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Digital Video Compression: Algorithms and Technologies 1995
Editor(s): Arturo A. Rodriguez; Robert J. Safranek; Edward J. Delp

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Volume Number: 2419
Date Published: 17 April 1995

Table of Contents
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Scene change detection and content-based sampling of video sequences
Author(s): Behzad Shahraray
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Scene change detection in an MPEG-compressed video sequence
Author(s): Jianhao Meng; Yujen Juan; Shih-Fu Chang
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Scene decomposition of MPEG-compressed video
Author(s): Hain-Ching H. Liu; Gregory L. Zick
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Temporal segmentation of videos: a new approach
Author(s): Mourad Cherfaoui; Christian Bertin
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Single-frame prediction for high video compression
Author(s): Riccardo Leonardi
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Variable block size video coding with motion prediction and motion segmentation
Author(s): Kui Zhang; Miroslaw Bober; Josef Kittler
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Ordered Kohonen vector quantization for very low rate interframe video coding
Author(s): Hui Liu
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Segmentation-based scheme for very low bit rate video coding
Author(s): Vasudev Bhaskaran; Wei Li; Murat Kunt
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Active compression: a framework for video conferencing at very low bit rates
Author(s): Mihai Sipitca; Timothy J. Klausutis; Vijay K. Madisetti
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ISO-IEC MPEG-2 software video codec
Author(s): Stefan Eckart; Chad E. Fogg
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Performance evaluation of MPEG-2 for HDTV
Author(s): Daniel Lauzon; Andre Vincent; Limin Wang
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Impact of scan conversion methods on the performance of scalable video coding
Author(s): Eric Dubois; Nadia Baaziz; Marwan Matta
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Forward-adaptive quantization with optimal overhead cost for image and video coding with applications to MPEG video coders
Author(s): Antonio Ortega; Kannan Ramchandran
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Rate quantization modeling for rate control of MPEG video coding and recording
Author(s): Wei Ding; Bede Liu
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Motion-compensated interpolation using trajectories with acceleration
Author(s): Michel Chahine; Janusz Konrad
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Projection methods in motion estimation and compensation
Author(s): Ton Kalker; Martin Vetterli
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Performance evaluation of spatial dynamic motion compensation algorithms
Author(s): Henry R. Wu; Andrew P. Paplinski; Q. X. Jian; Michael Yuen
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Multiresolution framework for backward motion compensation
Author(s): Aria Nosratinia; Michael T. Orchard
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Pyramid decompositions and hierarchical motion compensation
Author(s): David Houlding; Jacques Vaisey
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Fast motion vector estimation with a Markov model for MPEG
Author(s): Sungook Kim; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Simple way to improve perceived quality of motion-compensated prediction images
Author(s): Albert A. Deknuydt; Stefaan Desmet; Luc Van Eycken; Andre J. Oosterlinck
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Segmentation of frames in a video sequence using motion and other attributes
Author(s): Edmond Chalom; V. Michael Bove Jr.
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Mosaic-based video compression
Author(s): Michal Irani; Stephen Hsu; P. Anandan
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Encoding motion and approximate segmentation in a slicing floorplan tree structure
Author(s): Haim Schweitzer; Yanjun Zhang
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Multiresolutional region-based segmentation scheme for stereoscopic image compression
Author(s): Sriram Sethuraman; Mel Siegel; Angel G. Jordan
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Classification of objects in a video sequence
Author(s): Bruno Carpentieri; James A. Storer
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Volume data compression using smoothed particle transformation
Author(s): Mikio Nagasawa
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Algorithm for fast fractal image compression
Author(s): John Kominek
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Software-codec-based full motion video conferencing on the PC using visual pattern image sequence coding
Author(s): Barry S. Barnett; Alan Conrad Bovik
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Knowledge-based approach to JPEG acceleration
Author(s): Konrad Froitzheim; Heiner Wolf
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New generation of real-time software-based video codec: popular video coder II (PVC-II)
Author(s): Ho-Chao Huang; Ja-Ling Wu
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Wavelet-based scalable image compression
Author(s): Sethuraman Panchanathan; A. Jain
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Optimal wavelet tree pruning for image coding
Author(s): Yew Hock Ang; M. Bi; Sim Heng Ong
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Efficient algorithm for video compression using the wavelet transform
Author(s): Vitor Mendes Silva; Luis A. S. V. de Sa
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Runlength encoding of quantized discrete cosine transform (DCT) coefficients
Author(s): Viresh Ratnakar; Ephraim Feig; Eric Viscito; Sudhakar Kalluri
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Parallel implementation of an MPEG-1 encoder: faster than real time
Author(s): Ke Shen; Lawrence A. Rowe; Edward J. Delp III
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Scan image compression-encryption hardware system
Author(s): Nikolaos G. Bourbakis; R. Brause; C. Alexopoulos
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Fast VLSI architecture for 8 x 8 2D DCT
Author(s): Hughes de Perthuis; E. Bercovici; A. de Grandmaison; Mohamed Akil
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Block adaptive classified vector quantization
Author(s): Huy So Peter Truong; Stephen C.Y. Ho
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High performance software MPEG video player for PCs
Author(s): Stefan Eckart
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Reconstruction artifacts in digital video compression
Author(s): Michael Yuen; Henry R. Wu
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Feature-preserving wavelet scheme for low bit rate coding
Author(s): Po-Yuen Cheng; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Real-time MPEG-1 software decoding on HP workstations
Author(s): Vasudev Bhaskaran; Konstantinos Konstantinides; Ruby B. Lee
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DCT-based scheme for lossless image compression
Author(s): Giridhar D. Mandyam; Nasir U. Ahmed; Neeraj Magotra
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Wavelet codec for image sequence coding at very low bit rate with low latency
Author(s): Steffen Abraham; Fritz Seytter
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Very low bit rate coding for PSTN videotelephony on personal computer: part 2
Author(s): Jean-Claude Schmitt; Gerard Eude
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Performance of real-time software-only H.261 codec on the Power Macintosh
Author(s): Hsi-Jung Wu; Katherine S. Wang; James O. Normile; Dulce B. Ponceleon; Ken Chu; K. Sung
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Multiplication free scaled 8 x 8 DCT algorithm with 530 additions
Author(s): Leonid Kasperovich
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New inner product algorithm of the two-dimensional DCT
Author(s): Bela Feher
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Scalable image compression using combined wavelet transform and vector quantization
Author(s): Sethuraman Panchanathan; A. Jain; N. Gamaz
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