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14th Annual BACUS Symposium on Photomask Technology and Management
Editor(s): William L. Brodsky; Gilbert V. Shelden

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Volume Number: 2322
Date Published: 7 December 1994

Table of Contents
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Mask making: today's enabling technology
Author(s): Stephen E. Cooper
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Meeting the challenge of advanced lithography reticle inspection
Author(s): Larry S. Zurbrick; Stephen D. Kirkish
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Focused ion beam phase-shift mask repair (fib or fact?)
Author(s): Roswitha Remling
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Focused ion beam (FIB) repair of embedded shifter masks
Author(s): John C. Morgan; David C. Ferranti; Chris Pennelli; A. Saxonis; William C. Joyce
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High-resolution UV laser repair of phase-shifting photomasks
Author(s): Baorui Yang; Yung-Ho Chuang; Kuo-Ching Liu
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Technical performance of the ALTA-3000 laser writer
Author(s): Brian J. Grenon; D. C. Defibaugh; Donna M. Sprout; Henry Chris Hamaker; Peter D. Buck
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Advanced mask and reticle generation using EBES4
Author(s): David M. Walker; D. C. Fowlis; Sheldon M. Kugelmass; K. A. Murray; C. M. Rose
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Improved excimer laser pattern generator for photomask fabrication
Author(s): James L. Speidell; Steven A. Cordes; A. Ferry
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MEBES 4000 optimization and characterization of MEBES 4500
Author(s): Jim DeWitt; J. Millino; Joe Watson; Robert L. Dean; Frederick Raymond III; D. McClure; Leonard Gasiorek; Frank E. Abboud; Robert J. Naber
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Evaluation of image-placement distortion contributors of the EL-3+ electron-beam lithography system in x-ray mask fabrication
Author(s): Denise M. Puisto; Mark Lawliss
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PBS resist profile studies for submicron mask lithography
Author(s): Robert L. Dean; Homer Y. Lem; Charles A. Sauer; Hong Chang
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Initial results for a PBS replacement resist
Author(s): Barry Rockwell; Wolfgang Staud; Larry J. Watson
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Reticle processes for 256-Mbit DRAM
Author(s): Kazuhiko Sumi; Yutaka Miyahara
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Investigation of a negative i-line resist with the CORE-2564 laser writer
Author(s): Brian J. Grenon; Donna M. Sprout; William A. Aaskov; Peter D. Buck
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Mask industry quality assessment
Author(s): Al Strott; Larry Bassist
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Photomask cleaning: areas for future focus
Author(s): Rajeev R. Singh
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Design and fabrication of soft defect test reticles
Author(s): Steven J. Schuda; Donald Parker
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Effect of pressure differentials on pelliclized photomasks
Author(s): Robert W. Murphy; Rick Boyd
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Advanced pelliclization techniques
Author(s): Carl Johnson; Eric T. Chase
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CD data requirements for proximity effect corrections
Author(s): Richard C. Henderson; Oberdan W. Otto
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Optical proximity correction: a first look at manufacturability
Author(s): Lars W. Liebmann; Brian J. Grenon; Mark A. Lavin; Stephen Schomody; Thomas Zell
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Optimizing proximity correction for wafer fabrication processes
Author(s): John P. Stirniman; Michael L. Rieger
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Design optimization of optical proximity correction mask for device manufacturing
Author(s): Emiko Sugiura; Hisashi Watanabe; Tadashi Imoriya; Yoshihiro Todokoro
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Reticle correction technique to minimize lens distortion effects
Author(s): Warren W. Flack; Gary E. Flores; Alan D. Walther; Manny Ferreira
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Toppan's work on phase-shift mask for 64MDRAM
Author(s): Yoshiro Yamada; Kazuaki Chiba; Eisei Karikawa; Katsuhiro Kinemura; Masao Otaki
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Chromium-based attenuated phase shifter for DUV exposure
Author(s): Hiroshi Mohri; Masahiro Takahashi; Koichi Mikami; Hiroyuki Miyashita; Naoya Hayashi; Hisatake Sano
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Chromium-based attenuated embedded shifter preproduction
Author(s): Franklin D. Kalk; Roger H. French; H. Ufuk Alpay; Greg P. Hughes
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Phase-shift mask metrology using scatterometry
Author(s): Susan M. Wilson; Herschel M. Marchman; S. Sohail H. Naqvi; John Robert McNeil
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Quality assurance of focused ion beam (FIB) repaired areas
Author(s): Koji Hiruta; Hideyuki Kanemitsu; Akira Morishige
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Predicting mask yields through the use of a yield model
Author(s): Andrew D. Pond
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Optimizing 0.25-um lithography using confocal microscopy
Author(s): Robert E. Colgan; Herschel M. Marchman
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Implementation of high-contrast novolak resist process for sub-0.5-um e-beam lithography
Author(s): Dennis J. Williams
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Improving photomask linewidth measurement accuracy via emulated stepper aerial image measurement
Author(s): James E. Potzick
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Metrology test reticles for advanced optical lithography
Author(s): Herschel M. Marchman; Christophe Pierrat; Joseph E. Griffith; John L. Nistler; Alvina M. Williams
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Application of charge-dissipation material in MEBES phase-shift mask fabrication
Author(s): Zoilo C. H. Tan; Charles A. Sauer
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Large-area optical proximity correction using pattern-based corrections
Author(s): David M. Newmark; Sheila Vaidya; Jakub Segen; Andrew R. Neureuther
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Attenuated phase-shifting mask blanks for the deep ultraviolet
Author(s): Yasuo Tokoro; Susumu Kawada; Tsuneo Yamamoto; Yoshihiro Saito; Atsushi Hayashi; Akihiko Isao
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Two-level masks for increased depth of focus
Author(s): Rudolf M. von Buenau; Ricardo A. Diola; Paul DePesa; Stanney M. Kay; David A. Markle; Elizabeth Tai; Roger Fabian W. Pease
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National lithography roadmap: wafer requirements in the year 2000
Author(s): Karen H. Brown
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Importance of mask technical specifications on the lithography error budget
Author(s): Gary C. Escher
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Life after the 256-Mb DRAM: e-beam mask makers at the year 2000
Author(s): Keith P. Standiford; John C. Wiesner
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Overview of extreme ultraviolet lithography
Author(s): Frits Zernike
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SCALPEL system
Author(s): Steven D. Berger; Christopher J. Biddick; Myrtle I. Blakey; Kevin J. Bolan; Stephen W. Bowler; Kevin J. Brady; Ron M. Camarda; Wayne F. Connelly; Reginald C. Farrow; Joseph A. Felker; Linus A. Fetter; Lloyd R. Harriott; Harold A. Huggins; Joseph S. Kraus; James Alexander Liddle; Masis M. Mkrtchyan; Anthony E. Novembre; Milton L. Peabody Jr.; Thomas M. Russell; Wayne M. Simpson; Regine G. Tarascon-Auriol; Harry H. Wade; Warren K. Waskiewicz; Pat G. Watson
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Author(s): James Alexander Liddle; Myrtle I. Blakey; Kevin J. Bolan; Reginald C. Farrow; Linus A. Fetter; Leslie C. Hopkins; Harold A. Huggins; Herschel M. Marchman; Milton L. Peabody Jr.; Wayne M. Simpson; Regine G. Tarascon-Auriol; Pat G. Watson
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