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Second International Symposium on Advanced Laser Technologies
Editor(s): Vladimir I. Pustovoy; Miroslav Jelinek

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Volume Number: 2332
Date Published: 12 December 1994

Table of Contents
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Laser annealing of thin semiconductor films
Author(s): Johannes Boneberg; J. Nedelcu; Ernst Bucher; Paul Leiderer
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Formation of ohmic contacts to Si and InP by laser-stimulated diffusion methods
Author(s): G. N. Mikhailova; A. V. Chankin; E. N. Lubnin; A. L. Mikhailichenko; A. S. Seferov; A. Yu. Bonchik; S. G. Kiyak; A. V. Pokhmuskaya; Vinoy K. Jain
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Optically induced changes of magnetization of YBaCuO samples: crucial examination of the states with fractional statistics in high-Tc cuprates
Author(s): Valerii P. Aksenov; Kirill A. Prokhorov
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Laser processing of Y1Ba2Cu3O7 superconducting thin films
Author(s): Peter A. Atanasov; Rumen I. Tomov; Valery S. Serbezov
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Structural transformation in laser processing of steel
Author(s): A. Barborica; Valentin S. Teodorescu; Ion N. Mihailescu; Giuseppe Daurelio; Luigi Cento
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Laser welding in optoelectronics
Author(s): Jiri Dunovsky; Elemer Kuchar; Ivo Aubrecht; Ivan Huettel
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Pulsed laser deposition of multilayered structures
Author(s): Miroslav Jelinek; V. Olsan; V. Trtik
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Resonance photodesorption of atoms from a surface of solids
Author(s): Alexey M. Bonch-Bruevich; Sergey G. Przhibilskii; V. V. Khromov
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Numerical investigation of laser slip-flow gas mixture separation
Author(s): A. S. Lagutchev; Yu. N. Petrov
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Resonant electromagnetic field effect on dimers
Author(s): V. V. Maksimov; A. N. Orlov; Alexander M. Prokhorov
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Integration of photochemical processes of silicon surface cleaning with deposition of thin solid films
Author(s): A. P. Alekhin; Yu. S. Bokov; L. A. V'iukov; A. M. Markeev; V. N. Nevolin; N. S. Samsonov; V. Yu. Fominski
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Nonlinear optical properties of CuCl nanocrystallites
Author(s): Bernd Hoenerlage; Roland Levy
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Preparation and optical properties of porous silicon
Author(s): V. A. Karavanskii; Anton P. Maslov
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Novel technique for porous Si film preparation
Author(s): V. I. Beklemyshev; V. M. Gontar; Vlad V. Levenets; I. I. Makhonin
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Near-infrared laser production of fullerenes
Author(s): Leos Laska; Josef Krasa; Libor Juha; Vera Hamplova; Ladislav Soukup
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Fluorescence of porous glass doped by C60
Author(s): S. B. Korovin; Vladimir I. Pustovoy
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Nondestructive method for visualization of free carrier accumulations in standard semiconductors wafers
Author(s): Oleg V. Astafiev; Victor P. Kalinushkin; Vladimir A. Yuryev
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Application of IR laser light scattering for nondestructive control of near-surface regions in semiconductor substrates
Author(s): Victor P. Kalinushkin; D. I. Murin; Vladimir A. Yuryev; Oleg V. Astafiev; A I. Buvaltsev
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Remarkable properties of an optical parametric oscillator with multiple frequencies
Author(s): M. V. Komissarova; Anatoli P. Sukhorukov
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