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Fiber Optic Materials and Components
Editor(s): Hakan H. Yuce; Dilip K. Paul; Roger A. Greenwell

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Volume Number: 2290
Date Published: 28 September 1994

Table of Contents
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Evolution of polymeric optical fiber coatings
Author(s): James Petisce
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Mechanical properties of fiber coatings by dynamic mechanical analysis of optical fibers
Author(s): Osman S. Gebizlioglu; Philip B. Grimado; Irene M. Plitz; Rolf A. Frantz
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Influence of stress relaxation in primary coatings on low-temperature attenuation in optical fibers
Author(s): Srinath S. Reddy; Bob James Overton; Stephanie M. Watson
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Low-temperature transmission loss in loose tube fiber optic cables
Author(s): Philip B. Grimado; Osman S. Gebizlioglu; M. J. Zammit; Gabor D. Kiss
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Effects of coating moisture permeability on the mechanical reliability of optical fiber
Author(s): Adolphe R. Lopez; Bob James Overton
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Dependence of fiber strength on time, temperature, and relative humidity
Author(s): Charles R. Kurkjian; Daryl Inniss; M. John Matthewson; P. K. Gupta
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Discrete modeling of crack growth in optical fibers
Author(s): Willem W. Griffioen
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Influence of adhesion promoters on the aging characteristics of optical fibers in water
Author(s): Jan-Willem Leclercq; Anton H. E. Breuls
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Mechanical behavior of low- and high-strength carbon-coated fibers
Author(s): Sergey L. Semjonov; Mikhail M. Bubnov; Eugeni M. Dianov; Charles R. Kurkjian; Anton H. E. Breuls
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Photoluminescence quenching by OH in Er- and Pr-doped glasses for 1.5 and 1.3 um optical amplifiers
Author(s): Anne Jans Faber; Dennis R. Simons; Yingchao Yan; Henk de Waal
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Chalcogenide glasses containing tellurium for IR fiber optics
Author(s): Jasbinder Singh Sanghera; Vinh Q. Nguyen; Pablo C. Pureza; Frederic H. Kung; Fritz Miklos; Lynda E. Busse; Ishwar D. Aggarwal
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Two-step input coupler
Author(s): Steve M. Schultz; Logan Harris; Richard H. Selfridge
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Ultraviolet absorption and excess optical loss in preforms and fibers with high germanium content
Author(s): Valery M. Mashinsky; Eugeni M. Dianov; Vladimir B. Neustruev; Sergei V. Lavrishchev; Alexei N. Guryanov; Vladimir F. Khopin; Nikolai N. Vechkanov; Oleg D. Sazhin
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Overview of EO polymeric devices and fabrication
Author(s): Paul R. Ashley
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Waveguides in polymers
Author(s): Werner F. Frank; Bengt Knoedler; Alexander Schoesser; Torsten K. Strempel; Theo T. Tschudi; Frank Linke; D. Muschert; Angelika Stelmaszyk; Hans Strack; Andreas H. Braeuer; Peter Dannberg; Rolf Goering
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Temperature sensitivity of lithium niobate optical switches
Author(s): Mohan-Rao G. Lingampalli; Mohcene Mezhoudi
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Effects of high-humidity temperature cycling on mechanical splice performance
Author(s): Leslie A. Reith; Rolf A. Frantz; D. A. Dolinoy
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Reliability characterization of UV-curable adhesives used in optical devices
Author(s): Irene M. Plitz; Osman S. Gebizlioglu; Michael Patrick Dugan
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Modal interference and performance characterization in stub fiber connectors
Author(s): Virendra S. Shah; William W. Wood; L. Curtis; William C. Young
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Reliability evaluation for PON power splitters
Author(s): Michel Gadonna; Martin Redstall; Steen Gundersen
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Impact of fiber lifetime on network reliability
Author(s): Peter Wilson; David J. Stockton
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Optical fiber reliability results from the Biarritz field trial
Author(s): Alain Gouronnec; Rolland Goarin; G. Le Moigne; M. Baptiste
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Kinetics of degradation during fatigue and aging of fused silica optical fiber
Author(s): M. John Matthewson; Hakan H. Yuce
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Strength and fatigue of different kinds of weak spots from the manufacture of optical glass fibers
Author(s): Torbjorn K. Svensson; Anton H. E. Breuls
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Two-point bending and tensile strength tests on aged fibers with different glass and coating compositions
Author(s): Lauri Oksanen; Hanna Knuuttila
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Experimental study on reliability and stress-free aging effects on hermetically coated fibers
Author(s): Jon Steinar Andreassen
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Hermetically coated fibers
Author(s): Charles R. Kurkjian
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Measurements of pulsed radiation-induced fiber fluorescence and darkening
Author(s): Grant J. Lockwood; Luke B. Bishop; Michael M. Selph
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Effect of weakly and strongly ionizing radiation on the optical, infrared, and dielectric properties of porous sol-gel glasses
Author(s): Ronald G. Pirich; Michael C. Stauber; Jerry DeCarlo Jr.
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Polarization dependent effects of radiation on wavelength division multiplexers
Author(s): Roman C. Gutierrez; Gary M. Swift; Serge Dubovitsky; Randall K. Bartman; Charles E. Barnes; Leonard I. Dorsky
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Change in FWHM of AlGaAs LEDs subjected to mixed neutron and gamma radiation
Author(s): Joel M. Hatch
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Standards development for fiber optic spectroscopic components for adverse environments
Author(s): Steven J. Saggese; Roger A. Greenwell
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Induced attenuation and polarization hold properties in ECore fibers after Co-60 irradiation
Author(s): David M. Scott; John J. McAlarney; Roger A. Greenwell
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Passive and active in-line fiber components using Langmuir-Blodgett films on monomode optical fiber
Author(s): Robbie B. Charters; Andrzej P. Kuczynski; Steven E. Staines; Ralph P. Tatam; Geoffrey J. Ashwell
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Lens array for simultaneous coupling of laser radiation into many optical fibers
Author(s): Georg Hillrichs; Harald Gerhardt; Uwe Gladbach; Walter Neu
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Mass production of AlGaAs laser diodes using MBE
Author(s): Hiroshi Mataki; Tahei Yamaji; Haruo Tanaka
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Low-cost packaging of high-performance optoelectronic components
Author(s): Mark E. Lowry; Shin-Yee Lu; Michael D. Pocha; Oliver Ted Strand
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Analysis and fabrication of polymer waveguide
Author(s): Yue-Loong Her; Shyh-Lin Tsao; Jingshown Wu
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All-fiber double-ring resonator flat coupler
Author(s): Gamal Mohamed Abdel Hamid
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Effects of fluid immersion on splice index-matching gel and splice performance
Author(s): Leslie A. Reith; Irene M. Plitz; Gabor D. Kiss; Eva M. Vogel; E. Hershkowitz; D. A. Dolinoy
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Easily melting glass for assembly of optical fiber into connectors
Author(s): Janina Setina; Juris J. Auzans; J. J. Zolotarjova
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Loss measurement for SCF materials
Author(s): Mianyu Dong; Limin Tong; Zuchang Ding
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Exploratory studies of optical fiber gyro coil winding automation
Author(s): Kendall L. Belsley; Ronald H. Smith; Thomas L. De Fazio
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Electronic manufacturing process improvement (EMPI) for automatic winding of quadrupole fiber optic gyro sensor coils
Author(s): Gregory S. Safonov
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Manufacturing technology for tactical grade FOGs
Author(s): Gene H. Chin; Kenneth D. Marino; Gregory S. Safonov
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Manufacturing technology for tactical grade FOGs: optical source task
Author(s): Gregory S. Moore
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Manufacturing technology for tactical grade FOGs: optical fiber task
Author(s): James R. Onstott; Edward Dowd; Lawrence H. Hall
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Manufacturing technology for tactical grade FOGs: optical sensing coil task
Author(s): Kendall L. Belsley; Gene H. Chin
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Manufacturing technology for tactical grade FOGs: assembly task
Author(s): Ike J. Song
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Monolithic InGaAs-on-silicon detector with a CMOS-switched capacitor integrator
Author(s): Abhay M. Joshi; Frank J. Effenberger; Michael Grieco; Guotong Feng; Wei Zhong; J. Ott
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