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Ultrahigh- and High-Speed Photography, Videography, and Photonics '94

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Volume Number: 2273
Date Published: 14 October 1994

Table of Contents
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New camera for high-speed, high-dynamic-range digital imaging at 4,000 frames/second (burst rate) and 14-16 bits/pixel
Author(s): John Stephen West; Raymond W. Simpson; Sam Khoo
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Characterization of multiport solid state imagers at megahertz data rates
Author(s): George J. Yates; Claudine R. Pena; Bojan T. Turko
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Fast, programmable, sheet-of-light range finder using MAPP2200
Author(s): Mattias Johannesson
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Gated video signal baseline restoration with a voltage comparator
Author(s): Bojan T. Turko; George J. Yates; Kevin L. Albright
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High-frame-rate image acquisition system
Author(s): William B. Lawler; Lorna J. Harrison; Alexandru V. Aciu
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Stereo-optical system for high-accuracy and high-speed 3D shape reconstitution: wind-tunnel applications for model deformation measurements
Author(s): Bruno B. Lamiscarre; Boris Sidoruk; Robert Selvaggini; Edith Castan; Maurice Bazin
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High-frame-rate CCD cameras with fast optical shutters for military and medical imaging applications
Author(s): Nicholas S. P. King; Kevin L. Albright; Steven A. Jaramillo; Thomas E. McDonald; George J. Yates; Bojan T. Turko
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High-speed CCD readout camera system
Author(s): Graham W. Smith; P. J. Phillips; M. J. Middleton; A. W.K. Archibald
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High-frame-rate digital radiographic videography
Author(s): Nicholas S. P. King; Frank H. Cverna; Kevin L. Albright; Steven A. Jaramillo; George J. Yates; Thomas E. McDonald; Michael J. Flynn; Scott Tashman
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Nonlinear response of the photocathode of an x-ray streak camera to UV light
Author(s): George A. Kyrala; David M. Oro; Jan K. Studebaker; W. Monty Wood; Gottfried T. Schappert; Steven Watts; Robert D. Fulton
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Laser-induced dielectric breakdown in a transparent liquid
Author(s): Anne-Patricia B. Alloncle; Jacques Viernes; Michel L. Autric; Daniel Dufresne
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Optimum microchannel plate (MCP) configuration for use in high-speed, high-resolution x-ray imaging
Author(s): Steve E. Grantham; Edward J. Miesak; Paul C. T. Reese; Martin C. Richardson
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High-frame-rate intensified fast optically shuttered TV cameras with selected imaging applications
Author(s): George J. Yates; Nicholas S. P. King
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Realization and characterization of an electrical single-pulse ultrafast optosampler
Author(s): V. Gerbe; Jean Lajzerowicz; Marc Cuzin; Lydie Armengaud; Michele Lalande; Bernard Jecko; Maurice Nail; Philippe Gibert; Jean-Luc Bourgade; Daniel Schirmann
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Image qualification of high-speed film for crash tests
Author(s): Jerry E. Oleksy; James H. Choi
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Experimental techniques for subnanosecond resolution of laser-launched plates and impact studies
Author(s): Dennis L. Paisley; Richard H. Warnes; David B. Stahl
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Ballistic videography data analysis
Author(s): Richard A. Sturz
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Ballistic videography data acquisition
Author(s): William A. Shipman
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Stop-motion microphotography of laser-driven plates
Author(s): Alan M. Frank; Wayne M. Trott
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Spectral control in laser restoration of archaeological treasurers
Author(s): John F. Asmus
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Fast optical gating using planar-lead MCPIIs and linear microstrip impedance transformers
Author(s): Matthew C. Thomas; George J. Yates; Paul A. Zagarino
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Optical data recording using copper phthalocyanine in short-wavelength region
Author(s): Donghong Gu; Qiying Chen; Fuxi Gan
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Implementation of 40-ps high-speed-gated microchannel-plate-based x-ray framing cameras on reentrant SIMs for Nova
Author(s): Perry M. Bell; Joseph D. Kilkenny; Otto L. Landen; David K. Bradley; Robert G. Watt; John A. Oertel
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Detailed measurements and shaping of gate profiles for microchannel-plate-based x-ray framing cameras
Author(s): Otto L. Landen; Amber C. Abare; Bruce A. Hammel; Perry M. Bell; David K. Bradley
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THX 7887A: a new high-frame-rate 1024 x 1024 pixel CCD sensor
Author(s): Gilles C. Boucharlat; Jean-Louis Coutures; Alain Jutant
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Recent developments around the hybrid photomultiplier tube
Author(s): Pietro Benetti; Lieuwe B. Boskma; P. Burger; R. DeSalvo; D. Grassi; M. Rosella; R. J. Schomaker
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High-speed diagnostics of magnetic fields in dense plasma
Author(s): Yu. S. Kas'anov; Alexander A. Rupasov; Gennady S. Sarkisov; Andrei S. Shikanov
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Method for producing 24-bit high-resolution color at 1000 FPS
Author(s): Kris S. Balch
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