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Biomedical Optoelectronic Instrumentation

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Volume Number: 2396
Date Published: 1 May 1995

Table of Contents
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Review of hollow waveguide technology
Author(s): James A. Harrington; Yuji Matsuura
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Silica optical fibers: technology update
Author(s): David A. Krohn; Brian P. McCann
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Infrared fibers: power delivery and medical applications
Author(s): Vjacheslav G. Artioushenko; V. N. Ionov; Karen I. Kalaidjian; Alexander P. Kryukov; E. F. Kuzin; Alexander A. Lerman; A. S. Prokhorov; Eugene V. Stepanov; Kevin Bakhshpour; Kelly B. Moran; Wolfgang Neuberger
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What makes a fiber tip do the job: an optical and thermal evaluation study
Author(s): Rudolf M. Verdaasdonck; Christiaan F. P. van Swol
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Recent advances in sapphire fibers
Author(s): Robert S. F. Chang; Vongilay Phomsakha; Nicholas Djeu
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Sapphire fibers for 3-um delivery systems
Author(s): Gwynneth M. Plarke; David Chadwick; Rick K. Nubling; James A. Harrington
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Sapphire optical fibers for the delivery of Er:YAG laser energy
Author(s): Jeremiah J. Fitzgibbon; Herb E. Bates; Adrian P. Pryshlak; Jeffrey R. Dugan; Joel S. Schuman; Dan Eisenberg; Lisa McHam
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Development of low loss IR transmitting chalcogenide glass fibers
Author(s): Jasbinder Singh Sanghera; Ishwar D. Aggarwal; Lynda E. Busse; Pablo C. Pureza; Vinh Q. Nguyen; Robert E. Miklos; Frederic H. Kung; Reza Mossadegh
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Infrared fibers for medium power delivery in the 10-um region and remote spectroscopy
Author(s): Xhang Hua Zhang; Karine Le Foulgoc; Chantal Blanchetiere; Hong Li Ma; Jacques Lucas
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Thermal imaging by ordered arrays of polycrystalline silver halide optical fibers
Author(s): Dror Shemesh; Idan Paiss; Shaul Shalem; Abraham Katzir
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Heat-resisting polymer-coated silver hollow glass waveguides for medical applications
Author(s): Yuji Kato; Mitsuo Osawa; Satoshi Kubota; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Shin-ichi Abe; Masaru Aizawa; Shinji Onodera
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Characteristics of an optical fiber for high-power excimer lasers
Author(s): Tomoaki Toriya; Keiji Kaneda; Takashi Tsumanuma; Kazuo Sanada
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UV-visible transmission characteristics of sapphire fibers grown by the laser-heated pedestal growth technique
Author(s): Robert S. F. Chang; Zhonghui Ge; Nicholas Djeu
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Broadband fiber optic interferometry: diagnostics by depth profiling of optical properties of biological media
Author(s): Scott C. Shukes; Robert Splinter; Faramarz Farahi; M. Yasin Akhtar Raja; G. A. Nanney; K. R. Dezern; Michelle Thompson; George P. Tatsis
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Innovative laser technologies for fiber tools fabrication
Author(s): Vadim P. Veiko; Vjacheslav G. Artioushenko; Yuri D. Berezin; Vladimir A. Chuiko; V. P. Chulkov; Alexei K. Kromin; S. V. Kukhtin; Sergei A. Rodionov
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Diode laser prostatectomy (VLAP): initial canine evaluation
Author(s): George E. Kopchok M.D.; Chris Verbin; Bruce Ayres; Shi-Kaung Peng; Rodney A. White M.D.
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High-brightness laser diode surgery system
Author(s): Uri Levy; Martin D. Abraham; Yotam Zimmerman; Itzhak Rozenberg
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Small core fiber coupled 60-W laser diode
Author(s): Douglas P. Fernie; Ilkka Mannonen; Anthony L. Raven
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Smart medical diode lasers: fantasy becoming reality
Author(s): Barbara A. Soltz
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Near-infrared fiber delivery systems for interstitial photothermal therapy
Author(s): Michael Slatkine; Douglass S. Mead; Eli Konwitz; Zvi Rosenberg
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Evolution of char-free laser surgery: from cw to Superpulse (S.P.) to Sharpulse and SwiftLase
Author(s): Joshua Raif; E. Zair; Hanoch Levavi; A. Nyska
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Automated retinal robotic laser system instrumentation
Author(s): Steven F. Barrett; Cameron H. G. Wright; Maya Ratna Jerath; R. Stephen Lewis II; Bryan C. Dillard; Henry Grady Rylander III; Ashley J. Welch
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Computer-assisted surgical techniques: can they really improve laser surgery?
Author(s): Lou Reinisch; Pablo Arango; John G. Howard; Marcus H. Mendenhall; Robert H. Ossoff M.D.
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New scanner fiber optic delivery system for laser phototherapy in the treatment of neonatal jaundice
Author(s): Mostafa Hamza; Mohammad Sayed El-Ahl Hamza
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SwiftLase: a new technology for char-free ablation in rectal surgery
Author(s): David A. Arnold
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Emerging technologies for endoscopic surgery
Author(s): Michael R. Treat M.D.
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Outlook for medical lasers '95
Author(s): Irving J. Arons
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Applications of fluid MicroJets to medical and dental laser procedures
Author(s): Christopher J. Frederickson; Donald J. Hayes; David B. Wallace; D. Ussery; Charles J. Arcoria D.D.S.; Massoud Motamedi; E. Jennett; D. Diven
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Dye laser microablation: instrumentation and applications
Author(s): Robert J. Nordstrom
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Laser selective microablation of sensitized intracellular components within auditory receptor cells
Author(s): David M. Harris; Burt N. Evans; Joseph Santos-Sacchi
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Broadly tunable, beta-barium-borate-based, pulsed optical parametric oscillators and their potential applications in medicine
Author(s): Mark S. Sobey; Jim Clark; Bertram C. Johnson
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Soft tissue cutting with a pulsed 30-Hz Er,Cr:YSGG laser
Author(s): Ioana-Mihaela Rizoiu; Larry G. DeShazer; Lewis R. Eversole
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Er:YAG laser in dentistry and ophthalmology
Author(s): Colette D. Cozean
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Influence of Er:YAG laser power on the ablation efficiency and thermal damage in hard dental tissue
Author(s): Dusan Sustercic; Matjaz Lukac; Karolj N. Nemes; Simona Cencic; Uros Skaleric; Nenad Funduk
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Multiple imaging, lasers and robotics, informatics, and networking: Surgery 2001!
Author(s): Fritz A. Brauer
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Fiber optic based fluorescence detection system for in vivo studies of exogenous chromophore pharmacokinetics
Author(s): Daniel R. Doiron; J. Brian Dunn; W. L. Mitchell; Brian K. Dalton; Greta M. Garbo; Jon A. Warner
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Tissue optical parameter map generated with frequency-domain spectroscopy
Author(s): William W. Mantulin; Sergio Fantini; Maria Angela Franceschini; Scott A. Walker; John S. Maier; Enrico Gratton
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Novel computer-based endoscopic camera
Author(s): R. Rabinovitz; N. Hai; Martin D. Abraham; Doron Adler; M. Nissani; Ron Fridental; Ilia Vitsnudel
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Head-mounted display for use in functional endoscopic sinus surgery
Author(s): Brian Jet-Fei Wong M.D.; Jon P. Lee; F. Markoe Dugan; Carol J. MacArthur
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Head-mounted display system for surgical visualization
Author(s): Greg W. Schmidt; Dale B. Osborn
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Scattering of IR and visible radiation from hollow waveguides
Author(s): Reuben Dahan; Jacob Dror; Alexandra Inberg; Nathan I. Croitoru
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New performances and applications of fused silica and plastic waveguides
Author(s): Jacob Dror; Alexandra Inberg; A. Elboim; Reuben Dahan; Nathan I. Croitoru
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Modeling of optical bending losses in multimode waveguides by ray tracing
Author(s): Hao Liu; Paul Yager
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Liquid light guides for 2.94 um
Author(s): Stefan Diemer; Werner Fuss; Michael Haisch; Joerg Meister; Peter Hering
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Measurement with fiber optics of nystagmus eye movements
Author(s): Ernesto Suaste-Gomez; Lorenzo S. Leija; Humberto J. Sossa-Azuela
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