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Microelectronics Technology and Process Integration
Editor(s): Fusen E. Chen; Shyam P. Murarka

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Volume Number: 2335
Date Published: 9 September 1994

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Chemical mechanical planarization of multilayer dielectric stacks
Author(s): Manoj K. Jain; Girish A. Dixit; Michael F. Chisholm; Thomas R. Seha; Kelly J. Taylor; Gregory B. Shinn; Robert H. Havemann
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Planarization using chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) on a 16-megabit SRAM with quadruple polysilicon stacks
Author(s): Kathleen A. Perry; Sandya Radhakrishna; Craig Lage; Franklin Nkansah; Victor Pol; Thom Kobayashi; Jeff P. West; Phil Crabtree
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Spin-on-glass (SOG) partial etch-back planarization process with 0.4-um gap filling ability
Author(s): Maurizio Bacchetta; Chiara Zaccherini
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Issues associated with submicron via formation
Author(s): Kevin C. Brown; Estrella Alarcon
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Plasma etching of high-temperature-deposited AlSiCu for submicron ULSI manufacturing
Author(s): Lianjun Liu; Fang Hong Gn; Ronfu Chu; Che-Chia Wei
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New route to thermal dry-etching of copper using hydrogen peroside (H2O2) and hexafluoroacetylacetone (HFACH)
Author(s): Ajay Jain; Toivo T. Kodas; Mark J. Hampden-Smith
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Surface charging effect on microloading for sub-quarter-micron contact etching
Author(s): Ki-Soo Shin; Hae-Sung Park; Soo-Han Choi
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Planar multilevel metallization technologies for ULSI devices
Author(s): Zheng Xu; Ken Ngan; Jim VanGogh; Rod Mosely; Yoichiro Tanaka; H. Kieu; Fusen E. Chen; Ivo J. Raaijmakers
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Copper interconnection schemes: elimination of the need of diffusion barrier/adhesion promoter by the use of corrosion-resistant low-resistivity-doped copper
Author(s): Shyam P. Murarka; J. M. Neirynck; William A. Lanford; W. Wang; Pei-jun Ding
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Manufacturing issues in copper chemical vapor deposition processes
Author(s): Tue Nguyen; Lynn R. Allen; Sheng Teng Hsu
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Comparison study between tungsten and aluminum plug for submicrometer contact via manufacturing
Author(s): Fang Hong Gn; Lianjun Liu; Michael Guo
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Effects of tungsten deposition on site focal plane deviation
Author(s): John Coniff; Stephen Dellarochetta; Terry L. Von Salza Brown
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Wirebond pull test failures at rapid thermal processes (RTP) TiN/BPSG interface
Author(s): David L. O'Meara
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Improved aluminum plug process for submicron via filling
Author(s): Hong Yang; Yih-Shung Lin; Loc Nguyen; De-Dui Liao; J. Worley; Greg Smith; Fu-Tai Liou
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High rate premetallization sputter etching of submicron vias using a high-density dual-frequency plasma source
Author(s): Eldon Chen; Sunnys Hsieh; Ting-Huang Lin; Murali K. Narasimhan; Mark Mueller; John C. Egermeier; George Proulx; Yen Liang Ling; Jean Wang
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Laser-induced microfracture leading to high-density metal-to-metal connections
Author(s): Joseph B. Bernstein; Thomas M. Ventura; Aaron T. Radomski
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As-deposited properties and rapid thermal annealing effects on Ti/TiN barrier layer for aluminum plug technology
Author(s): De-Dui Liao; Yih-Shung Lin; Hong Yang; Howard Witham; Javier Saenz; Jeff S. May; Jen-Jiang J. Lee
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Analytic models and parametric investigations of IBE and RIE mechanisms for GaAs compounds
Author(s): K. Ketata; Serge Koumetz; Mohamed Ketata; Roland Debrie
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Three-dimensional laser micromachining
Author(s): Lijun Li
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Analysis and design considerations for manufacturable and reliable 0.18-micron N-MOSFETs
Author(s): Shyam Krishnamurthy; S. Jallepalli; ChohFei Yeap; Khaled Hasnat; Christine M. Maziar; Al F. Tasch Jr.
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Analysis and modeling of submicron drain-offset polysilicon thin film transistors (TFTs)
Author(s): John Damiano Jr.; Le-Tien Jung; Sanjay K. Banerjee; S. Batra; M. Manning; C. Dennison
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New hot-carrier-resistant P-I-N MOSFET structure
Author(s): Le-Tien Jung; Indrajit Manna; Swapan Bhattacharya; Sanjay K. Banerjee
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Crystal-free and low-flow-angle ILD by using in situ SACVD/PE BPSG for 0.5-um application
Author(s): Hung-Chi Yen; Ben-Yih Jin; Cliff Wong; Peter Chow; Daniel Yen; Joseph Hu; Joe S. Su; Jean Wang
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Thin-gate dielectric films grown in N2O and O2 using rapid thermal oxidation
Author(s): John M. Grant; Tzu Yen Hsieh; Victoria L. Shannon
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High-quality sub-5-nm oxynitride dielectric films grown on silicon in a nitric oxide ambient using rapid thermal processing
Author(s): Ze-Qiang Yao; H. Barry Harrison; Sima Dimitrijev; Y. T. Yeow
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Model for the growth of oxides in N2O
Author(s): Sima Dimitrijev; H. Barry Harrison; Denis R. Sweatman
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Characterization of a high-quality and UV-transparent PECVD silicon nitride film for nonvolatile memory applications
Author(s): Chin Kun Wang; T. L. Ying; C. S. Wei; L. M. Liu; Huang-Chung Cheng; M. S. Lin
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Submicron-size laser treatment of the solid state surface
Author(s): Vasily V. Valyavko; Vladimir P. Osipov
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New conception in transistor technology using nonhomogenous temperature field
Author(s): J. Kaupuzs; Arthur Medvids
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Chemical Vapor deposition (CVD) TiN: a barrier metallization for submicron via and contact applications
Author(s): Karl A. Littau; Rod Mosely; M. Eizenberg; Hung V. Tran; Ashok K. Sinha; Girish A. Dixit; Manoj K. Jain; Michael F. Chisholm; Robert H. Havemann
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