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Window and Dome Technologies and Materials IV
Editor(s): Paul Klocek

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Volume Number: 2286
Date Published: 28 September 1994

Table of Contents
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Current status of sapphire dome production
Author(s): Frederick Schmid; Maynard B. Smith; Chandra P. Khattak
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Mechanism of mechanical failure of sapphire at high temperature
Author(s): Daniel C. Harris; Frederick Schmid; John J. Mecholsky Jr.; Y. L. Tsai
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Aluminum oxynitride's resistance to impact and erosion
Author(s): Edward A. Maguire; James K. Rawson; Randal W. Tustison
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Influence of processing techniques on the VUV transmittance and mechanical properties of magnesium fluoride crystal
Author(s): Robert W. Sparrow; Howard H. Herzig; Walter V. Medenica; Michael J. Viens
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Transparent SiC for mid-IR windows and domes
Author(s): Jitendra Singh Goela; Raymond L. Taylor
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Glass ceramics for optical applications in the visible and infrared regions with low coefficient of thermal expansion
Author(s): Hans-Georg Krolla; Wolfgang Semar
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Thermo-optic, thermo-mechanical, and electromagnetic effects in IR windows and domes, and the rationale for GaAs, GaP, and diamond
Author(s): Paul Klocek; Tom A. McKenna; John M. Trombetta
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Doped gallium arsenide external windows
Author(s): Albert Ray Hilton Jr.
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Effect of visible and near-infrared illumination on the mid-infrared transmission of silicon and germanium
Author(s): Harvey Nicholas Rutt
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Impact damage as a function of crystal orientation in Ge IR windows employing durable phosphide coatings
Author(s): Michael Wilson; Marshal Thomas; Ignacio M. Perez; D. Price
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Correlation of 0.67um scatter with local stress in Ge impacted with the modified Cambridge liquid jet device
Author(s): Michael Wilson; D. Price; Steve Strohecker
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Residual stress birefringence in ZnSe and multispectral ZnS
Author(s): Steven P. Rummel; Herman E. Reedy; Gary L. Herrit
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Optical properties of diamond
Author(s): Michael E. Thomas; William J. Tropf
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Multiphonon model for absorption in diamond
Author(s): Michael E. Thomas
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Optical-quality high-growth-rate, arc-jet CVD diamond
Author(s): Tom A. McKenna; James T. Hoggins; John M. Trombetta; Paul Klocek; Charles E. Vaughan
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High-rate synthesis of high-quality diamond for IR optics
Author(s): K. V. Ravi
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Two-dimensional (2D) model of a microwave-induced hydrogen plasma
Author(s): Steven E. Coe; D. S. Bailey; James Anthony Savage; D. Rodway
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Plasma etching and deposition as a method of polishing CVD diamond
Author(s): Ian Paul Llewellyn; Robert Carnegie Chittick; Rudolf August Heinecke
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Method for growth of CVD diamond on thin film refractory coatings and glass ceramic materials
Author(s): Mark B. Moran; Linda F. Johnson; Karl A. Klemm
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Properties of diamond for window and dome applications
Author(s): Daniel C. Harris
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Optical and dielectric properties of CVD polycrystalline diamond plates
Author(s): Ricardo S. Sussmann; Christopher J. H. Wort; Charles G. Sweeney; J. L. Collins; C. N. Dodge; James Anthony Savage
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Raman spectroscopy of diamond films: spatial variations of diamond quality
Author(s): Stephanie R. Sails; Derek J. Gardiner; Michael Bowden; James Anthony Savage
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Oxidative degradation of CVD diamond
Author(s): Curtis E. Johnson; Jean M. Bennett; Melvin P. Nadler
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Residual stress measurements on polycrystalline diamond
Author(s): Alan B. Harker; D. G. Howitt; Siduo Chen; John F. Flintoff; M. R. James
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Analysis of water-drop impacts on layered window constructions
Author(s): William F. Adler; Dennis J. Mihora
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Mechanical properties of thin films for aerospace applications
Author(s): Elisabeth D. Nicholson; Charles S. James Pickles; John E. Field
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Rain erosion resistance of diamond and other window materials
Author(s): Colin R. Seward; E. J. Coad; Charles S. James Pickles; John E. Field
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Solid particle erosion of infrared transmitting materials
Author(s): John E. Field; Q. Sun; H. Gao
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Diamond coatings for large-area IR windows
Author(s): Crofton J. Brierley; Mark C. Costello; Martin D. Hudson; T. J. Bettles
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High-durability infrared transparent coatings
Author(s): Lee M. Goldman; Randal W. Tustison
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Engineered polymeric IR-transparent protective coatings
Author(s): Nick A. Brette; Paul Klocek
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Advances in ultradurable phosphide-based broadband antireflection coatings for sand and rain erosion protection of infrared windows and domes
Author(s): Desmond R. Gibson; Ewan M. Waddell; Keith L. Lewis
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Protective optical coatings for diamond infrared windows
Author(s): Karl A. Klemm; Hunter Scott Patterson; Linda F. Johnson; Mark B. Moran
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Durability testing of hard carbon coatings for Ge and ZnS substrates
Author(s): Wasim Hasan; Steven H. Propst
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Electromagnetic shielding for electro-optical windows and domes
Author(s): Clark I. Bright
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Low-resistance electrically conductive optical coatings for visible/near-IR wavelengths
Author(s): Hoa T. Bui; Sandeep D. Dave
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Some trade issues for EMI windows
Author(s): Robert J. Noll
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Development of a handbook/database on EM window materials
Author(s): Edward M. Kozak Jr.; Philip A. Marx; Ronald H. Bogaard; Charles C. Gibson; D. L. Taylor
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Fracture mechanics approach to the design of glass aircraft windows: a case study
Author(s): Edwin R. Fuller Jr.; Stephen W. Freiman; Janet B. Quinn; George D. Quinn; W. Craig Carter
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Fail-safe design of an all BK-7 glass aircraft window
Author(s): John W. Pepi
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LANTIRN infrared window failure analysis
Author(s): Nora R. Osborne; George A. Graves; Kristen Alexander; Deborah A. Simerlink; Raymond Haren
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How infrared missile windows degrade the noise-equivalent irradiance of infrared seeker systems
Author(s): Claude A. Klein
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New developments in optical correction for nonspherical windows and domes
Author(s): Robert E. Fischer; Lawrence R. Siegel; Ronald J. Korniski; Ellis Joseph Boudreaux Jr.
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Delphi technological forecast results of hypersonic window materials
Author(s): Troy A. Street
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High-performance faceted domes for tactical and strategic missiles
Author(s): Ben S. Fraser; Anne Hemingway
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Analytical method to calculate window heating effects on IR seeker performance
Author(s): Edward F. Cross
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Analysis methodology for single-pane windows used with high-velocity vehicles
Author(s): John Anthony Tejada
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Beryllium oxide: a material for selective supression of thermal emission from domes
Author(s): Carl-Gustaf Ribbing; Oerjan Staaf; Stefan K. Andersson
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Temperature dependence of the infrared refractive index of sapphire
Author(s): Michael E. Thomas; Raymond M. Sova; Richard I. Joseph
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Joining diamond windows to ceramics for optical applications
Author(s): Thomas L. Bunn; Sandor Holly; Nicholas Koumvakalis; I. A. Kossyi; G. M. Batanov; Yu. F. Kolesnichenko
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Temperature dependence of absorption in CVD diamond
Author(s): Michael E. Thomas; Alan B. Harker
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Sand impact testing of durable coating on FLIR ZnS relevant to theLANTIRN E-O system window
Author(s): Ewan M. Waddell; Desmond R. Gibson; J. Meredith
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Broadband IR transparent rain and sand erosion protective coating for the F14 aircraft infrared search and track germanium dome
Author(s): Ewan M. Waddell; Desmond R. Gibson; Michael Wilson
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Optical and mechanical behavior of GeC and BP antireflection coatings under rain erosion tests
Author(s): Jean-Marie Mackowski; B. Cimma; J. Lacuve; Patrice Laprat
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Non-normal angle of incidence rain impact testing with whirling arm apparatus
Author(s): John A. Detrio
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