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Optical Instrumentation for Gas Emissions Monitoring and Atmospheric Measurements
Editor(s): Michael G. Yost; William Vaughan; Dennis K. Killinger; Joseph Leonelli; Dennis K. Killinger; William Vaughan; Michael G. Yost

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Volume Number: 2366
Date Published: 10 February 1995

Table of Contents
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Rugged approach for hydrogen fluoride monitoring in aluminium smelters
Author(s): Bruno Leclerc; Sylvain Lord; Andre Morin; Bruno Labranche; Pierre Bernard; Pierre Galarneau
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Soil pore-gas sampling by photoacoustic radiometry
Author(s): Jon E. Sollid
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On-line detection of aromatic molecules in air
Author(s): Israel Schechter
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Remote passive optically addressed and encoded sensor for gaseous pollutants
Author(s): Frank Kvasnik; Nicola J. Hortin; Luis E. Norena-Franco
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Gas detection and monitoring with IR pyroelectric arrays
Author(s): Shankar B. Baliga; Alan P. Doctor
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Comparison of NH3 point monitoring and diode-laser-based path-integrated measurements
Author(s): Neil Goldstein; Steven C. Richtsmeier; Jamine Lee; Fritz Bien; Gregory J. Fetzer; K. W. Groff
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LASAIR: New remote sensing instruments based on near-infrared diode lasers
Author(s): Harold I. Schiff; Shachar D. Nadler; Gervase I. Mackay
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Improved cross-stack dust/opacity monitor
Author(s): Derek D. Stuart
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Mid-IR LEDs for broad-band optical gas-detection systems
Author(s): John R. Saffell; Sean Francois Johnston
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Digital signal processing for diode laser sensors
Author(s): Haris Riris; Clinton B. Carlisle; Russell E. Warren; Lewis W. Carr; David E. Cooper; Ramon U. Martinelli; Raymond J. Menna
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Room-temperature diode lasers operating at 2.78 um for enhanced CO2 detection
Author(s): Pamela K. York; Dmitri Z. Garbuzov; Hao Lee; Ramon U. Martinelli; Raymond J. Menna; S. Yegna Narayan
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Chemical vapor detection and mapping with a multispectral forward-looking infrared (FLIR)
Author(s): Mark L.G. Althouse; Chein-I Chang
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FTIR emission spectroscopy and modeling of radiative transfer through a layered plume: analysis of aircraft engine exhausts
Author(s): Joerg Heland; Klaus Schaefer; Rainer Haus
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Natural gas leak dispersion studies using an infrared gas-imaging system
Author(s): Thomas G. McRae; L. L. Tom Altpeter
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Design and use of the IR gas-cloud scanner for measurement and imaging of the spatial distribution of gases at workplaces
Author(s): Willem M. ter Kuile; J. J.F. van Veen; Bas Knoll
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Ultraviolet fluorescence identification of protein, DNA, and bacteria
Author(s): Philip J. Hargis Jr.; T. J. Sobering; Gary C. Tisone; John S. Wagner; Steve A. Young; R. J. Radloff
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Recent advances in FTIR technology
Author(s): Peter R. Solomon; Robert M. Carangelo; Martin D. Carangelo
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Lightweight standoff chemical agent detector
Author(s): John T. Ditillo; Robert L. Gross; Mark L.G. Althouse; William M. Lagna; William R. Loerop; Paul Deluca; Thomas G. Quinn; Larry B. Grim
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Field evaluation of Fourier transform infrared continuous emissions monitoring (FTIR CEM) systems
Author(s): Thomas A. Dunder; Thomas J. Geyer; Laura L. Kinner; Grant M. Plummer
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Offset scanning and field widening: maintaining the radiometric performance of a Fourier transform spectrometer (FTS) with high spectral discrimination capability
Author(s): James R. Engel; Rick K. Dorval
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Using beam-steering mirrors and long-distance sources to extend coverage of long-path FTIRs
Author(s): Robert L. Sandridge; Brian H. Peterson
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Determination of ammonia in flue gases: a comparison between continuous-monitoring systems
Author(s): Annika Johansson; Henrik Harnevie; Hakan Axelsson
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Application of FTIR to semiconductor emissions monitoring
Author(s): Robert L. Spellicy; J. P. LaCosse; David M. Hull; S. J. Cain; Gerald Pophal
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Generation of synthetic remote FTIR interferograms
Author(s): Larry B. Grim; Thomas C. Gruber Jr.; John T. Ditillo
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Radiation model for passive chemical detection
Author(s): Thomas C. Gruber Jr.; Larry B. Grim; John T. Ditillo
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Detection algorithm for gaseous pollutants using signal processing techniques on FTIR interferograms
Author(s): Joel M. Morris; Srinath Balasubramanian; Meijun Guo; Lalitha Sankaranarayanan
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Neural network and classical least squares methods for quantitative analysis in remote sensing FTIR systems
Author(s): C. David Wang; William T. Walter; Robert H. Kagann
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Field test on signal processing methods for passive FTIR remote sensing measurements
Author(s): Robert H. Kagann; William T. Walter; C. David Wang; Dale K. Kotter; Gary J. McManus
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DIAL calibration using external gas cells: the influence of variations in backscatter coefficient
Author(s): Harold Lees Walmsley
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Monitoring air pollutants with compact and mobile CO2-laser-based lidar
Author(s): Robert Lange; Wolfgang Diehl; P. Dinges; Michael Fiedler; E. Golusda; K. Luehmann
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Multiple volatile organic compound vapor chamber testing with a frequency-agile CO2 DIAL system: field-test results
Author(s): Lewis W. Carr; Russell E. Warren; Clinton B. Carlisle; Sylvie A. Carlisle; David E. Cooper; Leland Fletcher; Steven W. Gotoff; Felix Reyes
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Parallel test of two coherent infrared differential absorption lidars
Author(s): Peter I. Richter; I. Peczeli; Sz. Borocz; Laszlo Gazdag; L. Szalay; Tibor Karpati
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Airborne lidar system for pollution detection and mapping
Author(s): Phillip Ozdemir
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Extending the CO2 DIAL capability and incorporating point detectors data in concentration mapping
Author(s): Smadar Egert; David Peri; Joseph Sivan; Y. Felix; Yehezkel Baumgarte
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Atmospheric properties measurements and data collection from a hot-air balloon
Author(s): Steven M. Watson; N. Olson; R. P. Dalley; W. J. Bone; Robert T. Kroutil; Kenneth C. Herr; Jeff L. Hall; G. J. Schere; M. L. Polak; Thomas D. Wilkerson; Dennis M. Bodrero; R. O. Borys; D. Lowenthal
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Determination of vertical ozone profiles in the lower troposphere using estimates of the DIAL data quality
Author(s): Vladimir A. Kovalev; Raul J. Alvarez II
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Design and performance of a compact backscatter lidar for boundary-layer profiling
Author(s): David Lloyd Cunningham; Stephen E. Moody; William H. Pence
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High-power eye-safe 1.57-um optical parametric oscillator (OPO) lidar for atmospheric boundary-layer measurements
Author(s): Sarah Harrell-Klein; William E. Wilcox; Dennis K. Killinger; Glen A. Rines; Richard A. Schwarz
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Effect of speckle on coherent and incoherent Doppler lidar
Author(s): Kenneth W. Fischer; Wilbert R. Skinner
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Van-mounted UV-IR active/passive remote sensing system for chemical/biological warfare (CBW) and environmental applications
Author(s): John P. Kurmer; Joseph Leonelli
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Design of a differential radiometer for atmospheric radiative flux measurements
Author(s): Peter C. LaDelfe; Paul G. Weber; C. William Rodriguez
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Characterization of candidate DIAL lidar water-vapor and carbon dioxide absorption lines in the 2-um region
Author(s): Raymond M. Sova; Michael E. Thomas; David Tobin; Daniel Byrum; L. Larrabee Strow
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Multispectral ultraviolet fluorescence lidar for environmental monitoring
Author(s): Philip J. Hargis Jr.; Gary C. Tisone; John S. Wagner; Thomas D. Raymond; T. L. Downey
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Some new possibilities to design frequency-tunable lidars in the IR (2-14 um)
Author(s): Gennady I. Freidman; Guerman A. Pasmanik; Alexander A. Shilov; Darrel G. Peterson
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Multipass systems of new generation in high-resolution spectroscopy for fundamental and applied atmosphere investigations
Author(s): Semen M. Chernin
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Development and preliminary field evaluation of a field-of-view near-real-time 3D stack plume model developed for the measurement attributes of remote optical sensors
Author(s): James D. Barden; Robert T. Kroutil
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