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Biomedical Optoelectronic Devices and Systems II
Editor(s): Nathan I. Croitoru; Norbert Kroo; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Riccardo Pratesi; Juergen M. Wolfrum

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Volume Number: 2328
Date Published: 22 December 1994

Table of Contents
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Transmission characteristics of polyimide-coated silver hollow glass waveguides for medical applications
Author(s): Yuji Kato; Mitsuo Osawa; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Masaru Aizawa; Shin-ichi Abe; Shinji Onodera
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Pulsed-laser transmission by the flexible waveguides
Author(s): Israel Gannot; Jacob Dror; Nathan I. Croitoru; Johannes Tschepe; Stephan Schruender; Gerhard J. Mueller
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CO2 laser power delivery using TeX glass fiber
Author(s): Xian-Hua Zhang; Hong Li Ma; Chantal Blanchetiere; Jacques Lucas; Pierre Froissart; J. C. Farcy
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Transmission properties of cylindrical hollow waveguides at 2.9 um
Author(s): Gorazd Poberaj; Marko Marincek; Matjaz Lukac; Jacob Dror; Nathan I. Croitoru
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Scattering phenomenon investigation of the guiding surface of infrared waveguides for application in medicine
Author(s): Reuben Dahan; Alexandra Inberg; Jacob Dror; Nathan I. Croitoru
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Infrared laser power transmission and simultaneous temperature measurements using silver halide multimode bifurcated coupler
Author(s): Ophir Eyal; Shaul Shalem; Abraham Katzir
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Light concentration by modified fiber tips and attached scalpel probes
Author(s): Ivan S. Melnik; Nikolay A. Denisov; Igor Kravchenko
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Optical fiber diffusive tip designs for medical laser-lightguide delivery systems
Author(s): Janis Spigulis; Daumants Pfafrods; Maris Stafeckis
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MIR polycrystalline fibers in the power and remote control delivery systems
Author(s): Vjacheslav G. Artioushenko; Alexander P. Kryukov; E. F. Kuzin; Alexander A. Lerman; Alexander M. Prokhorov; Wolfgang Neuberger
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Measurement of penetration of haematoporphyrin derivative (HpD) encapsulated in liposomes into normal skin of female hairless rats by a tape stripping technique
Author(s): M. L. Fenaux; Dominique Notter; P. Labrude; C. Vigneron; Francois H. Guillemin
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Medical image processing system
Author(s): Dezong Wang; Jinxiang Wang
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Method of oxygenation saturation evaluation of stomach mucous after subtotal cancer resection
Author(s): N. M. Kuzin; Victor B. Loschenov; Alexander A. Stratonnikov; O. V. Artemjeva; V. V. Levkin; Sergey S. Kharnas
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Raman spectroscopy for cancer detection: instrument development and tissue diagnosis
Author(s): Ramasamy Manoharan; Yang Wang; Nada N. Boustany; James F. Brennan III; Joseph J. Baraga; Ramachandra R. Dasari; Jacques Van Dam; Samuel Singer; Michael S. Feld
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Detector for two-dimensional time-resolved photon counting
Author(s): Malte Koellner; Peter Fischer; John S. McCaskill
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Laser microtreatment for genetic manipulations and DNA diagnostics by a combination of microbeam and photonic tweezers (laser microbeam trap)
Author(s): Karl-Otto Greulich; Shamci Monajembashi; D. Celeda; N. Endlich; Holger Eickhoff; Carsten Hoyer; G. Leitz; Gerd Weber; J. Scheef; H. Rueterjans
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Optical trapping and manipulation of single cells and motile microorganisms by laser diode radiation
Author(s): Carlo Frediani; Cesare Ascoli; S. Lucia; P. Verkerk; L. Guidoni; A. Fioretti; Ennio Arimondo
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Murine fibroblasts transfection by laser optoporation: preliminary notes on the use of a visible wavelength
Author(s): Giuseppe Palumbo; Mario F. Tecce; Giuseppe Roberti; Alberto Colasanti
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Spontaneous oscillations in the peripheral circulation system as measured by photoplethysmography
Author(s): Meir Nitzan; Hedzer de Boer; Sergei Turivnenko; Anatoly Babchenko; Dan Sapoznikov
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Laser-excited fluorescence spectrometric system for tissue diagnostics
Author(s): Natalia N. Zharkova; Dmitrij N. Kozlov; Yu. N. Polivanov; R. L. Pykhov; V. V. Smirnov
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Identification of haematic cells by spectroscopic analysis of the intrinsic fluorescence
Author(s): Monica Monici; Giovanni Agati; Franco Fusi; Pietro Antonio Bernabei; Roberto Caporale; Pierluigi Rossi Ferrini; Anna Cleta Croce; Giovanni F. Bottiroli; Stefano Cioncolini; Alberto Innocenti; Riccardo Pratesi
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Biophoton emission from blood serum of diabetic patients
Author(s): R. Van Wijk; F. A. C. Wiegant; Fritz Albert Popp; G. E. M. G. Storms
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Multifunctional equipment for whole blood chemiluminescence measurements and its applications
Author(s): Norman M. Salansky; Natalia Filonenko
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Combined system for high time resolution dual excitation fluorescence photometry and fluorescence imaging of calcium transients in single normal and diseased skeletal muscle fibers
Author(s): Dietmar Uttenweiler; Reinhold Wojciechowski; Makoto Makabe; Claudia Veigel; Rainer H.A. Fink
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Contractile properties of myofibrillar bundles and fusion of sarcolemma vesicles of normal and diseased skeletal muscle using UV-laser microbeam dissection and IR-optical trapping
Author(s): Claudia Veigel; Dorothea von Pfeil; Abdellah Harim; Rainer H.A. Fink
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Optical characteristics of side-firing fibers for laser prostatectomy
Author(s): Remco J. van Vliet; David G. Molenaar; Christiaan F. P. van Swol; Tom A. Boon; Rudolf M. Verdaasdonck
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Novel design: sliding discharge plasma cathode hf laser in multicomponent tissue ablation
Author(s): Alexander A. Serafetinides; Mersini I. Makropoulou; G. N. Tsikrikas; Alexandros Papayannis; B. Arapoglou; A. Pafiti; P. Demakakos
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Very compact all solid state fluorescence lifetime measurement system: preliminary results
Author(s): Rainer Erdmann; Gerald Kell; Rolf Krahl; Uwe Ortmann; Wolfgang Becker; Joerg Enderlein; Edgar O. Klose
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In vivo optical coherence tomography of human skin microstructure
Author(s): Alexander M. Sergeev; Valentin M. Gelikonov; Grigory V. Gelikonov; Felix I. Feldchtein; Kirill I. Pravdenko; Dmitry V. Shabanov; Natalia D. Gladkova; Vitaly Pochinko; V. Zhegalov; G. Dmitriev; I. Vazina; Galina P. Petrova; Nikolai K. Nikulin
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Hollow waveguides as delivery systems
Author(s): Nathan I. Croitoru
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