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Fiber Optic and Laser Sensors XII
Editor(s): Ramon P. DePaula

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Volume Number: 2292
Date Published: 1 November 1994

Table of Contents
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Fiber optic magnetic sensor technology for undersea applications
Author(s): Frank Bucholtz; Carl A. Villarruel; Dominique M. Dagenais; J. A. McVicker; Kee Pun Koo; Clay K. Kirkendall; A. R. Davis; S. P. Patrick; Anthony D. Dandridge
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Low-intensity magnetic field detection with a magnetostrictive fiber optic interferometric sensor
Author(s): Laura L. Picon; Edward S. Kolesar Jr.; Victor M. Bright
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Magneto-optical ac current sensing with an annealed fiber coil and intrinsic temperature compensation
Author(s): Peter Menke; Thomas Bosselmann
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Polygonal Faraday effect current sensor with polarization-preserving dielectric mirrors
Author(s): Toshihiko T. Yoshino; Yoshitaka Takahashi; M. Gojyuki; Tetsuya Shimoyama
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Faraday-effect sensors for magnetic field and electric current
Author(s): Gordon W. Day; Merritt N. Deeter; Allen H. Rose; Kent B. Rochford
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Combined narrow-band and broad-band interferometry for simultaneous measurement of temperature and magnetic field
Author(s): Sohail H. Zaidi; Ralph P. Tatam
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Magnetostrictive transducers for optical fiber magnetic field sensors
Author(s): Kyung-Shik Lee; Yu Sheop Lee; Su Jeong Suh
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Optical current transducer for electric power system
Author(s): Yanbing Liu; Hong-bin Li; Wei-jun Zhang; Yu Wang; Erning Li
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Distributed sensing systems: an overview of Strathclyde's activities
Author(s): Brian Culshaw; W. Craig Michie; Douglas Walsh; Iain C. MacKenzie
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Fiber optic interferometric sensors for aeroacoustic measurements: anechoic chamber tests
Author(s): Young Chung Cho; Maria G. Bualat
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Low-cost fiber optic interferometric microphones and hydrophones
Author(s): Jeff Bush; Fred P. McNair; Fred DeMetz
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White-light displacement sensor incorporating signal analysis of channeled spectra
Author(s): Stephen R. Taplin; Adrian Gh. Podoleanu; David J. Webb; David A. Jackson
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Fiber optic Bragg grating laser sensors
Author(s): Alan D. Kersey; Kee Pun Koo; Michael A. Davis
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Integration accomplishment of the Fiber Optic Control System Integration (FOCSI) program
Author(s): Emery L. Moore; David Kingma; Michael B. Miller; Norris E. Lewis
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Smoke and mirrors: a fiber optic smoke sensor
Author(s): Henry K. Whitesel; John K. Overby; Michael J. Ransford; Patricia A. Tatem
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Fiber optic low-coherence reflectometry for silicon sheet growth monitoring during the growth process
Author(s): Robert R. Michael Jr.; Christopher M. Lawson; F. M. Feda
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Micro-vibration measurement by bifrequency laser interferometer
Author(s): Zhou Zhang; Pengsheng Li; Jun Chen
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Latest advances in fiber optic gyroscope technology at Photonetics
Author(s): Herve C. Lefevre; Philippe Martin; Thierry P. Gaiffe; Philippe Graindorge; Gilles Le Boudec; J. Morisse; Pascal Simonpietri; Edouard M. Taufflieb; P. Vivenot; Herve J. Arditti
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Intermediate and moderate grade fiber optic gyroscope for industrial applications
Author(s): Aritaka Ohno; Ryuji Usui; Kazuo Suzuki; Kenichi Okada; Kazuhiro Sakuma
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Interferometric fiber optic gyro (IFOG) technology achievements at Draper Laboratory
Author(s): Oldrich M. Laznicka Jr.; Larry J. Freier; Jerold P. Gilmore; Mark D. Fontanella
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Signal processing for fiber optic gyroscope (FOG_
Author(s): Ryuichi Tanaka; Akihiro Kurokawa; Yoshiyuki Sato; Tsutomu Magome; Yoshiaki Hayakawa; Ichiro Nakatani; Junichiro Kawaguchi
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Low-cost fiber optic gyro for land navigation
Author(s): D. E. Allen; Sidney M. Bennett; J. Brunner; Richard B. Dyott
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Fabrication of integrated optical gyrochip pigtailed with elliptical-core polarization-maintaining optical fiber for industrial applications
Author(s): Toshiya Yuhara; Keiichi Higuchi; Hiroshi Kajioka; Shigeru Oho; Masahiro Komachiya; Naoyuki Mekada
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Polarization problem and countermeasures in passive/active resonator fiber optic gyros
Author(s): Kazuo Hotate
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Stochastic and dynamic modeling of fiber gyros
Author(s): Michael S. Bielas
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High-performance fiber optic gyroscope with noise reduction
Author(s): Kevin Mark Killian; Mark Burmenko; Walter Hollinger
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Fiber optic gyro inertial measurement unit for fly-by-light advanced systems hardware
Author(s): Kevin C. Scholten
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Effects of imperfect serrodyne phase modulation in resonator fiber optic gyroscopes
Author(s): Lee K. Strandjord; Glen A. Sanders
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Polarization coupling in unpolarized interferometric fiber optic gyros (IFOGs): effect of imperfect components
Author(s): Ronald F. Mathis; Bruce A. May; Thomas A. Lasko
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Sensitivity limits of a Sagnac interferometer due to fundamental thermal-induced phase fluctuations in the fiber coil
Author(s): Sverre Knudsen; Alan B. Tveten; Anthony D. Dandridge
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Environmental test results of low-cost fiber optic rate gyros
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Duryea; Jeff Bush
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All-fiber resonator fiber optic gyroscope (R-FOG) using a spliceless phase-modulation fiber resonator with 90-degree polarization rotation in the lapped coupler
Author(s): Yi Yao; Kun Shi; Weidong Lu; Shuisheng Jian; Weixu Zhang
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Novel signal-processing techniques for low-cost fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs)
Author(s): Wojciech Klimkiewicz; Jeffrey L. Duryea
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Specialty optical fiber products for sensor applications
Author(s): Paul E. Sanders
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Specialty fibers for sensors and sensor components
Author(s): Ryozo R. Yamauchi; K. Himeno; Takashi Tsumanuma; Robert P. Dahlgren
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Long-term mechanical reliability of single-mode optical fibers
Author(s): Fredrick Bacon; Mokhtar S. Maklad
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Integrated optic polymer waveguide devices for sensor applications
Author(s): Dilip K. Paul
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Digital demodulation for passive homodyne optical fiber interferometry based on a 3 by 3 coupler
Author(s): Bornain Chiu; Mardi C. Hastings
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Measurement of the internal temperature of steel workpieces
Author(s): John W. Berthold III; Garry W. Roman; Robert D. Huber; James W. Wagner
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Temperature measurement in electrical discharges using a Fabry-Perot optical fiber interferometer
Author(s): Giuseppe B. Scelsi; V. Everett; Gerry A. Woolsey
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Prototype fiber-optic-based Fizeau temperature sensor using coherence reading and mechanical amplification for medical applications
Author(s): Yun-Jiang Rao; David A. Jackson
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Further development of a self-referenced fiber optic temperature sensor using the contrast characteristics of an LCD segment
Author(s): Julian Mason; Andreas T. Augousti
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Structural bending sensor using fiber gratings
Author(s): Ming Gang Xu; Jean-Luc Archambault; Laurence Reekie; John P. Dakin
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Study on the doped crystal fiber high-temperature sensor
Author(s): Yonghang Shen; Yanqi Wang; Linhua Ye; Zuchang Ding
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Growth and characteristics of Y-ZrO2 single-crystal fiber (SCF) for high-temperature optic sensors
Author(s): Limin Tong; Yanqi Wang; Zuchang Ding
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Laser-based measurement scheme for rotational measurement of specularly reflective shafts
Author(s): Steen Gruner Hanson; Bengt Hurup Hansen
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Optical fiber design considerations for fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Vincent P. Martinelli; John F. Wahl
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