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Medical Imaging 1995: Image Perception
Editor(s): Harold L. Kundel

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Volume Number: 2436
Date Published: 17 April 1995

Table of Contents
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Comparison of non-prewhitening and Hotelling observer models
Author(s): Arthur E. Burgess
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Observer detection efficiency with target size uncertainty
Author(s): Philip F. Judy; Marie Foley Kijewski; Xiaoyang Fu; Richard G. Swensson
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Model attraction in medical image object recognition
Author(s): Guido Tascini; Primo Zingaretti
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Imaging performance and CR film density
Author(s): Walter Huda; Jon L. Williams Jr.; Clifford J. Belden; Jonathan L. Williams Sr.
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Visual search in medical images: a new methodology to quantify saliency
Author(s): Jannick P. Rolland; Keith E. Muller; Christopher S. Helvig
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Reduction of patient exposure in pediatric radiology: an observer performance study
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Hans Roehrig
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Further investigation into the effects of lossy compression using free-response methodology
Author(s): Larry T. Cook; Michael F. Insana; Michael A. McFadden; Timothy J. Hall; Glendon G. Cox; Kyle C. Bryans
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Spontaneous migration to a higher dose in computed radiography (CR) imaging
Author(s): David Gur; Carl R. Fuhrman; John H. Feist; Robert Slifko; Barbara Peace; Chris C. Shaw
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Variability in reader selection of subtle cases for inclusion in a reduced size ROC study
Author(s): Jill L. King; Howard E. Rockette; Melinda J. Staiger M.D.; Jane L. Weissman; Howard Eisen; Christopher M. Johns; David Gur
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Psychophysical evaluation of the effect of JPEG, full-frame DCT and wavelet image compression on signal detection in medical image noise
Author(s): Miguel P. Eckstein; Craig A. Morioka; James Stuart Whiting; Neal L. Eigler M.D.
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Evaluation of 3D multimodality image registration using ROC analysis
Author(s): Kerrie S. Holton Tainter; Richard A. Robb; Udita Taneja; Joel E. Gray
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Diagnostic performance on briefly presented mammographic images
Author(s): Mark D. Mugglestone; Alastair G. Gale; Helen C. Cowley; A. R. M. Wilson
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Modeling the visual search patterns of mammographers as a Markov process
Author(s): James R. Barrett; Samuel J. Dwyer III
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Physical and psychophysical evaluation of digital systems for mammography
Author(s): Hans Roehrig; Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Tong Yu
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Radiographers as film readers: an evaluation of performance in breast screening
Author(s): Regina Pauli; Sean M. Hammond; Janet Ansell
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Nature of perceptual skills in screening mammography: implications for training
Author(s): Paul T. Sowden; Ian R. L. Davies
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Detectability of radiological images: the influence of anatomical noise
Author(s): Francois O. Bochud; Francis R. Verdun; Christian Hessler; Jean-Francois Valley
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CT neuroradiological evaluation of intra-axial and extra-axial lesions: an ROC study of film and 1K workstation
Author(s): Suzie El-Saden; George James Hademenos; Wei Zhu; James W. Sayre; Brad Glenn; Jim Steidler; L. Kode; Brian King; Diana Quinones; Daniel J. Valentino; John R. Bentsen M.D.
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Single-image hard copy display of musculoskeletal digital radiographs
Author(s): Kevin Legendre; Dorothy E. Steller Artz; Matthew T. Freedman M.D.; Seong Ki Mun
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