(s): Joseph G. Razo
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Field emitter displays for future avionics applications
Author(s): Susan K. Jones; Gary W. Jones; Steven M. Zimmerman; Edward R. Blazejewski
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Field emitter display (FED) technology
Author(s): Ronald Giri
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Collimated autostereoscopic displays for cockpit applications
Author(s): Jesse B. Eichenlaub
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Draft standard for color active matrix liquid crystal displays (AMLCD) for military applications
Author(s): Allen R. Revels; Darrel G. Hopper; Frederick M. Meyer
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Requirements for AMLCDs in U.S. military applications
Author(s): Darrel G. Hopper; Daniel D. Desjardins
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Comanche (RAH-66) crew station display system
Author(s): Kenneth J. Nerius Jr.
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Air transport common cockpit
Author(s): Gordon L. Neal
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Tactical cockpits: flat panel design imperatives
Author(s): Eugene C. Adam
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JAS 39 cockpit display system and development for the future
Author(s): Hans Brandtberg
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Improving AMLCD durability under high solar loads
Author(s): Gregory J. Hardy; Sudhakar N. Kulkarni; William Phillips
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Integrating cockpit display and video recorder systems
Author(s): David C. Bailey; Romie Jones; David Testerman
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Large-area high-definition cockpit displays
Author(s): Darrel G. Hopper; Robert B. Blanton; Daniel N. Marticello Jr.
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Improved full-color F-16A/B and F-16C/D multifunction display using a ruggedized COTS active matrix color liquid crystal display
Author(s): Randall E. Orkis
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F-15 air navigation multiple indicator (ANMI) prototype development program
Author(s): Joyce Buford; Steven P. George; Lynn P. Altadonna; Dan Blowers
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Practical application of AMLCDs for tactical fighter aircraft
Author(s): Paul McClaskey; Roger Craddock
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Multimission helicopter information display technology
Author(s): William S. Terry
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Color AMLCD displays for the EH-101 helicopter
Author(s): J. Colin Prince; James F. Farrell; H. Woo; P. Yu; Ray Leerentveld
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Full-color high-resolution 21-inch common large-area display set to replace 19-inch CRTs in several USAF C4I applications
Author(s): Randall E. Orkis; Ronald L. Gorenflo; David J. Hermann
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Common Avionics Display Processor (CADP)
Author(s): Paul E. Farley
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System analysis of graphics processor architecture using virtual prototyping
Author(s): William R. Hancock; Jeff Groat; Todd Steeves; Henk Spaanenburg; John Shackleton
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High-performance large-area AMLCD avionic display module
Author(s): Daniel D. Syroid; Glenn A. Hansen
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Manufacturing considerations for AMLCD cockpit displays
Author(s): Fang-Chen Luo
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CdSe TFT AMLCDE manufacturing process
Author(s): Annette M. Pritchard
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Enhanced AMLCD and backlight for extended luminance range and sunlight readability
Author(s): Duane A. Grave; Scot Olson; Philip Brown
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LCD backlight performance over the military operating temperature range
Author(s): Michael Marentic
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Temperature-compensated 8-bit column driver for AMLCD
Author(s): Andrew G. F. Dingwall; Mark L. Lin
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Reliability improvement methodology for cockpit high-voltage power supplies
Author(s): Dominic D. Chow; John Ardussi
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Void formations in liquid crystal displays: a case study
Author(s): Allen R. Revels
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Electronic liquid crystal display environments and military specifications
Author(s): John J. Doyle Jr.; Michael J. Giuglianotti; Keith T. Wisler
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Greyscale and color in ferroelectric liquid crystal displays
Author(s): A. Graham; Jonathon R. Hughes; John Clifford Jones; Meirion F. Lewis; Damien G. McDonnell; Andrew John Slaney; Ruth Louise Vizard
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High-performance backlights: a new approach
Author(s): Paul C. Allen; A. D. Barnes; Steven E. Coe; C. Davidson; I. G. Gibb; R. W. Goddard; F. R. Trumble
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Flat panel planar optic display
Author(s): James T. Veligdan
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