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Multimedia Computing and Networking 1995
Editor(s): Arturo A. Rodriguez; Jacek Maitan

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Volume Number: 2417
Date Published: 14 March 1995

Table of Contents
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Putting the media into hypermedia
Author(s): Nick Beitner; Carole A. Goble; Wendy Hall
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MEHIDA: an intelligent multimedia tutoring system for the hearing-impaired
Author(s): Fernando Alonso; Angelica de Antonio; Jose Luis Fuertes; Cesar Montes
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Representation-based user interfaces for the audiovisual library of the year 2000
Author(s): Philippe Aigrain; Philippe Joly; Philippe Lepain; Veronique Longueville
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Multimedia interactions and how they can be realized
Author(s): Dennis Dingeldein
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Improvement of the user interface of multimedia applications by automatic display layout
Author(s): Peter Lueders; Rolf Ernst
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Pyramid broadcasting for video-on-demand service
Author(s): Subramani Viswanathan; Tomasz Imielinski
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Look-ahead scheduling to support pause-resume for video-on-demand applications
Author(s): Philip S. Yu; Joel L. Wolf; Hadas Shachnai
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Capture and playback synchronization in video conferencing
Author(s): Zon-Yin Shae; Pao-Chi Chang; Mon-Song Chen
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Internet-based transfusion audit system
Author(s): Jacek Maitan; Rebecca Haley
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Supporting quality of service on multimedia terminals interconnected by a low-speed ATM network
Author(s): John T. Judge; H. W. Peter Beadle
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Multimedia networking abstractions with quality of service guarantees
Author(s): Aurel A. Lazar; Lek Heng Ngoh; Anupam Sahai
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Resource and connection admission control in real-time transport protocols
Author(s): Shanzeng Guo; Nicolas D. Georganas
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OS/2 resource reservation system
Author(s): Mark Baugher
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Transformation among multimedia schemas in distributed multimedia systems
Author(s): Chi-Cheng Lin; Chien-Sheng Kao; Shi-Kuo Chang
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Addressing the real-time synchronization requirements of multimedia in an object-oriented framework
Author(s): Michael Papathomas; Gordon S. Blair; Geoff Coulson; Philippe Robin
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Content-based intermedia synchronization
Author(s): Dong-Young Oh; Srihari Sampath-Kumar; P. Venkat Rangan
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Collaborative object sharing for multimedia operating system (COSMOS): a framework for real-time multimedia group presentation
Author(s): Dong Ho Song; Jun S. Kim; Hun G. Lim; Ji E. Park; Young-Kwon Lim
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Cineloop synchronization in the multimedia application development environment (MADE)
Author(s): Anund Lie; Nuno Manuel Rob Correia
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Smoothing and buffering for delivery of prerecorded compressed video
Author(s): Wu-chi Feng; Stuart Sechrest
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Techniques for resilient transmission of JPEG video streams
Author(s): Edward J. Posnak; S. P. Gallindo; A. P. Stephens; Harrick M. Vin
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Network distribution of highly scalable VBR video traffic
Author(s): David S. Taubman; Avideh Zakhor
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Statistical characterization of MPEG VBR video at the slice layer
Author(s): Michael R. Izquierdo; Douglas S. Reeves
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Local distribution for interactive multimedia TV to the home
Author(s): Dale D. Harman; Gang Huang; Gi-Hong Im; Mai-Huong Nguyen; J. J. Werner; Michael K. Wong
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Video as a technology for interpersonal communications: a new perspective
Author(s): Steve Whittaker
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Design issues for floor control protocols
Author(s): Hans-Peter Dommel; Jose J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves
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CSpray: a collaborative scientific visualization application
Author(s): Alex Pang; Craig M. Wittenbrink; Tom Goodman
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Virtual working systems to support R&D groups
Author(s): Peter M. Dew; Christine Leigh; Richard S. Drew; David Morris; Jayne Curson
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Multimedia-networking protocols: where are we?
Author(s): Domenico Ferrari
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Using rate staggering to store scalable video data in a disk-array-based video server
Author(s): Ming-Syan Chen; Dilip D. Kandlur; Philip S. Yu
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Storage server requirements for delivery of hypermedia documents
Author(s): John F. Buford; Chetan Gopal; J. Lloyd Rutledge
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Illustrative example on designing and evaluating multimedia systems
Author(s): Saurav Chatterjee; Jay K. Strosnider
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Activation set: an abstraction for accessing periodic data streams
Author(s): Tobias K. Helbig; Soufiane Noureddine; Kurt Rothermel
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Capture-time indexing paradigm, authoring tool, and browsing environment for digital broadcast video
Author(s): Michael Carreira; John E. Casebolt; Gerard Desrosiers; Thomas D.C. Little
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Content-based video browsing tools
Author(s): HongJiang Zhang; Stephen W. Smoliar; Jian Hua Wu
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Video browsing using clustering and scene transitions on compressed sequences
Author(s): Minerva M. Yeung; Boon-Lock Yeo; Wayne H. Wolf; Bede Liu
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Semantic data model for embedded image information
Author(s): James Griffioen; Rajendra Yavatkar; Rajiv Mehrotra
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Application migration to reserved bandwidth networks
Author(s): Paul A. Stirpe; Dinesh Chandra Verma
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Design and performance of a multistream MPEG-I system layer encoder-player set
Author(s): James A. Boucher; Ziv Yaar; Elisa J. Rubin; John D. Palmer; Thomas D.C. Little
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Multimedia object exchange manager for a distributed multimedia system
Author(s): Jiangxu Xiang; Hui-Jung Chang; Chien-Sheng Kao; Shi-Kuo Chang
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Analysis and optimization of a partial buffer sharing scheme for ATM switch overload control
Author(s): Shang-Yi Lu; Haniph A. Latchman
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Efficiently carrying bursty data on ATM networks
Author(s): Stu Duguid; H. W. Peter Beadle
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Interactive video-on-demand services on cable TV networks
Author(s): Srihari Sampath-Kumar; P. Venkat Rangan
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Embedding interactive external program objects within open-distributed hypermedia documents
Author(s): Michael D. Doyle; Cheong S. Ang; David C. Martin
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Application-level technique for faster transmission of large images on the internet
Author(s): L. Rodney Long; Lewis E. Berman; Leif Neve; Gautam Roy; George R. Thoma
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Automatic generation of pictorial transcripts of video programs
Author(s): Behzad Shahraray; David C. Gibbon
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