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Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Fiber Sensors VI
Editor(s): Robert A. Lieberman

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Volume Number: 2293
Date Published: 21 October 1994

Table of Contents
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Use of tapered optical fibers as evanescent field sensors
Author(s): Wanda M. Henry
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Performance limitation of a D-fiber evanescent wave methane sensor due to interference effects
Author(s): Wei Jin; George Stewart; Brian Culshaw; Stuart C. Murray; Mark Wilkinson; John O. W. Norris
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Applications of remote fiber optic spectroscopy using infrared fibers and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy to environmental monitoring
Author(s): Mark A. Druy; Paul J. Glatkowski; Roy A. Bolduc; William A. Stevenson; Thomas C. Thomas
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Effects of film roughness on surface plasmon resonance sensors: finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) modeling
Author(s): Douglas A. Christensen; David Fowers
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Detection of toxic metal ions with near-infrared compounds
Author(s): Guillermo A. Casay; Tibor Czuppon; Lawrence Evans III; Gabor Patonay
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Capillary sensors: a design concept for optrodes
Author(s): Bernhard H. Weigl; Otto S. Wolfbeis
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Refractometry using resonance shifts in fiber to metal clad planar waveguide couplers
Author(s): V. Kutsaenko; Walter Johnstone; J. Rice; Gordon Fawcett; Brian Culshaw
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Liquid-core waveguides for chemical sensing
Author(s): Ke Hong; Lloyd W. Burgess
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Application of grating light reflection spectroscopy in analytical sensors
Author(s): Brian B. Anderson; Anatol Brodsky; Lloyd W. Burgess
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Active sol-gel materials for fiber optic chemical sensors
Author(s): Michael Krihak; Mahmoud R. Shahriari
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Single-layer capillary optrode for carbon dioxide with adjustable sensitivity
Author(s): Bernhard H. Weigl; Otto S. Wolfbeis
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Development of an LED-based fiber optic oxygen sensor using a sol-gel-derived coating
Author(s): Brian D. MacCraith; Gerard O'Keeffe; Aisling K. McEvoy; Colette M. McDonagh
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Surface plasmon resonance biosensor miniaturization
Author(s): Mark W. Foster; Douglas J. Ferrell; Robert A. Lieberman
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Biosensors and antibody probes for environmental and biomedical applications
Author(s): Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Use of cyanine dyes with evanescent wave fiber optic biosensors
Author(s): Linda A. Tempelman; Joel P. Golden; George P. Anderson; Frances S. Ligler
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Gastric pH sensing with controlled pore glasses (CPGs) fixed at the distal end of plastic optical fibers
Author(s): Francesco Baldini; Paolo Bechi; Susanna Bracci; Franco Cosi; Filippo Pucciani
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Chemical sensing of in situ extracted organics by direct detection of mode-filtered light
Author(s): Robert E. Synovec; Carsten A. Bruckner; Lloyd W. Burgess; M. D. Foster
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Fiber optic aspects of UV laser spectroscopic in situ detection of water pollutants
Author(s): Georg Hillrichs; Peter Karlitschek; Walter Neu
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Active intrinsic optical chemical sensor for the detection and measurement of carbon monoxide in air
Author(s): Steven J. Syracuse; Douglas J. Ferrell; Edgar A. Mendoza; Albert N. Khalil; Edward M. Schmidlin; Robert A. Lieberman
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Improving surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) for better sensors
Author(s): Hillary L. MacDonald; Ralph C. Jorgenson; Christian L. Schoen; Barbara F. Smith; Sinclair S. Yee; Ken I. Mullen
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Chemical sensors based on powdered phosphors
Author(s): Manish Patel; Brandi Langsdorf; Lee R. Sharpe
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Development of a fiber optic chemical dosimeter network for use in the remote detection of hydrazine propellant vapor leaks at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Author(s): Charles M. Klimcak; Gouri Radhakrishnan; Spencer B. Delcamp; Y. Chan; B. Jaduszliwer; Steven C. Moss
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