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Machine Vision Applications in Industrial Inspection III
Editor(s): Frederick Y. Wu; Stephen S. Wilson

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Volume Number: 2423
Date Published: 27 March 1995

Table of Contents
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Vision-based defect detection method for fine-pitch surface-mounted devices
Author(s): Arthur J. Na; Dongming Zhao; Malayappan Shridhar
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Pipelined implementation of binary skeletonization using finite-state machines
Author(s): Ahti A. Hujanen; Frederick M. Waltz
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Visual detection of defects in solder joints
Author(s): V. B. Blaignan; Nikolaos G. Bourbakis; Ali Moghaddamzadeh; Evangelos A. Yfantis
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Solder inspection using an object-oriented approach to machine vision
Author(s): Jerry M. Bowskill; T. Katz; J. H. Downie
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Algorithm design for use in cross-sectional x-ray image analysis of solder joints
Author(s): Paul A. Roder
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Real-time landmark detection for the mobile robot PARIDE
Author(s): Marcello Ricotti; A. Liotta
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Optoelectronic implementation of BPEJTC tracking system
Author(s): Eun-Soo Kim; Kwang-Hoon Cha; Hoon-Gee Yang
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Method for the contactless measurement of process parameters in a continuous rolling process
Author(s): Uwe Weller; Stefan Reinschmidt
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Underwater cable automatic recognition using Hough transformation
Author(s): Chao Chen; Masayuki Nakajima
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Automatic classification of bottles in crates
Author(s): Kjersti Aas; Line Eikvil; Dag Bremnes; Andreas Norbryhn
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Surface sampling techniques for 3D object inspection
Author(s): Chihhsiong Stone Shih; Lester A. Gerhardt
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Three-dimensional object surface identification
Author(s): Mehmet Celenk
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Automatic inspection system for stain and dent default in switch manufacturing
Author(s): Joan Marti; Toni Verdu; Joan Batlle
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CAD-based intelligent robot vision system
Author(s): Grier C. I. Lin; Tien-Fu Lu; Dayong Zhang
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Two novel methods for range imaging using the MAPP2200 smart sensor
Author(s): Erik Astrand; Mattias Johannesson; Anders Astrom
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Three-dimensional range information from single-frame incoherently illuminated images
Author(s): W. Thomas Cathey; Edward R. Dowski Jr.
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High-speed TDI imaging for peripheral inspection
Author(s): Anand Krishna Asundi; Marokkey R. Sajan; Gaylord G. Olson; Jo Norvelle Walker
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Automated detection and classification of dice
Author(s): Bento A. Brazio Correia; Jeronimo Araujo Silva; Fernando D. Carvalho; Rui Guilherme; Fernando Carvalho Rodrigues; Antonio M.E. de Silva Ferreira
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Development of color-vision-based solutions for lumber grading
Author(s): Hannu Kauppinen; Olli Silven
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On-line visual inspection techniques for quality control during the deinking of secondary fiber paper
Author(s): Stephen A. Jones; G. J. Awcock; R. L. Thomas; Kurt Humphrey
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Image screening using spatial filters based on linear transformation for image recognition
Author(s): Koichi Arimura; Norihiro Hagita
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Neural network for defect classification in industrial inspection
Author(s): Antonella Branca; Oronzo Quarta; William Delaney; Arcangelo Distante
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Automatic grading of textured ceramic tiles
Author(s): Constantinos Boukouvalas; Josef Kittler; R. Marik; Maria Petrou
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Binary texture estimation using linear samples
Author(s): John C. Handley; Edward R. Dougherty
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Model-based inspection of texture web materials
Author(s): Dragana P. Brzakovic; Nenad S. Vujovic; A. Liakopoulos
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Automated inspection system for detecting metal surface cracks from fluorescent penetrant images
Author(s): Yonghong Tang; Aiqun Niu; William G. Wee; Chia Yung Han
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Automatic casting surface defect recognition and classification
Author(s): Boon Kwei Wong; M. Paul Elliot; C. W. Rapley
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Removal of defects on flash radiographic images by fuzzy combination
Author(s): Nathalie Combier; Isabelle Dauty; Jacques Lemoine
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Machine vision inspection of lace using a neural network
Author(s): Christopher Sanby; Leonard Norton-Wayne
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Fuzzy reasoning rule-based system for handling lace pattern distortion
Author(s): Nasser Sherkat; Chi-Hsien Victor Shih; Peter D. Thomas
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Delineation of defects in noisy ternary images using a piecewise dynamic approach
Author(s): Mark Bradshaw
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Validation of personalized information in production-line mailing
Author(s): Yi Wang; Nagaraj Nandhakumar; Worthy N. Martin
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Machine vision for automatic calibration of analog display instruments
Author(s): Robert Sablatnig; C. Hansen
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Machine vision inspection system for automobile gauge panel
Author(s): Ming-Yuan Liu; Dong-Wen Wang; Hao Shi
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