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Advances in Laser and Light Spectroscopy to Diagnose Cancer and Other Diseases II
Editor(s): Robert R. Alfano

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Volume Number: 2387
Date Published: 12 April 1995

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Innate tissue fluorescence of the oral mucosa of controls and head-and-neck cancer patients
Author(s): Howard E. Savage; Venkateswara Kolli; John Ansley; Rajiv Y. Chandawarkar; Robert R. Alfano; Stimson P. Schantz M.D.
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In-vivo cancer diagnosis of the esophagus using laser-induced fluorescence
Author(s): Tuan Vo-Dinh; Masoud Panjehpour; Bergein F. Overholt M.D.; Paul F. Buckley II; Donna H. Edwards
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Pharmacokinetics of endogenous porphyrins induced by 5-aminolevulinic acid as observed by means of laser-induced fluorescence from several organs of tumor-bearing mice
Author(s): Ronald Sroka; Reinhold Baumgartner; Wolfgang Beyer; Liebwin Gossner; T. Sassy; Susanne Stocker
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Pharmacokinetic studies of delta-aminolevulinic-acid-induced protoporphyrin IX build-up in some malignant tumors
Author(s): Katarina Svanberg M.D.; Laudelina Pais Clemente; Manuel P. Clemente; Ingrid Wang-Nordman; Trond Warloe; Stefan Andersson-Engels; Roger Berg; Johan Moan; Qian Peng; Sune Svanberg
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Development of in-vitro models to elucidate mechanisms of intrinsic cellular and tissue fluorescence
Author(s): Howard E. Savage; Venkateswara Kolli; Sanjoy Saha; Jian Chung Zhang M.D.; Mark Glasgold; Peter G. Sacks; Robert R. Alfano; Stimson P. Schantz M.D.
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Miniature spectrometer and multispectral imager as a potential diagnostic aid in dermatology
Author(s): Haishan Zeng; Calum E. MacAulay; David I. McLean M.D.; Harvey Lui M.D.; Branko Palcic
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Probability description of fluorescent and phosphorescent signal generation in tissues and other random media
Author(s): Eva Marie Sevick-Muraca; Christina L. Hutchinson
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Mechanisms of ratio fluorescence imaging of diseased tissue
Author(s): Jianan Y. Qu; Calum E. MacAulay; Stephen Lam; Branko Palcic
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In-vivo autofluorescence spectroscopy of bladder carcinoma with a mercury arc lamp
Author(s): Marie-Ange D'Hallewin M.D.; Luc Baert M.D.; Herman A. Vanherzeele
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Mechanisms and limits of contrast in optical imaging of cancer
Author(s): Steven L. Jacques
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Reflectance imaging spectroscopy: possible aid in the clinical diagnosis of melanoma
Author(s): Stefano Tomatis; Renato Marchesini; Cesare Bartoli; Aldo Bono; Claudio Clemente; Carmela Cupeta; Emanuele Pignoli; Adele Emilia Sichirollo; Natale Cascinelli
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Random walk analysis of the effects of the presence of abnormalities in a turbid medium on expressions for the time-of-flight
Author(s): Amir H. Gandjbakhche; George H. Weiss
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Expected resolution and detectability of adenocarcinoma tumors within human breast in time-resolved images
Author(s): Amir H. Gandjbakhche; Ralph J. Nossal; Roya Dadmarz; Douglas Schwartzentruber; Robert F. Bonner
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Fluorescence spectroscopy to evaluate dermal wounds
Author(s): Yuanlong Yang; Lee David Mitchell; Robert R. Alfano
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In-vivo and ex-vivo spectrofluorometric and imaging study of liposome uptake by the liver using a pH-sensitive probe
Author(s): Sylvie Soulie-Begu; Jean-Marie Devoisselle; Serge R. Mordon
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Effects of cryogenic grinding on soft tissue optical properties
Author(s): Eric K. Chan; Thomas Menovsky; Ashley J. Welch
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Surface-emitting semiconductor laser spectroscopy and microscopy for characterizing normal and sickled red blood cells
Author(s): Paul Lee Gourley; Ken E. Meissner; Thomas M. Brennan; B. Eugene Hammons; Mark F. Gourley M.D.
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Highly sensitive detection of human papillomavirus type 16 DNA using time-resolved fluorescence microscopy and long lifetime probes
Author(s): Xue Feng Wang; Ammasi Periasamy; Pawel Wodnicki; M. Siadat-Pajouh; Brian Herman
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Spectroscopic properties of tryptophan and bacteria
Author(s): Gui Chen Tang; Yuanlong Yang; Zuo-Zhu Huang; W. Hua; F. Zhou; S. Cosloy; Robert R. Alfano
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Quantitative aspects of digital microscopy applied to cellular localization of heparin in smooth muscle cells
Author(s): Richard F. Johnston; David K. Hanzel; Bob Stack; Brian Brandley; John Castellot
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Measurements of blood parameters in multiple scattering
Author(s): Anatoli G. Borovoi; Nicolai I. Wagin; Galina A. Selivanova
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Three-dimensional confocal fluorescence microscopic visualization of the living human skin
Author(s): Barry R. Masters
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Contrast and resolution in the optical-coherence microscopy of dense biological tissue
Author(s): Michael J. Yadlowsky; Joseph M. Schmitt; Robert F. Bonner
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Imaging of microscopic objects hidden behind a highly scattering media
Author(s): Feng Liu; Y. X. Shan; Robert R. Alfano
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Detection of gastrointestinal cancer by elastic scattering and absorption spectroscopies with the Los Alamos Optical Biopsy System
Author(s): Judith R. Mourant; James D. Boyer; Tamara M. Johnson; JoAnne Lacey; Irving J. Bigio; Anthony G. Bohorfoush; Mark H. Mellow
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Skeletal muscle hemoglobin content measured by near-infrared spectroscopy during oscillatory venous pressure variation
Author(s): Laura Marcu; Jean-Michel I. Maarek; Atul Bembi; Sandra Howell
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Can we get more tissue biochemistry information from in-vivo near-infrared spectra?
Author(s): Jeffrey W. Hall; Valentina Quaresima; Marco Ferrari
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Near-infrared monitoring of hemoglobin content in the kidney during ischemia
Author(s): Wendy J. Snyder; Jean-Michel I. Maarek; Sandor G. Vari M.D.; Laura Marcu; Thanassis Papaioannou; Vani R. Pergadia; Warren S. Grundfest M.D.
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In vivo study of human tissues with a portable near-IR tissue spectrometer
Author(s): John S. Maier; Beniamino B. Barbieri; Arun Chervu; Indira Chervu; Sergio Fantini; Maria-Angela Franceschini; Moshe Levi; William W. Mantulin; Adam Rosenberg; Scott A. Walker; Enrico Gratton
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Quadriceps oxygenation changes during walking and running on a treadmill
Author(s): Valentina Quaresima; Assunta Pizzi; Roberto Alberto De Blasi; Adriano Ferrari; Marco de Angelis; Marco Ferrari
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Analysis of downregulation of cellular energy demand by 2D measurements of intracapillary HbO2, Hb, pO2, and redox state of cytochromes
Author(s): Alfons Krug; Manfred D. Kessler; Jens Hoeper; S. Zellner; Valerie Sourdoulaud
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Noninvasive redox and back-scattered light imaging of keratocyte cells in the cornea: two-photon excitation and scanning slit confocal microscopy
Author(s): Barry R. Masters
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Anomalous transmission of laser radiation in water and biological tissues
Author(s): Zdzislaw Jankiewicz; Andrzej Zajac
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