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Advanced Optical Methods for Ultrasensitive Detection
Editor(s): Bryan L. Fearey

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Volume Number: 2385
Date Published: 7 April 1995

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Single atoms in optical traps and high-Q cavities
Author(s): Harry J. Kimble; Zhilin Hu; Q. A. Turchette
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Optimizing capture efficiency in a magneto-optical trap
Author(s): Michelle Stephens; Carl E. Wieman; K. Corwin; Zheng-Tian Lu; H. Gould; T. Dinneen
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Laser trapping of short-lived radioactive isotopes
Author(s): Stuart J. Freedman; B. K. Fujikawa; Zheng-Tian Lu; M. A. Rowe; Song Quan Shang; E. G. Wasserman
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Laser trapping of trace amounts of radioactive atoms
Author(s): Gene D. Sprouse; L. A. Orozco; J. A. Behr; A. Ghosh; G. Gwinner; J. E. Simsarian; P. Voytas; F. Xu
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Development of an optical trap as an ultrasensitive analytical tool
Author(s): David J. Vieira; Ralf Guckert; D. W. Preston; V. D. Sandberg; Dale Tupa; J. M. Wouters
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Remote elemental analysis using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Author(s): David A. Cremers; Monty J. Ferris; Clara Y. Han; J. D. Blacic; Donald R. Pettit
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Analysis of surfaces, films, and multilayers by resonant laser ablation
Author(s): T. M. Allen; C. H. Smith; Peter B. Kelly; John E. Anderson; Gregory C. Eiden; A. W. Garrett; C. G. Gill; P. H. Hemberger; Nicholas S. Nogar
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Real-time chemical analysis of aerosol particles
Author(s): Mo Yang; William B. Whitten; J. Michael Ramsey
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Molecular beam static secondary ion mass spectrometry for surface analysis
Author(s): Anthony D. Appelhans; Gary S. Groenewold; Jani C. Ingram; D. A. Dahl; J. E. Delmore
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Analysis of metallic fuels by laser ablation
Author(s): Stephen G. Johnson; Phillip S. Goodall; Sandra M. Kimbrell; Elon L. Wood
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Ultrasensitive Raman and fluorescence imaging using liquid crystal tunable filters
Author(s): Michael D. Morris
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Chemical imaging with tunable filters: methods and applications
Author(s): Hannah R. Morris; Michael D. Schaeberle; Patrick J. Treado
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Near-field single molecule spectroscopy
Author(s): Sunney Xie; Robert C. Dunn
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Dynamics and vibrational spectra of individual molecules in polymer glasses
Author(s): Anne B. Myers; Paul Tchenio; William E. Moerner
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Spectral hole burning as a probe of molecular environment
Author(s): John M. Hayes; Gerald J. Small
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Development of laser interferometer gravitational-wave detectors for LIGO
Author(s): Frederick J. Raab
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Photon burst mass spectrometry: ultrasensitive detection of rare isotopes
Author(s): Christopher S. Hansen; X. J. Pan; William M. Fairbank Jr.; Hank Oona; E. P. Chamberlin; Nicholas S. Nogar; Bryan L. Fearey
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Ultrasensitive fluorescence detection and photophysics in microdroplets
Author(s): Michael D. Barnes; William B. Whitten; J. Michael Ramsey
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Bubble chamber for chemical analysis: a new concept
Author(s): Jerry H. Atencio; Xin Luo; Andrew W. McCown; E. Iain McCreary; Robert K. Sander
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Sensitive sub-Doppler multiwave-mixing spectroscopy for flame and graphite furnace atomizers
Author(s): Kenneth M. Weed; Michael J. Maniaci; William M. Tong
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Nonlinear optical microscopy for imaging thin films and surfaces
Author(s): Laura B. Smilowitz; Duncan W. McBranch; Jeanne M. Robinson
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