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Interferometry '94: Interferometric Fiber Sensing
Editor(s): Eric Udd; Ralph P. Tatam

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Volume Number: 2341
Date Published: 30 November 1994

Table of Contents
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Nonlinear methods for distributed optical fiber sensing
Author(s): Alan J. Rogers; Vincent A. Handerek
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Fiber gratings for distributed sensors
Author(s): Lech Wosinski; Bengt Sahlgren; Magnus Breidne; Raoul Stubbe; Jean-Pierre Betend-Bon
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Polarimetric fiber optic sensors: state of the art and future
Author(s): Andrzej W. Domanski; Tomasz R. Wolinski; Wojtek J. Bock
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Deformation effects in highly birefringent optical fibers for polarimetric sensors
Author(s): Tomasz R. Wolinski
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Polarization methods for raising the level of an intelligence signal in fiber optical sensors using a single light guide
Author(s): Victor L. Kolpashchikov; Oleg G. Martynenko; Michael I. Shribak
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Sensing and instrumentation applications of the Sagnac fiber optic interferometer
Author(s): Eric Udd
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New description of interference in fiber optics including coherence and polarization
Author(s): Leszek R. Jaroszewicz; Marek Andrzej Kojdecki
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Application of the Sagnac fiber optic interferometer for measurements of dynamic characteristics of phase elements
Author(s): Leszek R. Jaroszewicz
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Detection of phase disturbance in the fiber optic Sagnac interferometer
Author(s): Mieczyslaw Szustakowski; Leszek R. Jaroszewicz
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Distributed fiber optic sensor based on the Sagnac interferometer with the location of a disturbance
Author(s): Mieczyslaw Szustakowski; Leszek R. Jaroszewicz; Aleksander Kiezun
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Faraday effect sensors for magnetic field and electric current
Author(s): Gordon W. Day; Merritt N. Deeter; Allen H. Rose; Kent B. Rochford
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Fiber optic liquid crystalline hydrostatic pressure sensor with gradient-index rod lenses
Author(s): Tomasz R. Wolinski; Leszek Rafal Staronski; Aleksandra Jarmolik; Andrzej W. Domanski
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High-frequency pulsed-diode laser anemometry
Author(s): Robert A. Lockey; Ralph P. Tatam
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Characterization of an LiNbO3 imbalanced interferometric modulator with a polarization-independent behavior
Author(s): Jerome Hauden; Henri Porte; Jean-Pierre Goedgebuer
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Passive signal processing of miniature Fabry-Perot interferometric sensors
Author(s): Abdelouahed Ezbiri; Ralph P. Tatam
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Fiber optic grating interferometer for in-plane displacement measurement
Author(s): Anna Kozlowska
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Smart structures: the role of fiber optics
Author(s): Brian Culshaw; W. Craig Michie; Peter T. Gardiner
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Characterization of elliptical-core side-hole fibers for interferometric pressure sensing
Author(s): Wojtek J. Bock; Waclaw Urbanczyk; Jan Wojcik
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Passive and active in-line fiber components using high index overlays on monomode optical fiber
Author(s): Robbie B. Charters; Andrzej P. Kuczynski; Steven E. Staines; Ralph P. Tatam; Geoffrey J. Ashwell
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Use of a grating interferometer for the demodulation of white-light interferometric sensors
Author(s): Hassan Akhouayri; Hugues Giovannini; Serge J. Huard; Michel Lequime
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Birefringent-fiber wavelength filters
Author(s): Helen D. Ford; Ralph P. Tatam
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Optical interference in few-mode fibers: effect of temporal and spatial coherence
Author(s): Petr Hlubina
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Interferometric effects in bend loss in buffered single- and overmoded optical fibers
Author(s): Frank M. Haran; James S. Barton; Julian D. C. Jones
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Sensor applications of two-mode fiber in the Michelson interferometer configuration
Author(s): Petr Hlubina; Pavel Prochazka
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Refractive-index phase transducer
Author(s): Aleksander Kiezun; Leszek R. Jaroszewicz; Jerzy Ostrowski; Mieczyslaw Szustakowski
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Passive homodyne phase demodulator with digital processing
Author(s): Mieczyslaw Szustakowski; Wieslaw M. Ciurapinski; Andrzej Maciejak; Janusz Wrobel
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Engineering applications of optical fiber interferometers
Author(s): Julian D. C. Jones
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Scanning local probe interferometer and reflectometer: application to very low relief objects
Author(s): O. Bergossi; Michel Spajer
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Endoscopic moirÚ metrology
Author(s): Lech Wosinski; Rainer Schumann
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Fiber laser Doppler sensors for diagnostics of liquid and gas flows
Author(s): Bronius S. Rinkevichius; A. V. Stepanov; A. V. Tolkachev
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Fiber optic sensor for absolute measurement of rotation angles
Author(s): Horst Kreitlow; U. Samuels
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