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Optical Sensors for Environmental and Chemical Process Monitoring
Editor(s): Ishwar D. Aggarwal; Stuart Farquharson; Eric Koglin

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Volume Number: 2367
Date Published: 19 January 1995

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Capabilities and limitations of a cone-penetrometer-deployed fiber optic laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) petroleum oil and lubricant (POL) sensor
Author(s): William C. McGinnis; Michele Davey; Karina D. Wu; Stephen H. Lieberman
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Fiber optic infrared reflectance probe for detection of hydrocarbon fuels in soil
Author(s): Kenneth James Ewing; Tom G. Bilodeau; Gregory M. Nau; Ishwar D. Aggarwal; T. King; Roger Clark; George E. Robitaille
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Hazardous waste identification (HWI) system based on infrared-transmitting optical fibers and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy
Author(s): Mark A. Druy; Paul J. Glatkowski; Roy A. Bolduc; William A. Stevenson; Thomas C. Thomas
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Fiber optic biosensor for the detection of TNT
Author(s): Lisa C. Shriver-Lake; Kristen A. Breslin; Joel P. Golden; Linda L. Judd; John Choi; Frances S. Ligler
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Use of x-ray fluorescence for in-situ detection of metals
Author(s): W. T. Elam Elam; Robert R. Whitlock; John V. Gilfrich
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Pesticide sensing by surface-plasmon resonance
Author(s): Nadezhda A. Kalabina; Tatiana I. Ksenevich; Anatoli A. Beloglazov; Petr I. Nikitin
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Development of low-loss IR optical fibers for optical sensors
Author(s): Jasbinder Singh Sanghera; Ishwar D. Aggarwal
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Ultraviolet/visible (UV/VIS) spectral dissolution monitoring by in-situ fiber optic probes
Author(s): Dwight S. Walker; Alger Salt; Paul J. Gemperline; Jung Hwan Cho; Jennifer Gray
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Detection of trace levels of volatile organic compounds using fiber optic Raman spectrometry
Author(s): Kenneth James Ewing; Tom G. Bilodeau; Gregory M. Nau; Frank Bucholtz; Ishwar D. Aggarwal
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Environmentally stable optical filters for use in fluorescence chemical-sensing instrumentation
Author(s): Jamie Knapp; Charles A. Burke; Richard P. de Filippi
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Interferometric radiometer for continuous multicomponent monitoring
Author(s): James R. Engel; James J. Connolly
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Stretching and bending with flexible FTIR process monitors, probes, and software
Author(s): David C. Peters
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Fiber-remote reflectance spectroscopy with an optimized diffuse reflectance sensor system
Author(s): Richard D. Driver; Kirk P. Grim; G. Dewey; M. L. Brubaker
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Process monitoring and control of integrated-circuit manufacturing using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Shaohua Liu; John R. Haigis; Marie B. DiTaranto; Karen Kinsella; James R. Markham; Qi Li; David B. Fenner; Peter R. Solomon; Stuart Farquharson; Philip W. Morrison Jr.
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FTIR process monitoring of metal powder temperature and size distribution
Author(s): Peter A. Rosenthal; Joseph E. Cosgrove; John R. Haigis; James R. Markham; Peter R. Solomon; Stuart Farquharson; Philip W. Morrison Jr.; Stephen D. Ridder; Francis S. Biancaniello
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In-situ measurement of residual carbon content in flyash
Author(s): Anthony S. Bonanno; Kim S. Knight; Karen Kinsella; Michael A. Serio; Peter R. Solomon
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Clean air and water: applications of FTIR to environmental monitoring
Author(s): David C. Peters
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Novel integrated-optic chemical sensor for environmental monitoring and process control
Author(s): John G. Edwards
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On-line monitoring by Raman spectroscopy: instrument control and calibration
Author(s): Thomas J. Vickers; Charles K. Mann
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Chemical recognition software
Author(s): John S. Wagner; Michael W. Trahan; Willie E. Nelson; Philip J. Hargis Jr.; Gary C. Tisone
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On-line process applications development using a fiber optic-based Hewlett-Packard 8452A spectrophotometer
Author(s): Hans Vetter; Mike Ponstingl
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Field testing of a portable fiber optic chemical sensor
Author(s): James C. Wells; David A. Gobeli
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In situ detection of TNT contamination using electrochemical sensors in cone penetrometer system
Author(s): Ernesto R. Cespedes; Stafford S. Cooper; William M. Davis; William J. Buttner; William C. Vickers
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Laser fluorescence excitation-emission matrix (EEM) probe for cone penetrometer pollution analysis
Author(s): Jie Lin; Sean J. Hart; Todd A. Taylor; Jonathan E. Kenny
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Performance of the hybrid photomultiplier tube (HPMT)
Author(s): R. J. Schomaker
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Remote fiber optic dosimeter for detecting hydrazine vapor
Author(s): Charles M. Klimcak; Gouri Radhakrishnan; B. Jaduszliwer
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