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Practical Holography IX
Editor(s): Stephen A. Benton

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Volume Number: 2406
Date Published: 12 April 1995

Table of Contents
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Experimental study of wavelength selections on color holography
Author(s): Hans I. Bjelkhagen; Tung H. Jeong
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Making of a holographic movie on film: from holographic animation to holographic movie
Author(s): Shigeo Hiyama; Kazuhito Higuchi; Ken'ichiro Ishii; Jun Ishikawa; Tomoko Ohara; Shuji Muraho
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Experimental holographic movie IV: the projection-type display system using a retro-directive screen
Author(s): Kazuhito Higuchi; Ken'ichiro Ishii; Jun Ishikawa; Shigeo Hiyama
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Continuous and shutterless hologram movie
Author(s): Joseph C. Palais; Mark E. Miller
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Some characteristics of a single-layer color hologram
Author(s): Vladimir B. Markov
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Conical holographic stereogram: distortion compensation
Author(s): Luis Manuel Murillo-Mora; Katsuyuki Okada; Toshio Honda; Jumpei Tsujiuchi
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Development of a prototype full-parallax holoprinter
Author(s): Masahiro Yamaguchi; Takahiro Koyama; Hideaki Endoh; Nagaaki Ohyama; Susumu Takahashi; Fujio Iwata
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Stereograms, video and photomontaging
Author(s): Patrick K. Boyd
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Window effect of a 3D deep hologram as a base of 3D imaging by means of a selectogram (reference-free selectrogram)
Author(s): Yuri N. Denisyuk
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Computer-generated holograms using medium-resolution photographic film
Author(s): Patrick Cogan; Pascal O'Connor
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Porous-matrix holography for nonspatial filtering of lasers
Author(s): Jacques E. Ludman; Juanita R. Riccobono; H. John Caulfield; Jean-Marc R. Fournier; Irina V. Semenova; Nadya O. Reingand; Philip L. Hemmer; M. Selim Shahriar
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Polarization influence on the signal-to-noise ratio in bleached silver halide diffused-object holograms
Author(s): Antonio Fimia; Rosa Fuentes; Inmaculada V. Pascual
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Holography cameras for art and education
Author(s): Jun Ishikawa
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Writing diffractive structures by optical trapping
Author(s): Jean-Marc R. Fournier; Michael M. Burns; Jene A. Golovchenko
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Synthesis of moving holographic stereograms with high-resolution spatial light modulators
Author(s): Elmar Schulze
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Measurement of behind-armor debris using cylindrical holograms
Author(s): Christopher Scott Anderson; Joseph E. Gordon; David B. Watts; James S. Marsh
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Demonstration of single mode fiber holographic interconnect with reconfigurable photothermoplastic holograms
Author(s): Philippe Gravey; Leon Bonnel
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Application of holographic interferometry to evaluate dynamic and material characteristics in a bonded compliant structure
Author(s): Howard Fein
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Liquid crystal display based implementation of a real-time ICVision holographic stereogram display
Author(s): Michael W. Jones; Gregory P. Nordin; Jeffrey H. Kulick; Robert G. Lindquist; Stephen T. Kowel
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Basic research for a large electro-holographic display
Author(s): Shigetake Iwata; Susumu Tsujikawa; Takatsune Okada; Hiroshi Yoshikawa; Toshio Honda
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Hardware architecture for rapid generation of electro-holographic fringe patterns
Author(s): John A. Watlington; Mark E. Lucente; Carlton J. Sparrell; V. Michael Bove Jr.; Ichiro Tamitani
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Approach to computer-generated holographic stereogram by electro-holography
Author(s): Kenji Yamada; Hideya Takahashi; Eiji Shimizu
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Three-dimensional (3D) video system using grating image
Author(s): Toshiki Toda; Susumu Takahashi; Fujio Iwata
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Information reduction in the 3D object Fourier hologram
Author(s): Jung-Young Son; Hyung-Wook Jeon; Yong-Jin Choi; Sang Sam Choi; Nikolai A. Kostrov
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Minimum-pixel holograms
Author(s): Stephen A. Benton; Ravikanth Pappu
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Direct volume access by an improved electro-holography image generator
Author(s): Hideya Takahashi; Kazuyuki Tanaka; Hideki Okamoto; Hiroaki Ueda; Eiji Shimizu
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Integral holography
Author(s): Hiroshi Yoshikawa; Hirokazu Kameyama
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OMEGA: novel optical sensor 3D measuring system for complex geometry in adverse environment
Author(s): Enrique Laso; F. Obeso; Yann Malet; Christophe Nerriec; V. Patera; I. Alvarez
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Holographic elements for LCD projectors
Author(s): Cecile Joubert; Anne Delboulbe; Brigitte Loiseaux; Jean-Pierre Huignard
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New spectroscopic instrument based on volume holographic optical elements
Author(s): Harry Owen; David E. Battey; Michael J. Pelletier; Joseph B. Slater
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Ordering the order: a survey of optical document security features
Author(s): Rudolf L. van Renesse
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Three-dimensional (3D) displacement measurement by a holographic interferometric microscope
Author(s): Oliver Kruschke; Guenther K.G. Wernicke; Hartmut Gruber
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Expansion of the image size and viewing zone in holographic display using liquid crystal devices
Author(s): Naoki Fukaya; Keiichi Maeno; Osamu Nishikawa; Kenji Matsumoto; Koki Sato; Toshio Honda
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Residual stress measurements with laser speckle correlation interferometry and local heat treating
Author(s): Martin J. Pechersky; Robert F. Miller; Chandra S. Vikram
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Neural network for optimization of binary hologram with printing model
Author(s): Guo X. Li; Reiner Eschbach; Roger L. Easton Jr.
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Error-diffused quantization in cell-oriented holograms
Author(s): Ramesh Nagarajan; Roger L. Easton Jr.; Reiner Eschbach
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Experimental study of entropy for holographic optical elements
Author(s): Luis Carretero-Lopez; Antonio Fimia; Augusto Belendez
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New method of real-time holographic high-density storage of color images by monochromatic laser
Author(s): Tiequan Cai; Hui Wang; Yixing Tang; Weiming Jin; Yanqiao Xu
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Formation of three-dimensional images when using selectograms and diffraction gratings
Author(s): Nina M. Ganzherli
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Noncoherent polarization method for obtaining holograms
Author(s): Serguei A. Alexandrov
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Image processing of particle-field hologram
Author(s): Guozhi Wang; Zhiqi Hao
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Real-time photothermoplastic 8-inch camera with an emphasis on the visualization of 3D digital data by holographic means
Author(s): Yuri A. Cherkasov; Elena Lvovna Alexandrova; Alexander G. Rumjantsev; Mikhail Vasiliy Smirnov
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Holographic stars in Du Pont's photopolymers
Author(s): Eli S. Simova; Mohsen Kavehrad
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New approach to elimination of the perturbing effect of long-range electromagnetic fields in electron holography
Author(s): Jianwen Chen; Leigang Kou
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