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Free-Space Laser Communication Technologies VII
Editor(s): G. Stephen Mecherle

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Volume Number: 2381
Date Published: 20 April 1995

Table of Contents
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Overview of the lasercom program at Lincoln Laboratory
Author(s): Roy Sidney Bondurant; Don M. Boroson
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Overview of NASA R&D in optical communications
Author(s): James R. Lesh; Ramon P. DePaula
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Preliminary design of Laser Utilizing Communications Equipment (LUCE) installed on Optical Inter-Orbit Communications Engineering Test Satellite (OICETS)
Author(s): Keizo Nakagawa; Akio Yamamoto
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Design of an optical ground station for in-orbit checkout of free-space laser communication payloads
Author(s): Reinhard H. Czichy; Zoran Sodnik; Bernhard Furch
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High-data-rate systems for space applications
Author(s): Jeffrey C. Livas; Eric A. Swanson; Stephen R. Chinn; Emily S. Kintzer
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Satellite constellation of low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite global communication network using optical intersatellite links
Author(s): Kazuhiro Kimura; Keizo Inagaki; Yoshio Karasawa
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Design of satellite terminal for Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) lasercom technology demonstration
Author(s): Eric J. Korevaar; Rudolf J. Hofmeister; John J. Schuster; C. Chow-Miller; Prasanna Adhikari; Harel Hakakha; D. Cuthbert; Richard Ruigrok
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Lightweight high-data-rate laser communications terminal for low-earth-orbit satellite constellations
Author(s): Robert G. Marshalek; David L. Begley
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Monolithic glass block lasercom terminal: hardware proof of concept and test results
Author(s): Robert T. Carlson; Marvin D. Drake; Jerold L. Jaeger
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Practical results of a coherent optical free space transmission experiment through the atmosphere, including a PAT subsystem and its relevance for future space applications
Author(s): Anton Schex; Bernhard Wandernoth
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High-elevation terrestrial validation of Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) lasercom system at 1.1 Gbit/s
Author(s): Scott H. Bloom; Victor J. Chan; C. S. Liu
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Testing and performance analysis of a 650-Mbps quaternary pulse position modulation (QPPM) modem for free-space laser communications
Author(s): Dale J. Mortensen
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Impact of the point-spread function distortion on the performance of a multiple-aperture optical ground station
Author(s): Aniceto Mounta Belmonte; Adolfo Comeron; Javier Bara; Juan Antonio Rubio; Estela Fernandez; Pedro Menendez-Valdes
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Performance limits of high-rate space-to-ground optical communications through the turbulent atmospheric channel
Author(s): John E. Kaufmann
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Pointing, acquisition, and tracking system for the free-space laser communication system SILEX
Author(s): Toni Tolker Nielsen
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SILEX acquisition and tracking sensors
Author(s): Robert A. Cockshott; David J. Purll
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Combined FEC-, line-, and syncbit-coding scheme for a highsensitive and low-complexity optical PSK-homodyne system
Author(s): Christoph Rapp; Bernhard Wandernoth
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Low-loss fiber-based wavelength-division multiplexer
Author(s): Eric A. Swanson; Jeffrey C. Livas; Roy Sidney Bondurant
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High-repetition-rate solid state laser for space communications
Author(s): Christian Larat; Muriel Schwarz; Jean-Paul Pocholle; Gilles Feugnet; Michel Roger Papuchon
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Laser transmitter systems for high-data-rate optical interorbit communications
Author(s): Tomohiro Araki; Masanobu Yajima; Shigeharu Nakamori; Yasumasa Hisada
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Diode-pumped Nd:YAG amplifier with 52-dB gain
Author(s): Thomas J. Kane; Emily A. P. Cheng; Bao Nguyen
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Efficient high peak power transmitter using semiconductor lasers with an external cavity
Author(s): G. Stephen Mecherle
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Optical telecommunications: performance of the qualification model SILEX beacon
Author(s): Michel Renard; Paul J. Dobie; Jacques Gollier; Theo Heinrichs; Pawel Woszczyk; Andre Sobeczko
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Highly sensitive 565-Mbit/s optical heterodyne receiver demonstrator for lambda=1.064 um with automatic frequency acquisition
Author(s): Michael M. Rasztovits-Wiech; Martin A. Schreiblehner; Arpad L. Scholtz; Walter R. Leeb; Peter Polacek
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Testbed measurements of subcarrier OQPSK versus digital OOK laser intensity modulation at 266 to 1244 Mbps
Author(s): Robert T. Carlson
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Experimental and numerical determination of crosstalk in a coherent optical multichannel receiver
Author(s): Martin A. Schreiblehner; Michael M. Rasztovits-Wiech; Walter R. Leeb; Arpad L. Scholtz
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High-sensitive excitonic receiver of IR coherent radiation with laser readout of information
Author(s): Gennadii K. Vlasov; Nikolaii A. Dolgikh; Vladimir A. Solomatin
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Optical subnet concept for the NASA Deep Space Network
Author(s): Kamran S. Shaik; Michael D. Wilhelm; Dennis Wonica
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Feedforward compensation of bending modes in high-performance optical mirrors
Author(s): Victor A. Skormin; Timothy E. Busch; Mark A. Tascillo
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SOLACOS YKS: optical high-data-rate communication system for intersatellite link applications
Author(s): Klaus Pribil; Ch. Serbe; Bernhard Wandernoth; Christoph Rapp
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SOLACOS: system implementation
Author(s): Klaus Pribil; A. Fleming
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Wavelength selection criteria for laser communications
Author(s): Kamran S. Shaik; Hamid Hemmati
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Preliminary result on laser communication experiment using Engineering Test Satellite-VI (ETS-VI)
Author(s): Yoshinori Arimoto; Morio Toyoshima; Masahiro Toyoda; Tetsuo Takahashi; Motokazu Shikatani; Kenichi Araki
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