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5th International Workshop on Digital Image Processing and Computer Graphics (DIP-94)
Editor(s): Nikolai A. Kuznetsov; Victor A. Soifer

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Volume Number: 2363
Date Published: 19 January 1995

Table of Contents
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Industrial inspection to spacecraft navigation: a tour de force of computer vision in Austria
Author(s): Wolfgang Poelzleitner
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Mysterium cerebrotopographicum
Author(s): Walter Schempp
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Thematic processing and retrieving of watermarks
Author(s): Viktor N. Karnaukhov; Emanuel Wenger; Nikolay S. Merzlyakov; A. Haidinger; F. Lackner
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Application of polynomial bases for image processing using sliding window
Author(s): Nicolay I. Glumov; Vladislav V. Myasnikov; Vladislav V. Sergeyev
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Quasi-statistical approach to the problem of stereo-image matching
Author(s): V. V. Mottl; A. V. Kopylov; A. B. Blinov; Sergey Yu. Zheltov
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Identification of optical distorting systems by selecting image informative fragments
Author(s): Vladimir A. Fursov
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Implementation of linear and nonlinear local filtering for object location
Author(s): Tatjana P. Belikova; Vladimir Lashin
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Las Vegas method of region-of-attraction enlargement in neural networks
Author(s): Y. Smetanin
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Automatic gray scale correction of video data
Author(s): Pavel A. Chochia
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Optimization of regularization operators for adaptive least-squares image restoration
Author(s): Bernhard O. Bundschuh
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Fourier transform in restoration problem
Author(s): Olga P. Miliukova
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Fractal features in image recognition
Author(s): N. Polikarpova
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Generalized spectral-analytic method: Part I theoretical foundations
Author(s): Aleksandr F. Dedus; Florentz F. Dedus; Sergey A. Makhortykh; Mikhail N. Ustinin
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Generalized spectral-analytic method: Part II applications
Author(s): Florentz F. Dedus; Sergey A. Makhortykh; Mikhail N. Ustinin
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Quality statistical analysis of a system for detecting objects on the image
Author(s): Edward I. Kolomiyetz; Vladislav V. Sergeyev
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Improvement of light efficiency of the optimal filter for optical pattern recognition
Author(s): Vitaly Kober; Leonid P. Yaroslavsky; Juan Carlos Campos Rubio; Maria Josefa Yzuel
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Arithmetic methods in the theory of discrete orthogonal transforms
Author(s): Vladimir M. Chernov
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Comparative analysis of the cosine-transform implementation versions for block image coding
Author(s): M. A. Chichyeva; A. V. Shabashov
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Table-type modular arithmetic processors for digital image processing
Author(s): A. Kolyada; E. Otlivanchik; V. Revinsky; A. Vasilevitch
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Spline and sinc signal interpolations in image geometrical transforms
Author(s): Vitaly Kober; Michael A. Unser; Leonid P. Yaroslavsky
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Computer-generated display macro holograms
Author(s): Viktor N. Karnaukhov; Nikolay S. Merzlyakov; Mikhail G. Mozerov; Leonid P. Yaroslavsky; Leonid I. Dimitrov; Emanuel Wenger
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Computer-generated true-color rainbow holograms
Author(s): Mikhail G. Mozerov; Nikolay S. Merzlyakov
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Production of diffractive lenses by spatial-frequency multiplication
Author(s): Grigoriy I. Greisukh; Sergei A. Stepanov
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Iterative weight-based method for calculating kinoforms
Author(s): Victor V. Kotlyar; P. G. Seraphimovich; Victor A. Soifer
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Bessel-mode formers
Author(s): Svetlana N. Khonina; Victor V. Kotlyar
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Polarization modifying kinoforms
Author(s): Victor V. Kotlyar; Oleg Kamilevich Zalyalov
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Correlation methods in polychromatic objects recognition: application of lithographic filters
Author(s): Maria Josefa Yzuel; Ignacio Soriano Moreno; Montserrat Corbalan-Fuertes; Esmail Ahouzi; Maria Sagrario Millan Garcia-Verela; F. Turon; Christophe Gorecki; Juan Carlos Campos Rubio
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Nonlinear filtering of images in optical-digital processors
Author(s): Tomasz Szoplik
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Visualizing different kinds of 3D data sets in a uniform and comprehensive manner
Author(s): Leonid I. Dimitrov; Igor Hollaender; Milos Sramek
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Calculation of compound shape elements (rosette-like) on the blood preparation image
Author(s): N. Yu. Iliasova; S. G. Kichenko; Alexey V. Ustinov
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Method for distinguishing and quantitative evaluation of the elements of pathological pattern of the retina (pathology of microcirculation)
Author(s): S. L. Brantchevsky; Y. V. Vasiliev; A. B. Durasov; N. Yu. Iliasova; Alexey V. Ustinov
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Image-processing hardware and software for speckle dynamics analysis
Author(s): Alexander Petrovich Vladimirov; Oleg V. Golub; Vladimir I. Mikushin
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Optical-digital method for detecting distortions of microcrystal structure on a tear crystallogram
Author(s): Svetlana N. Khonina; Victor V. Kotlyar; Victor A. Soifer; T. P. Dvoryanova
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Phase diffractive optical elements calculation using a generalized projections method
Author(s): Michael A. Golub; Vladimir S. Pavelyev; Victor A. Soifer
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Comparison of caustics for lenses and optical elements, forming diffraction-free beams
Author(s): Irena Georgievna Palchikova
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Software on diffractive optics and computer-generated holograms
Author(s): Leonid L. Doskolovich; Michael A. Golub; Nikolay L. Kazanskiy; Alexander G. Khramov; Vladimir S. Pavelyev; P. G. Seraphimovich; Victor A. Soifer; S. G. Volotovskiy
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Calculation of the field formed by a focusator illuminated by Gaussian-Hermite beams
Author(s): Nikolay L. Kazanskiy; Sergey I. Kharitonov; Victor A. Soifer
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Fabrication of diffractive optical elements by direct laser-writing with circular scanning
Author(s): Voldemar Petrovich Koronkevich; Valery P. Kiryanov; Victor Pavlovich Korolkov; Alexander G. Poleshchuk; Vadim V. Cherkashin; Evgeny G. Churin; Andrey A. Kharissov
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Adaptive method of lossless compression of color images
Author(s): Ilia M. Bockstein
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Optimal losses in image compression: variable quantization based on the multilayer source model
Author(s): Vadim B. Tkhor
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Image scanning in machine vision leads to new understanding of image
Author(s): N. G. Fedotov; Alexander A. Kadyrov
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