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Nonlinear Optical Properties of Organic Materials VII
Editor(s): Gustaaf R. Moehlmann

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Volume Number: 2285
Date Published: 23 September 1994

Table of Contents
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Solvent-dependent quadratic hyperpolarizabilities of two zwitterions
Author(s): Alain F. Fort; Claude Runser; Marguerite Barzoukas; Catherine Combellas; C. Suba; Andre Thiebault
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High-dipole, high-beta molecules with blue window transparency
Author(s): Graham Hugh Cross; David Bloor; Tony L. Axon; Maria Farsari; David Gray; David Healy; Michael Swann; Marek Szablewski
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Synthesis and characterization of thermally robust electro-optic polymers
Author(s): Christopher R. Moylan; Robert J. Twieg; Victor Y. Lee; Robert D. Miller; Willi Volksen; John I. Thackara; C. A. Walsh
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Electro-optical and electro-mechanical properties of poled polymer films
Author(s): H.-J. Winkelhahn; Dieter Neher
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Development of highly active, thermally stable chromophores and polymers for electro-optic applications
Author(s): Alex K.Y. Jen; Varanasi Pushkara Rao; K. J. Drost; Yongming Cai; Robert M. Mininni; John T. Kenney; Edward S. Binkley; Larry Raymond Dalton
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Novel naphthoquinone methide dyes for poled polymers
Author(s): Shinji Aramaki; Yuko Okamoto; Tetsuo Murayama; Yuji Kubo
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Enhancement of electro-optic properties and temperature stability in sol-gel polymer thin films
Author(s): Srinath Kalluri; William H. Steier; Zhixin Yang; Chengzeng Xu; Bo Wu; Larry Raymond Dalton; Yongqiang Shi; James H. Bechtel
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Creation of second-order optical nonlinearity in polymer films by photochemical charge injection
Author(s): Garry Berkovic; Rami Cohen; Ariela Donval
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Nonlinear optical effects in PTCDA crystalline organic thin films
Author(s): Mehrdad Ziari; Srinath Kalluri; William H. Steier
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Quadratic optical polarizabilities in polymer films obtained by dc-electric field and pure optical poling
Author(s): Celine Fiorini-Debuisschert; Pierre-Alain Chollet; Fabrice Charra; Francois Kajzar; Jean-Michel Nunzi
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Electro-optical properties and poling stability of high glass transition polymers
Author(s): Manfred Eich; Hanno Beisinghoff; Bengt Knoedler; Michael Ohl; Martin Sprave; Jan Vydra; M. Eckl; Peter Strohriegl; Michael Doerr; Rudolf Zentel; M. Ahlheim; M. Staehelin; B. Zysset; Julienne Liang; Regine Levenson; Joseph Zyss
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Development of electro-optic polymers for high-voltage instrument transformers
Author(s): Jorgen Skindhoj; Joseph W. Perry; Seth R. Marder
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Fast photomechanical effects in a polymer optical fiber
Author(s): Shiliang Zhou; Mark G. Kuzyk
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Measurement of the electro-optic coefficient dispersion in poled polymer materials
Author(s): Yongqiang Shi; James H. Bechtel; Srinath Kalluri; William H. Steier; Chengzeng Xu; Bo Wu; Larry Raymond Dalton
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Photovoltaic effect in ferroelectric polyvinylidene fluoride (PVF2) polymer
Author(s): Wamadeva Balachandran; A. Tawansi; H. Abdelkader; El-Sayed H. El-Konyaly; Somia Mostafa El-Hefnawy
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Polymer physics in poled polymers for second-order nonlinear optics
Author(s): Chu-Yun Stacey Fu; Duane B. Priddy Jr.; Greg D. Lyle; James E. McGrath; Hilary S. Lackritz
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Photorefractivity in polymer composites
Author(s): Maciek E. Orczyk; Bogdan Swedek; Jaroslaw W. Zieba; Paras N. Prasad
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Photorefractive properties of a thiapyrylium-dye-sensitized polymer composite: the dynamics of holographic grating formation and erasure
Author(s): Yue Zhang; Christopher A. Spencer; Saswati Ghosal; Martin K. Casstevens; Ryszard Burzynski
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Studies of optical nonlinearity in bis-thienyl polyenes
Author(s): Nansheng Tang; Jouni P. Partanen; Robert W. Hellwarth; J. Laquindanum; Larry Raymond Dalton; Mingqian He; Charles W. Spangler
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Determination of two-photon extinction coefficients of organic molecules
Author(s): Peter C.E. Tackx; Martti Kauranen; Andre P. Persoons
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Recent progress in photorefractive polymers: materials and structures
Author(s): John Joseph Stankus; Scott M. Silence; Robert J. Twieg; Donald M. Burland; Robert D. Miller; J. Campbell Scott; William E. Moerner; Gary C. Bjorklund
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Location of charged states in alpha-sexithienyl thin films from electro-absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Roberto Zamboni; Lev N. Blinov; G. Ruani; Carlo Taliani; S. P. Palto; A. A. Tevosov; S. G. Yudin
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Third-order hyperpolarizabilities of soluble organometallic compounds
Author(s): Maria Angeles Diaz-Garcia; Fernando Agullo-Lopez; M. G. Hutchings; P. F. Gordon; Francois Kajzar
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Fractal metal cluster formation in polymers and nonlinear-optical mechanisms
Author(s): Todd M. Brown; Constantina Poga; Jenny Severson; Von Jackson; Mark G. Kuzyk; Mark P. Andrews
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Second-harmonic generation studies of Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers of indodicarbocyanine and hemicyanine dyes and stilbazium salts
Author(s): W. M. Kapila Wijekoon; Chi-Kyun Park; Paras N. Prasad
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Third-order nonlinear optical properties of quinoid dyes
Author(s): Yasuhiro Hattori; Akira Mizoguchi; Mitiru Kubata; Takafumi Uemiya; Gotaro Tanaka; Masaru Matsuoka
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Comparison of enhanced Cerenkov-radiative SHG power with various nonlinear optical susceptibility structures in waveguide
Author(s): Heihachi Sato; Yuji Azumai
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X(2) dispersion and waveguiding measurements in acentric chromophoric self-assembled NLO materials
Author(s): Shlomo Yitzchaik; Paul M. Lundquist; Weiping Lin; Tobin J. Marks; George K. Wong
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Artful waveguides for frequency doubling
Author(s): Keisuke Sasaki; G. J. Zhang; Suguru Horinouchi
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Novel geometry for second-harmonic generation in poled polymers
Author(s): Gustaaf R. Moehlmann; Winfried H. G. Horsthuis; Akira Otomo; George I. Stegeman
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Soluble phthalocyanine silicone plastics and elastomers for nonlinear optics
Author(s): Carl W. Dirk; Jiemin Bao; Mark G. Kuzyk; Constantina Poga
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Novel material NMOB for optical nonlinear Langmuir-Blodgett multilayers: electro-optic and second-harmonic generation characterizations
Author(s): Gongming Wang; Jun Wen; Xingze Lu; Wencheng Wang; Hui Ai; Yi Fang; Fanggang Tao
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Progress in NLO polymeric waveguide devices at 3M
Author(s): James E. Watson; Cecil V. Francis; Robert S. Moshrefzadeh; Kenneth M. White; Prakob Kitipichai; Elisa M. Cross; Gary T. Boyd; Paul A. Pedersen; Kenneth H. Hahn; David W. Dolfi
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Elasto-optical phase shifting in polymer lightguides
Author(s): Michael Biebricher; Hilmar Franke; Werner F. Frank
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Characterization of low-loss polymer modulators fabricated by laser ablation
Author(s): Joseph C. Chon; John I. Thackara; Paul B. Comita; Mark C. Jurich; Jerome D. Swalen
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Integration technology for light-source arrays with polymeric optical waveguide arrays
Author(s): Peter M. De Dobbelaere; Frank Vermaerke; Gerrit Vermeire; Piet M. A. Demeester; Peter Van Daele; Gustaaf R. Moehlmann; Jean-Luc P. Heideman; Winfried H. G. Horsthuis
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High-temperature thermoplastic polymers for electro-optic applications
Author(s): Chengjiu Wu; Ajay Nahata; Victor Lu; Jianhui Shan; Charles W. Knapp; James T. Yardley
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Optical polymers and related photonic devices
Author(s): Gustaaf R. Moehlmann; Marcel K. Klein Koerkamp; Jean-Luc P. Heideman; Thomas Anthony Tumolillo Jr.; Monique van Rheede; R. Ramsamoedj; Cornelis P.J.M. van der Vorst; Rob A.P. van Gassel
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Polymer-fiber-based photomechanical stabilization, discrete positioning, and continuous positioning all-optical circuit
Author(s): David J. Welker; Mark G. Kuzyk
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Practical considerations for polymer photonic devices
Author(s): Anthony J. Ticknor; George F. Lipscomb; Richard S. Lytel
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Nonlinear transmission in suspensions of poly(isothianaphthene)
Author(s): Asa Fein; Pnina Shaier; Baruch Zinger; Zvi Kotler
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Nonlinear transition of tungsten oxide with matrixed organic molecule films at focused laser irradiation influence
Author(s): Vyacheslav Vladimirov Ionov; D. A. Grinko
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Theoretical and experimental second-harmonic generation studies of rotational response of a dye molecule in a random copolymer of styrene and methyl methacrylate
Author(s): Carl W. Dirk; S. Devanathan; M. Velez; S. Ghebremichael; Mark G. Kuzyk
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Complete Bragg diffraction and high two-beam coupling net gain in a photorefractive polymer
Author(s): Boris L. Volodin; Klaus Meerholz; - Sandalphon; Nasser Peyghambarian
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Ultraviolet bleaching of polymers and polymeric directional couplers for optical interconnects
Author(s): Sihan Lin; Wei Feng; R. Brian Hooker; Alan Rolf Mickelson
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