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Storage and Retrieval for Image and Video Databases III
Editor(s): Wayne Niblack; Ramesh C. Jain

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Volume Number: 2420
Date Published: 23 March 1995

Table of Contents
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Feature identification as an aid to content-based image retrieval
Author(s): Nagarajan Ramesh; Ishwar K. Sethi
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Adaptive filtering and indexing for image databases
Author(s): Albert D. Alexandrov; Wei Y. Ma; Amr El Abbadi; B. S. Manjunath
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Automatic and semiautomatic methods for image annotation and retrieval in query by image content (QBIC)
Author(s): Jonathan J. Ashley; Ron Barber; Myron D. Flickner; James Lee Hafner; Dennis Lee; Carlton Wayne Niblack; Dragutin Petkovic
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Scheme for visual feature-based image indexing
Author(s): HongJiang Zhang; Di Zhong
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Image retrieval based on multidimensional feature properties
Author(s): Yew Hock Ang; Z. Li; Sim Heng Ong
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Similarity measures for image databases
Author(s): Ramesh C. Jain; S. N. Jayaram Murthy; Luong Tran; Shankar Chatterjee
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Image retrieval using image context vectors: first results
Author(s): Steve Gallant; Michael Johnston
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Modeling complex objects in content-based image retrieval
Author(s): Youssef Lahlou
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Implementing multilevel queries in a database environment for vision research
Author(s): Rex Jakobovits; Linda G. Shapiro; Steven L. Tanimoto
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Quantitative measurements of feature indexing for 2D binary images of hexagonal grid for image retrieval
Author(s): Zhi Jie Zheng; Clement H. C. Leung
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Image searching in a shipping product
Author(s): Will Equitz
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Embedding image query operations in an object-relational database management system
Author(s): Michael Ubell; Michael Olson
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Searching images using Ultimedia Manager
Author(s): Harold Treat; Ed Ort; J. Ho; M. Vo; J. S. Jang; L. Hall; F. Tung; Dragutin Petkovic
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Automatic indexing for storage and retrieval of line drawings
Author(s): Oliver Lorenz; Gladys Monagan
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System for indexing multispectral satellite images for efficient content-based retrieval
Author(s): Julio E. Barros; James C. French; Worthy N. Martin; Patrick M. Kelly
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Query by image example: the comparison algorithm for navigating digital image databases (CANDID) approach
Author(s): Patrick M. Kelly; T. Michael Cannon; Donald R. Hush
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Use of multimedia input in automated image annotation and content-based retrieval
Author(s): Rohini K. Srihari
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Local structural association for retrieval and recognition of signature images
Author(s): Ishwar K. Sethi; Ke Han
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Semiautomatic video database system
Author(s): Sadashiva Devadiga; D. A. Koshiba; Ullas Gargi; S. Oswald; Rangachar Kasturi
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Databases for video information sharing
Author(s): Rune Hjelsvold; Roger Midtstraum
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Video query formulation
Author(s): Gulrukh Ahanger; Dan Benson; Thomas D.C. Little
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Indexing in video databases
Author(s): Arun Hampapur; Ramesh C. Jain; Terry E. Weymouth
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Cooperation model for video-document retrieval
Author(s): Brigitte Simonnot
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Net comparison: a fast and effective method for classifying image sequences
Author(s): Wei Xiong; John Chung-Mong Lee; Dixon Man-Ching Ip
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Statistical approach to scene change detection
Author(s): Ishwar K. Sethi; Nilesh V. Patel
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Video representation tools using a unified object and perspective-based approach
Author(s): Nabil Madrane; Morris Goldberg
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Evaluation of video sequence indexing and hierarchical video indexing
Author(s): Ullas Gargi; S. Oswald; D. A. Koshiba; Sadashiva Devadiga; Rangachar Kasturi
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Intelligent video editing system using a neural network coding scheme
Author(s): Richard M. Rickman; T. John Stonham
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Object-oriented multimedia database system with versioning and content-based retrieval
Author(s): Timothy Arndt; Angela Guercio
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Fixed-window image descriptors for image retrieval
Author(s): Leonidas J. Guibas; B. Rogoff; Carlo Tomasi
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Spatial similarity measures for multimedia applications
Author(s): Venkat N. Gudivada
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Image indexing using vector quantization
Author(s): Fayez M. Idris; Sethuraman Panchanathan
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Similarity of color images
Author(s): Markus Andreas Stricker; Markus Orengo
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-index of imagebase
Author(s): Ying Liu
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Image retrieval for information systems
Author(s): Thorsten Hermes; Christoph Klauck; Jutta Kreyss; J. Zhang
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Flexible data organization with visualization support for a visual database system
Author(s): Lara Marie Lewis; Linda G. Shapiro; Steven L. Tanimoto
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Hyperimages: using object recognition for navigation through images in multimedia
Author(s): David B. Lowe; Athula Ginige
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Indexing of technical manual document databases
Author(s): Tanveer F. Syeda-Mahmood
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Techniques for data hiding
Author(s): Walter R. Bender; Daniel Gruhl; Norishige Morimoto
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Hypermedia-based integration of plural multimedia databases
Author(s): Satoshi Shiba; Hiroto Nagahisa; Jun-ichi Shibayama
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