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Atmospheric Sensing and Modelling
Editor(s): Richard P. Santer

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Volume Number: 2311
Date Published: 4 January 1995

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SAGE II long-term measurements of stratospheric and upper tropospheric aerosols
Author(s): Pi-Huan Wang; Michael P. McCormick; Geoffrey S. Kent; Larry W. Thomason
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Inversion algorithm and validations of POAM II aerosol products
Author(s): Colette Brogniez; Jacqueline Lenoble; Didier Ramon; R. Ramananaherisoa
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Stratospheric aerosol perturbing effect on the remote sensing of vegetation: operational method for the correction of AVHRR composite NDVI
Author(s): Eric F. Vermote; Nazmi El Saleous
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Detection of polar stratospheric clouds with ERS2/GOME data
Author(s): Ralf Meerkoetter
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Aerosol characterisation using multispectral MERIS measurements
Author(s): Thomas Heinemann; Juergen Fischer
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Characterization of the scattering properties of tropospheric aerosols as a function of altitude using multiangle remote sensing data
Author(s): Robert P. Gauthier
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Operational atmospheric correction of AVHRR visible and near-infrared data
Author(s): Eric F. Vermote; Nazmi El Saleous; Jean-Claude Roger
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Satellite remote sensing of nonspherical tropospheric aerosols
Author(s): Michael I. Mishchenko; Larry D. Travis; Andrew A. Lacis; Barbara E. Carlson
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Estimation of stratospheric and tropospheric aerosol loading using radiance measurements in the O2A band
Author(s): Bringfried M. Pflug; Bernd Piesik; T. Ruppert
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Cloud altimetry and water phase retrieval from POLDER instrument during EUCREX '94
Author(s): Frederic Parol; Philippe Goloub; Maurice Herman; Jean-Claude Buriez
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Annual variations of water vapor in the stratosphere and upper troposphere based on SAGE II observations during 1986-1991
Author(s): Michael P. McCormick; Er-Woon Chiou
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Studies of stratospheric water vapor, methane, and total hydrogen using data from the HALOE experiment on the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite
Author(s): John E. Harries; James M. Russell III; Adrian F. Tuck; S. Ruth
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Remote sensing of water vapor within the solar spectrum
Author(s): Barbara Bartsch; Stephan Bakan; Juergen Fischer
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Update on the global ozone climatology and on concurrent ozone and temperature trends
Author(s): Jan P.F. Fortuin; Ulrike Langematz
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Two-dimensional advection model for interpolation of ozone satellite data
Author(s): Pieternel F. Levelt; Marc A. F. Allaart
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Errors in UV reflectivity and albedo calculations due to neglecting polarization
Author(s): Piet Stammes
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OHIO concept: refinements on a design for satellite-based measurements of stratospheric OH
Author(s): Kelly Van Chance; Jan J. Wijnbergen; Paul de Valk; Wolfgang Schneider; John P. Burrows
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Stratospheric composition from balloon-based measurements
Author(s): Francesco Mencaraglia; Bruno Carli; Alberto Bonetti; Paola Ciarpallini; Massimo Carlotti; Gianmarco Lepri; Federica Alboni; Ugo Cortesi; Marco Ridolfi
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Noise-related limits on the detectability of concentration variations of CH4 and CO with SCIAMACHY
Author(s): Hans Schrijver; Sander Slijkhuis; Michiel G. M. Roemer; Albert P. H. Goede
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Spatial variations of Venus' cloud properties derived from polarimetry
Author(s): Willem Jan Knibbe; Johan F. de Haan; Joop W. Hovenier; Larry D. Travis
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Incorporation of a rough ocean surface and semi-infinite water body in multiple scattering computations of polarized light in an atmosphere-ocean system
Author(s): Jacek Chowdhary; Larry D. Travis; Andrew A. Lacis
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Particle mass loading estimation from extinction data: application to satellite determination
Author(s): Victoria E. Cachorro; Didier Tanre
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Atmospheric corrections of MAS data using SCAR-A experiment
Author(s): Jean-Claude Roger; Eric F. Vermote; Nazmi El Saleous
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Cloud optical thickness retrieval from POLDER measurements during ASTEX
Author(s): Frederic Parol; Jacques Descloitres; Claudine Vanbauce; Jean-Claude Buriez
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Analysis of POAM II water vapor channels
Author(s): Pierre Pruvost; Ph. Dubuisson; Colette Brogniez; Jacqueline Lenoble
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Post-Pinatubo's aerosols: comparison between balloon and satellite solar occultation measurements
Author(s): Colette Brogniez; Jacqueline Lenoble; Maurice Herman
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