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Three-Dimensional Microscopy: Image Acquisition and Processing II

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Volume Number: 2412
Date Published: 23 March 1995

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Biological imaging with laser-feedback microscopy (LFM)
Author(s): Alan J. Bearden; Terrence L. Wong; Michael P. O'Neill
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Confocal scanning beam laser microscope/macroscope: applications requiring large data sets
Author(s): Arthur E. Dixon; Savvas Damaskinos; Alfonso Ribes; Eileen Seto; Marie-Claude Beland; Tetsu Uesaka; Brian E. Dalrymple; Sid P. Duttagupta; Philippe M. Fauchet
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Optical scanning holographic microscopy
Author(s): Ting-Chung Poon; Kyu B. Doh; Bradley Wade Schilling; Ming Hsien Wu; Kazunori K. Shinoda; Yoshiji Suzuki
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Quantitative analysis of chromosome motion in Drosophila melanogaster
Author(s): Wallace Frank Marshall; David A. Agard; John W. Sedat
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Interactive algorithms for rapid enumeration of hybridization signals in individual whole-cell nuclei inside intact-tissue specimens
Author(s): Stephen J. Lockett; Curtis T. Thompson; James C. Mullikin; Damir Sudar; R. Khavari; William Hyun; Daniel Pinkel; Joe W. Gray
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Method to trace capillary networks in thick specimens using confocal microscopy
Author(s): Hjalmar Brismar; Eben H. Oldmixon; Georg Jaremko
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Electronic multiconfocal-points microscopy
Author(s): Pier A. Benedetti; V. Evangelista; D. Guidarini; S. Vestri
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Adaptive algorithm for edge detection in medical image processing
Author(s): Jiaoying Shi; Tianzhou Chen; Wenli Cai
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Polarization contrast in scanning microscopy
Author(s): Tony Wilson; Rimas Juskaitis
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Solid immersion lens for optical storage
Author(s): S. Hayashi; Gordon S. Kino; Isao Ichimura
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Super-resolution 3D optical imaging of semiconductors using coherence microscopy
Author(s): Paul C. Montgomery; Jean-Marc Lussert; Pascal Vabre; D. Benhaddou
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Light scattering in 4Pi-confocal microscopy
Author(s): Martin Schrader; Stefan W. Hell; Tony Wilson
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Pupil functions for aberration correction in 3D microscopy
Author(s): Christian K. Sieracki; Eric W. Hansen
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Development of a confocal laser scanning fluorescence microscope using two-photon excitation in combination with time-gated detection
Author(s): Joost Sytsma; Jurrien Vroom; Hans C. Gerritsen; Yehudi K. Levine
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New method for fluorescence lifetime imaging in bilateral-confocal microscopy by double-pulse excitation
Author(s): G. J. Brakenhoff; Michiel Mueller; Rick I. Ghauharali; Koen Visscher
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Confocal microscopy of multiple stained biological specimens using fluorescence lifetimes
Author(s): Hjalmar Brismar; Brun Ulfhake
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Optical spectrometer for a confocal scanning laser microscope with applications in porphyrin-containing specimens
Author(s): Oliver Trepte; Ingrid Rokahr; Stefan Andersson-Engels
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Fluorescence photobleaching correction for expectation-maximization algorithm
Author(s): Jose-Angel Conchello
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Sevenfold improvement of axial resolution in 3D wide-field microscopy using two objective-lenses
Author(s): Mats G. L. Gustafsson; David A. Agard; John W. Sedat
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Two-photon excited fluorescence microscopy combined with spectral and time-resolved measurements for fluorophore identification
Author(s): Ingrid Rokahr; Stefan Andersson-Engels
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Tomographic approach to 3D confocal microscopy
Author(s): Gennady N. Vishnyakov
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Calibration procedure for light-optical and scanning electron stereo-microscopy in micro- and nanorobotics
Author(s): Gaudenz Danuser; Olaf Kuebler
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Flexible laboratory system for 3D x-ray microtomography of 3-50 mm specimens
Author(s): David A. Reimann; Michael J. Flynn; Sean M. Hames
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X-ray microtomography: three-dimensional reconstruction methods for x-ray microscopy of biological samples
Author(s): Billy W. Loo Jr.; J. Keenan Brown; Stephen S. Rothman
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Quantifying the complexity of small-scale 3D laser range data
Author(s): Benoit Dubuc; Rashad Tawashi
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Use of stereo vision and 24-bit false color imagery to enhance visualization of multimodal confocal images
Author(s): Francesco Beltrame; Alberto Diaspro; Marco Fato; I. Martin; Paola Ramoino; Irwin E. Sobel
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Three-dimensional Fourier analysis methods for digital processing and 3D visualization of confocal transmission images
Author(s): Carol J. Cogswell; Kieran G. Larkin; Matthew R. Arnison; John W. O'Byrne
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Stereoscopic volume imaging on personal computers under Microsoft Windows
Author(s): Michael A. Weissman
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