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Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XIII: 3D Vision, Product Inspection, and Active Vision
Editor(s): David P. Casasent

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Volume Number: 2354
Date Published: 13 October 1994

Table of Contents
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Vision-based tracking system for control of convoys
Author(s): Ettore Stella; Francesco P. Lovergine; Tiziana D'Orazio; Arcangelo Distante
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Multiple-frame motion estimation using simple region features
Author(s): Ronald D. Chaney
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Time to contact from active tracking of motion boundaries
Author(s): Shanon Xuan Ju; Michael J. Black
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Observer curve and object detection from the optic flow
Author(s): Anuj Dev; Ben J.A. Krose; Leo Dorst; Francis C.A. Groen
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Robust and incremental active contour models for object-tracking
Author(s): Roger A. Samy; Jean-Francois Bonnet
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Steering a mobile robot in real time
Author(s): Mei C. Chuah; Claude L. Fennema Jr.
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Visual fixation invariant
Author(s): Daniel Raviv; Nissim Ozery
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Purposeful gazing in active vision through phase-based disparity and dynamic vergence control
Author(s): Liwei Wu; Michael M. Marefat
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Analysis of errors in dimensional inspection based on active vision
Author(s): Christopher C. Yang; Michael M. Marefat; Frank W. Ciarallo
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Multiscale filter-bank approach to camera-movement control in active vision systems
Author(s): Rajesh P.N. Rao; Dana H. Ballard
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Pragmatic approach to visual serving of robots in a vision-oriented workcell
Author(s): W. S. Wijesoma; D. F. H. Wolfe; R. J. Richards
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Three-dimensional line following using omnidirectional vision
Author(s): Ron T. Elkins; Ernest L. Hall
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Reconstruction of rectangles from projections: an application to surface-mounted device placement
Author(s): Concettina Guerra; Elias N. Houstis; Anupam Joshi
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Show-and-go self-training qualitative package appearance inspection system
Author(s): Bruce E. Smyth
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Laser triangulation technique for textured surface shape analysis in industrial applications
Author(s): Fernando D. Carvalho; Roger Davies; Joao Dinis; C. A. O. Malta; Antonio S. Guedes; J. F. Silva
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Unsupervised classification of ultrasonic nondestructive testing (NDT) data
Author(s): Ilkka Ylaekoski
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Contour analysis algorithms for high-speed inspection
Author(s): Knut Kille
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Experiments with two industrial problems using texture classification based on feature distributions
Author(s): Matti Pietikaeinen; Timo Ojala; Jarkko Nisula; Jouni Heikkinen
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AutoLab: a robotics solution for flexible laboratory automation
Author(s): Nizam Ahmed; Arcot Sowmya
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Sequential algorithms for the inspection of surface-mounted devices
Author(s): Jose Mario Gallegos; Jesus Rene Villalobos; Sergio D. Cabrera
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Exterior orientation by direct depth reconstruction
Author(s): Chien-Ping Lu; Eric Mjolsness
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Real-time imaging with mega-pixel charge-coupled devices
Author(s): Albert J. P. Theuwissen; Jan T. Bosiers; H. Heijns; Gregory Kreider; Herman L. Peek; E. Roks; Chris J. Schaeffer; Holger Stoldt
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Tracking range discontinuities in dynamic scenes: smart-range camera
Author(s): Mats Blomquist; Ake V. Wernersson
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Automatic calibration of a range camera using motion
Author(s): Johan Forsberg
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Module approach for high-resolution imaging
Author(s): Peter C. J. van de Rijt; Engbert Tienkamp
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Self-calibration of a stereo system using matched points: application to biplane x-ray imaging
Author(s): Farida Cheriet; Jean Meunier; Jacques Lesperance; Michel J. Bertrand
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Heuristic edge detector for noisy range images
Author(s): Kung Chris Wu
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Object identification employing surface markings
Author(s): Timothy J. Ellis; Thierry Dommes
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Robot location using vision to recognize artificial landmarks
Author(s): Joaquin Salas; Jose Luis Gordillo
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Using angle densities for 3D recognition
Author(s): Raashid Malik; Taegkeun Whangbo
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Iterative refining algorithm for regularization
Author(s): Francesco P. Lovergine; Ettore Stella; Arcangelo Distante
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Shape feature variation for recognition
Author(s): Raashid Malik; Hyeon-June Kim
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Detection of corners on 3D space curves
Author(s): Stan Z. Li; Han Wang; T. H. Ang; K. M. Bey
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Distance recovery of 3D objects from stereo images using Hough transform
Author(s): Albert J. Parent; Patrick S. P. Wang
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Depth map from a sequence of two monocular images
Author(s): M. Ali Taalebinezhaad; Denis Poussart
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Depth perception using crossed-looking stereo vision system
Author(s): Chih-Ping Yeh
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Pyramidal robust estimation of the depth-from-motion
Author(s): Jean-Luc Sune; Roger A. Samy
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New triangulation method by coding contour
Author(s): Abdelmalik Taleb-Ahmed; Serge Reboul; J. B. Choquel; Franck Dufrenois; Jean-Paul Dubus
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Three conditions for reliable surface recovery: robustness, viewpoint invariance, and stability
Author(s): Patrick Hebert; Denis Laurendeau
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Three-dimensional reconstruction based on a foveal sensing technique
Author(s): Terence K. L. Goh
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Analyzing generalized tubes
Author(s): Ari David Gross
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Intensity-based stereo vision: from 3D to 3D
Author(s): Zeng Fu Wang; Noboru Ohnishi
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Phase-shifting digital projection system for surface profile measurement
Author(s): Chi-Shing Chan; Anand Krishna Asundi
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Specular and transparent objects in moving range cameras: active reduction of ambiguities
Author(s): Jonas Nygards; Ake V. Wernersson
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Accuracy of scene reconstruction with an active stereo vision system using motorized zoom lenses
Author(s): Peter Weckesser; Ruediger Dillmann
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Performance verification of the anisotropic diffusion technique for range image smoothing
Author(s): Manickam Umasuthan; Andrew M. Wallace
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Contours interpolation using `snake' application to 3D reconstruction from scanner images
Author(s): Franck Dufrenois; Abdelmalik Taleb-Ahmed; T. Saint Michel; Jean-Paul Dubus; J. F. Deleume; D. Caparros-Lefebvre
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Three-dimensional structure estimation for vision-based robotics
Author(s): Naser Prljaca; Hugh McCabe
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