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Automatic Systems for the Identification and Inspection of Humans
Editor(s): Richard J. Mammone; J. David Murley Jr.

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Volume Number: 2277
Date Published: 25 October 1994

Table of Contents
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Matching pursuit filters applied to face identification
Author(s): Jonathan Phillips
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Face recognition using view-based and modular eigenspaces
Author(s): Baback Moghaddam; Alexander P. Pentland
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Projection-based face recognition
Author(s): Joseph Wilder; Richard J. Mammone; Peter Meer; A. Flanagan; K. Xu; Augustine Tsai; S. Weiner; X. Y. Zhang
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Comparison of face recognition: profiles versus frontal faces
Author(s): Tsunehiro Aibara; Takashi Kawando; Hiroyuki Yamada
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Color 3-D electronic imaging of the surface of the human body
Author(s): Marc Rioux
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Face identification using algebraic features of images
Author(s): Ke Liu; Jingyu Yang; Lei-Jian Liu; Ying-Jiang Liu; Ching Y. Suen
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Verification of personal identity using facial images
Author(s): Rodney G. Winter
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Text-dependent speaker verification using data fusion and channel detection
Author(s): Khaled T. Assaleh; Kevin R. Farrell; M. S. Zilovic; Manish Sharma; Devang K. Naik; Richard J. Mammone
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Alternative linear predictive analysis techniques with applications to speaker identification
Author(s): Ravi P. Ramachandran; M. S. Zilovic; Richard J. Mammone
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Robust matching for voice recognition
Author(s): Alan Higgins; L. Bahler; J. Porter; P. Blais
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Channel normalization using pole-filtered cepstral mean subtraction
Author(s): Devang K. Naik; Richard J. Mammone
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Large population speaker recognition using wideband and telephone speech
Author(s): Douglas A. Reynolds
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Speaker/speech recognition using microphone arrays and neural networks
Author(s): Qiguang Lin; ChiWei Che; Ea-Ee Jan; James L. Flanagan
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Text-dependent speaker verification using subword neural tree networks
Author(s): H.-S. Liou; Richard J. Mammone
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Text-independent speaker verification using discriminant neural networks classifier
Author(s): X. Wang; Richard J. Mammone
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Audio indexing using speaker identification
Author(s): Lynn D. Wilcox; Don Kimber; Francine R. Chen
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Hybrid vector quantization/neural tree network classifiers for speaker recognition
Author(s): Kevin R. Farrell; Richard J. Mammone
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Combined vector and scalar codebook for robust quantization of linear predictive coefficients (LPC) parameters
Author(s): Ravi P. Ramachandran; M. M. Sondhi; N. Seshadri; B. S. Atal
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Degraded documents recognition using pseudo 2-D hidden Markov models in gray-scale images
Author(s): Chinching Yen; Shyh-shiaw Kuo
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Biometric identification systems: the science of transaction facilitation
Author(s): Robert Reed Rogers
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Laser mass spectrometry for DNA fingerprinting for forensic applications
Author(s): C. H. Winston Chen; Kai Tang; N. I. Taranenko; S. L. Allman; L. Y. Ch'ang
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Automated system for fingerprint authentication using pores and ridge structure
Author(s): Jonathan D. Stosz; Lisa A. Alyea
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Time localization techniques for wavelet transforms
Author(s): Mladen Victor Wickerhauser
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Fast and accurate computation of the Fourier transform of an image
Author(s): Gregory Beylkin
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Wavelets, curvature, and chaining issues with applications to the computation of optical flow
Author(s): Gary A. Hewer; Charles Kenney; Wei Kuo
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IMPEL : a domain-specific image processing environment, language, and compiler
Author(s): Timothy L. Kay; Lenny I. Rudin
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Geometric invariant signatures and flows: classification and applications in image analysis
Author(s): Guillermo Sapiro
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