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Mathematical Methods in Medical Imaging III
Editor(s): Fred L. Bookstein; James S. Duncan; Nicholas Lange; David C. Wilson

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Volume Number: 2299
Date Published: 8 July 1994

Table of Contents
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Hinting about causes of deformation: visual explorations of a novel inverse problem in medical imaging
Author(s): Fred L. Bookstein; William D. K. Green
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Image warping using derivative information
Author(s): Kanti V. Mardia; John A. Little
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Face description from laser range data
Author(s): J. T. Kent; Kanti V. Mardia; Sophia Rabe
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Analysis of cardiac motion with recursive comb filtering
Author(s): John C. McEachen II; Arye Nehorai; James S. Duncan
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Automated motion estimation from M-mode echocardiograms
Author(s): Robert A. Close; James Stuart Whiting; Jack Sklansky; Shinichi Tamura
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Hybrid boundary-based and region-based deformable models for biomedical image segmentation
Author(s): John M. Gauch; Homer H. Pien; Jayant Shah
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Automatic contour tiler (CTI): automatic construction of complex 3D surfaces from contours using the Delaunay triangulation
Author(s): Gregg S. Tracton; Jun Chen; Edward L. Chaney
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Medical anatomy segmentation kit: combining 2D and 3D segmentation methods to enhance functionality
Author(s): Gregg S. Tracton; Edward L. Chaney; Julian G. Rosenman; Stephen M. Pizer
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Automatic construction of an attributed relational graph representing the cortex topography using homotopic transformations
Author(s): Jean-Francois Mangin; Vincent Frouin; Isabelle Bloch; Jean Regis; Jaime Lopez-Krahe
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Uncertainty associated with segmenting structure in echocardiographic images
Author(s): David C. Wilson; Edward A. Geiser; Yongzhi Yang; Xiaoping Gu
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Deblurring Gaussian blur
Author(s): Bart M. ter Haar Romeny; Luc M. J. Florack; Mark de Swart; Janita Wilting; Max A. Viergever
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Variability and covariability in magnetic resonance functional neuroimaging
Author(s): Nicholas Lange
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Priors on scale-space templates
Author(s): Alyson G. Wilson; Valen E. Johnson
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Statistical methods for analysis of coordination of chest wall motion using optical reflectance imaging of multiple markers
Author(s): C. M. Kenyon; R. H. Ghezzo; S. J. Cala; Giancarlo Ferrigno; Antonio Pedotti; P. T. Macklem; D. F. Rochester
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Point set pattern matching using the Procrustean metric
Author(s): Jonathan Phillips
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Study of statistical methods applied in the spatial, wavelet and Fourier domain to enhance and analyze group characteristics of images: application to positron emission tomography brain images
Author(s): Daniel E. Rio; Robert R. Rawlings; Urs E. Ruttimann; Reza Momenan
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Simulated phantom images for optimizing wavelet-based image processing algorithms in mammography
Author(s): Yunong Xing; Walter Huda; Andrew F. Laine; Jian Fan
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Probabilistic constraint network representation of biological structure
Author(s): Russ B. Altman
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Overview of reconstruction algorithms for exact cone-beam tomography
Author(s): Rolf Clackdoyle; Michel Defrise
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Statistical model for tomographic reconstruction methods using spline functions
Author(s): Habib Benali; Jeanpierre V. Guedon; Irene Buvat; Melanie Pelegrini; Yves J. Bizais; Robert Di Paola
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Computerized tomographic angiography image segmentation for 3D-volume reconstruction
Author(s): Yun Liang; Robert A. Kruger
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Ultrasonic reflection tomography: specific problems and adapted solutions
Author(s): Sewa Enyonam Mensah; J. P. Lefebvre
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Application of a constrained optimization algorithm to limited-view tomography
Author(s): Jesse Kolman; Waleed S. Haddad; Dennis M. Goodman; Keith A. Nugent
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Tomographic image reconstruction and rendering with texture-mapping hardware
Author(s): Stephen G. Azevedo; Brian K. Cabral; Jim Foran
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EM-MAP algorithm versus ARTUR: theoretical and practical comparisons
Author(s): Pierre Malick Koulibaly; P. Charbonnier; Michel Barlaud; J. Darcourt; Laure Blanc-Feraud
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Global approach to multivariate correlation analysis of brain positron emission tomographic images
Author(s): Chulhee Lee; Michael A. Unser; Terence A. Ketter
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Adaptive trimmed mean filter for computed tomographic imaging
Author(s): Jiang Hsieh
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Efficient algorithm for diffuse edge detection
Author(s): Tian-Hu Yu; Sanjit K. Mitra
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CAMIS: clustering algorithm for medical image sequences using a mutual nearest neighbor criterion
Author(s): Habib Benali; Irene Buvat; Frederique Frouin; Jean Pierre Bazin; Robert Di Paola
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Incorporating semantics into 2D strings to recognize Candida strains and species
Author(s): Mary Lou Dorf
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Adaptive unsupervised contextual Bayesian segmentation: application on images of blood vessel
Author(s): Anrong Peng; Wojciech Pieczynski
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Recovery of 3D deformable models from echocardiographic images
Author(s): M. Neveu; D. Faudot; B. Derdouri
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Impedance tomography using internal current density distribution measured by nuclear magnetic resonance
Author(s): Eung Je Woo; Soo Yeol Lee; Chi Woong Mun
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