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Integrated Circuit Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control IX
Editor(s): Marylyn Hoy Bennett

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Volume Number: 2439
Date Published: 22 May 1995

Table of Contents
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Monitoring and diagnostic techniques for control of overlay in steppers
Author(s): Gary E. Flores; Warren W. Flack; Susan Avlakeotes; Mark Andrew Merrill
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Characterization and monitoring of variable NA and variable coherence capable photosteppers utilizing the phase shift focus monitor reticle
Author(s): Enrique R. Sherman; Cameron Harker
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Cycle-time reduction of CD targeting using automated metrology and analysis
Author(s): Richard C. Elliott; Robert R. Hershey; Kevin G. Kemp
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Development of an end-point detection procedure for the post-expose bake process
Author(s): Michael L. Miller; Duncan A. Mellichamp
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Reaching for 0.25 um with current available tool set
Author(s): Nathan S. Thane; Ronald I. Savage II; David R. Stark; Larry David Hollifield Jr.
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Near and sub-half-micrometer geometry SEM metrology requirements for good process control
Author(s): Christopher M. Cork; Paolo Canestrari; Paolo De Natale; Mauro Vasconi
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Broadband UV small-spot spectroscopic ellipsometer
Author(s): Timothy R. Piwonka-Corle; Torsten R. Kaack; K. F. Scoffone; Xing Chen; K. B. Malwankar; Mark E. Keefer; Lloyd J. LaComb Jr.; Jean-Louis P. Stehle; Jean-Philippe Piel; Dorian Zahorski; O. Thomas; Jean Pierre Rey; L. Escadafals
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Simultaneous determination of thickness and optical constants of thin films
Author(s): A. Rahim Forouhi; Iris Bloomer
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Application of spectroscopic ellipsometer technology to titanium nitride process monitoring
Author(s): Mark E. Keefer; Maggie Chong; Marvin D. Liao
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Measuring system XY-5i
Author(s): Kennichi Kodama; Eiji Matsubara
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SEM review of unpatterned particle monitor wafers
Author(s): Scott Arsenault; Neal T. Sullivan
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Extendibility of laser scanning tools for advanced wafer inspection
Author(s): Brian M. Trafas; Mehrdad Nikoonahad; Keith B. Wells; R. Johnson; Stanley E. Stokowski
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Characterization of a new automated electron-beam wafer inspection system
Author(s): Douglas Hendricks; Jack Y. Jau; Hans Dohse; Alan D. Brodie; William D. Meisburger
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SEMI standards programmed defect masks and its application for defect inspection
Author(s): Hiroichi Kawahira; Yoshiki Suzuki
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Lithography simulation of contamination-caused defects
Author(s): Christopher E. Novak; Kevin D. Lucas; Andrzej J. Strojwas; Zhi-Min Ling
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Automatic defect classification: status and industry trends
Author(s): Marylyn Hoy Bennett; Kenneth W. Tobin Jr.; Shaun S. Gleason
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Printability and repair of defects in rim and attenuated phase shift masks
Author(s): Philip D. Prewett; Zheng Cui; John G. Watson; Brian Martin
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Re-evaluation of the accuracy of NIST photmask linewidth standards
Author(s): James E. Potzick
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Metrology versus detection strategies for sub-half-micrometer reticles
Author(s): Mircea V. Dusa; Linard Karklin
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Monolithic delay lines with current-induced adjustment of the electrical parameters: new approach in design and metrology
Author(s): Nickolay G. Melentyev
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Overlay measurements and standards
Author(s): Richard M. Silver; James E. Potzick; Robert D. Larrabee
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Effect of off-axis illumination on stepper overlay
Author(s): Nigel R. Farrar
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Distortion compensation for accurate overlay in lithography of quasiperiodic patterns
Author(s): Babak H. Khalaj; Yagyensh C. Pati; Thomas Kailath
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Effective alignment technique and its implementation to enhance total overlay accuracy on highly reflective films
Author(s): Young-Hong Min; Seung-Chan Moon; Hyeong-Soo Kim; Ki-Ho Baik; Soo-Han Choi
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Characterization of chemical-mechanical polished overlay targets using coherence probe microscopy
Author(s): Bert F. Plambeck; Noam Knoll; Patrick J. Lord
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New approach in scanning electron microscope resolution evaluation
Author(s): Herve M. Martin; Pascal Perret; Christian G. Desplat; Pascal Reisse
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Automated CD measurements with the Hitachi S-6280
Author(s): Elizabeth E. Chain; Edward P. Baaklini
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Multimode electron beam imaging and metrology
Author(s): Kevin M. Monahan
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Monte Carlo simulation for CD SEM calibration and algorithm development
Author(s): Mark P. Davidson; Neal T. Sullivan
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Charge effect elimination for automatic CD inspection of 0.4 um contact holes in resist
Author(s): Philippe Romand; Jean-Pierre Panabiere; Sandrine Andre; Andre P. Weill
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New CD-SEM technology for 0.25 um production
Author(s): Steven R. Rogers
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Procedure for evaluating measurement system performance: a case study
Author(s): Robert R. Hershey; Richard C. Elliott
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Study on irradiation damage to semiconductor devices by 200 keV electrons caused by backscattered electron assisting LSI inspection (BEASTLI) method
Author(s): Satoru Yamada; Tsunao Ono; Fumio Mizuno
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Atomic force microscope (AFM) analysis of photoresist test structures for use in SEM as in-house linewidth standards
Author(s): Donald A. Chernoff
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Progress on accurate metrology of pitch, height, roughness, and width artifacts using an atomic force microscope
Author(s): Jason Schneir; Thomas H. McWaid; Ronald G. Dixson; Vincent Wen-Chieh Tsai; John S. Villarrubia; Ellen D. Williams; E. Fu
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CD control using latent image for lithography
Author(s): Taichi Koizumi; Takahiro Matsuo; Masayuki Endo; Masaru Sasago
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Scatterometry for 0.24-0.70 um developed photoresist metrology
Author(s): Michael R. Murnane; Christopher J. Raymond; Steven L. Prins; S. Sohail H. Naqvi; John Robert McNeil
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Metrology with the ultraviolet scanning transmission microscope
Author(s): Richard M. Silver; James E. Potzick; J. Y-Chien Hu
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Deep-UV excimer laser measurements at NIST
Author(s): Rodney W. Leonhardt; Thomas R. Scott
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Modeling the effect of defocus on the printability of submicrometer 5X reticle defects at g-line, i-line, and DUV wavelengths
Author(s): Graham G. Arthur; Brian Martin
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Effect of numerical aperture and partial coherence on i-line swing curve amplitude at sub-half-micrometer resolution
Author(s): Brian Martin; Graham G. Arthur
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Resist coating optimization on eight inches Deep-UV litho cell: modelization and application to 0.25 um technology
Author(s): Daniel Boutin; Andrew A. Blash; Jean Pierre Caire; Dominique Poncet; Pierre Fanton; Marianne Danielou; Bernard Previtali
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Direct measurement of optical constants of metals from a KrF excimer using polarization methods
Author(s): Suleyman Turgut; Bruce W. Smith
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Methodology for reducing process variability through in situ production of positive photoresist developer
Author(s): Kevin T. O'Dougherty; Travis A. Lemke; Donald C. Grant
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Performance of the prototype NIST SRM 2090A SEM magnification standard in a low-accelerating voltage SEM
Author(s): Brian L. Newell; Michael T. Postek Jr.; Jan P. van der Ziel
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Lithography and the future of Moore's law
Author(s): Gordon E. Moore
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Lithoraphy for ULSI
Author(s): Shinji Okazaki
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SEMATECH and the national technology roadmap: needs and challenges
Author(s): Karen H. Brown
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