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Electron-Beam, X-Ray, EUV, and Ion-Beam Submicrometer Lithographies for Manufacturing V
Editor(s): John M. Warlaumont

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Volume Number: 2437
Date Published: 19 May 1995

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Experimental x-ray process latitude evaluation using E-D tree analysis
Author(s): Lars W. Liebmann; Richard A. Ferguson; Ronald M. Martino; Angela C. Lamberti; J. F. Hart; R. French
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Electrical linewidth measurements and simulations studying the effect of dose and gap on exposure latitude in x-ray lithography
Author(s): Christine M. Nelson; Scott Daniel Hector; William Chu; Philip A. Seese; Matthew A. Thompson; Victor Pol; Mark A. McCord; James M. Oberschmidt; James Welch Taylor
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Effect of the high-contrast-mask sidewall slope on deep x-ray lithography
Author(s): Zheng Chen; Azalia A. Krasnoperova; Yueqi Zhu; Franco Cerrina
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Resist contrast requirement for sub-0.25-um lithography
Author(s): Jerry Z.Y. Guo; Anthony E. Novembre; Herschel M. Marchman; Joseph A. Abate; John Frackoviak; David N. Tomes; Allen G. Timko; George K. Celler
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Replicating characteristics by SR lithography
Author(s): Hiroaki Sumitani; Kenji Itoga; Masami Inoue; Hiroshi Watanabe; Norikazu Yamamoto; Kenji Marumoto; Yasuji Matsui
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Electron-beam and x-ray lithographic characteristics of the optical resist ARCH
Author(s): Anthony E. Novembre; Regine G. Tarascon-Auriol; Omkaram Nalamasu; Linus A. Fetter; Kevin J. Bolan; Chester S. Knurek; Norbert Muenzel; Heinz E. Holzwarth
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Fabrication of 64-Mb DRAM using x-ray lithography
Author(s): Ronald DellaGuardia; Chet Wasik; Denise M. Puisto; Robert H. Fair; Lars W. Liebmann; Janet M. Rocque; Steven C. Nash; Angela C. Lamberti; George J. Collini; R. French; Ben R. Vampatella; George G. Gifford; V. Nastasi; Phil Sa; F. Volkringer; Thomas Zell; David E. Seeger; John M. Warlaumont
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Sub-0.1-um NMOS transistors fabricated using point-source x-ray lithography
Author(s): Gee E. Rittenhouse; William M. Mansfield; Avi Kornblit; David N. Tomes; Raymond A. Cirelli; John Frackoviak; George K. Celler
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Micromachining using Helios
Author(s): Dean Morris; Andreas Schmidt; Raul E. Acosta; Massimo Gentili; Romano Maggiora; David E. Andrews
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Magnification correction for proximity x-ray lithography
Author(s): Alek C. Chen; J. P. Silverman
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Quantitative evaluation of in-plane deformation due to mask holding in x-ray lithography
Author(s): Takashi Hifumi; Tohru Itoh
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Performance of IBM's EL-4 e-beam lithography system
Author(s): James D. Rockrohr; R. Butsch; W. A. Enichen; Michael S. Gordon; Timothy R. Groves; John G. Hartley; Hans C. Pfeiffer
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0.25-um lithography using a 50-kV shaped electron-beam vector scan system
Author(s): Mark A. Gesley; Terry Mulera; C. Nurmi; J. Radley; Allan L. Sagle; Keith P. Standiford; Zoilo C. H. Tan; John R. Thomas; Lee Veneklasen
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New electron optical column with large field for nanometer e-beam lithography system
Author(s): Hiroya Ohta; Takashi Matsuzaka; Norio Saitou
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Conductivity and reproducibility of e-beam-induced deposited tungsten lines
Author(s): Klaus T. Kohlmann-von Platen; L. Schmidt; Wilhelm H. Bruenger
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Exposure and characterization of superstructure gratings for DBR lasers generated by direct write electron-beam lithography
Author(s): Ralf Steingrueber; Herbert Engel; R. Loeffler; C. Sakkas
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High-energy (100-keV) e-beam lithography applied for fabrication of deep-submicrometer SAW devices on lithium niobate and quartz
Author(s): Christine A. Kondek; Louis C. Poli
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Focused ion beam deposition of new materials: dielectric films for device modification and mask repair and tantalum films for x-ray mask repair
Author(s): Diane K. Stewart; Andrew F. Doyle; J. David Casey Jr.
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EBR900 processes in e-beam and laser beam lithographies for photomask fabrication
Author(s): Masa-aki Kurihara; Minoru Komada; Hisashi Moro-oka; Naoya Hayashi; Hisatake Sano
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Approach to fabricating defect-free x-ray masks
Author(s): Ikuo Okada; Takashi Ohkubo; Yasunao Saitoh; Misao Sekimoto; Tadahito Matsuda
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High-resolution repair of photomasks using a deep-UV-laser-based defect repair system
Author(s): John W. Herman; Yung-Ho Chuang; Baorui Yang; Minchuan Wang; Stephen P. Palese
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Recent results in the development of an integrated EUVL laboratory tool
Author(s): Daniel A. Tichenor; Glenn D. Kubiak; Steven J. Haney; Rodney P. Nissen; Kurt W. Berger; Richard William Arling; Avijit K. Ray-Chaudhuri; Khanh B. Nguyen; Richard H. Stulen; John B. Wronosky; Jay D. Jordan; Tony G. Smith; Joel R. Darnold; P. M. Kahle; A. A. Jojola; Stewart M. Kohler; Ruben S. Urenda; David R. Wheeler; John E. Bjorkholm; Obert R. Wood II; Gary N. Taylor; Richard S. Hutton
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Extreme UV resist technology: the limits of silylated resist resolution
Author(s): Gary N. Taylor; Richard S. Hutton; Susan M. Stein; Craig H. Boyce; Obert R. Wood II; Bruno LaFontaine; Alastair A. MacDowell; David R. Wheeler; Glenn D. Kubiak; Avijit K. Ray-Chaudhuri; Kurt W. Berger; Daniel A. Tichenor
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Printability of substrate and absorber defects on extreme ultraviolet lithographic masks
Author(s): Khanh B. Nguyen; Avijit K. Ray-Chaudhuri; Daniel A. Tichenor; Richard H. Stulen; Rodney P. Nissen; Kurt W. Berger; Phillip H. Paul; Donald M. Tennant; Linus A. Fetter; David L. Windt; John E. Bjorkholm; Richard R. Freeman
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Optical system design issues in development of projection camera for EUV lithography
Author(s): Tanya E. Jewell
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At-wavelength testing of optics for EUV
Author(s): Kenneth A. Goldberg; H. Raul Beguiristain; Jeffrey Bokor; Hector Medecki; Keith H. Jackson; David T. Attwood Jr.; Gary E. Sommargren; James P. Spallas; Ralph E. Hostetler
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Characteristics of the x-ray/EUV emission from spherically pinched and vacuum spark sources
Author(s): Liyan Zhang; Emilio Panarella; B. Hilko; Haibo Chen
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Geometry of x-ray point source proximity printing, Part I: linewidth control.
Author(s): Peter A. Hollanda
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Experimental study of proximity effect corrections in electron-beam lithography
Author(s): Jianguo Zhu; Zheng Cui; Philip D. Prewett
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Assessment of silicon carbide x-ray mask overlay performance in the IBM Advanced Lithography Facility x-ray stepper
Author(s): Kurt R. Kimmel; Alek C. Chen; Lynn A. Powers; Ben R. Vampatella
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Application of smoothing techniques to relief-type resist surfaces generated by direct write electron-beam lithography
Author(s): Herbert Engel; Joerg Wengelink; Ralf Steingrueber
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Low-voltage electron-beam lithography linked to photolithography
Author(s): Lothar Bauch; Monika Boettcher; Ulrich Haak; Ulrich A. Jagdhold
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Creation of a topology in metal phthalocyanine layers
Author(s): Elena Fedorovna Reznikova; Stalina A. Prokhorova; T. V. Basova; B. M. Ajupov; Vladimir P. Naz'mov; I. A. Makarov; Igor K. Igumenov; Jurij H. Krieger
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Master masks for big patterns by electron-beam lithography
Author(s): Vladimir A. Zlobin; V. I. Mamonov; Olga G. Vasiljeva
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Study of EUV contact lithography with a compact laser plasma source
Author(s): Yubin Guo; Futian Li
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Resolution and components of critical dimension variation in x-ray lithography
Author(s): Kathleen Early; David Trindade; Quinn J. Leonard; Franco Cerrina; Klaus Simon; Mark A. McCord; Daniel J. DeMay
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Repair of photo- and x-ray masks by LCVD using nitrogen laser
Author(s): Elena Fedorovna Reznikova; Vladimir V. Chesnokov; Galina I. Zharkova; Oleg A. Makarov; Vladimir P. Naz'mov; Igor K. Igumenov
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Toward a commercial gas field ion source
Author(s): William B. Thompson; A. Armstrong; S. Etchin; Raymond Hill; Sigfried Kalbitzer; R. Percival; A. Saxonis; Christoph Wilbertz
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Transfer mask for high-aspect-ratio microlithography
Author(s): Yuli Vladimirsky; Olga Vladimirsky; Volker Saile; Kevin J. Morris; J. Michael Klopf
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Error measure comparison of currently employed dose-modulation schemes for e-beam proximity effect control
Author(s): Martin C. Peckerar; Christie R. Marrian
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Lithography and the future of Moore's law
Author(s): Gordon E. Moore
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Lithography for ULSI
Author(s): Shinji Okazaki
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SEMATECH and the national technology roadmap: needs and challenges
Author(s): Karen H. Brown
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